McHurt Rinding Whip Dungeon

Vendor: McHurt

The McHurt Riding Crop "Dungeon"

The McHurt Riding Crop „Dungeon“

After having talked so much about different ways to stretch your balls today I want to review one of my favorite toys to torture them.


The Dungeon riding whip from McHurt follows a slightly different design than your standard riding crop: First of all the entire toy is made out of leather. The shaft has a length of 28cm before the swat begins and is made out of several layers of thick and sturdy bridle leather which is sowed and glue together. At the bottom end of the shaft a hand loop is glued between the different leather layers. At the top end of the shaft there is a swat measuring approx. 16cm in total length with 10,5cm usable length by 4,1cm width.

Detail of the Multi-Layer all Leather Shaft sowed and glued together

Detail of the Multi-Layer all Leather Shaft sowed and glued together

It is made out three sowed and glue together layers of soft nappa leather which is stiff enough for a decent blow.

On the whip I own the edges on one side of the swat are rather sharp and hard, on the other soft and round. I will be at McHurt this Friday to figure out if this is the case for all riding whips. The bottom of the shaft is decorated with weaved leather a bit like a knot on a flogger. The overall length of the toy is approx. 45cm without the hand loop.

Color wise you have to options: Either a classic black or Bordeaux colored shaft. The swat is always black.

Playing with it

Detail of the Swat

Detail of the Swat

The classic design makes playing with this riding whip different than with today’s standard riding crops. The swat is much large, so the impact sensation is a bit like hitting with a small, flexible paddle which is mounted onto a long handle. Also due to being sowed and glued together the “slapping effect” doesn’t occur so the pain is less intense and less stingy than you would expect from a “riding” toy. But the design doesn’t take away the nice sound when the slapper hits the skin so this toy is good for an impressive show without too intense pain. But don’t let yourself be fooled: Depending on the force you put into the blow this toy can seriously hurt!

The Mesh Knot with the Hand Loop and embossed McHurt Logo

The Mesh Knot with the Hand Loop and embossed McHurt Logo

In my opinion these properties make this toy ideal for CBT: The handle is ideal for leisurely hitting the balls of your sub when he p.e. is kneeling in front of you or is laying on a bondage table so the top doesn’t have to bend down too much. The less intense force (= pain) is enough to put the sub into agony without causing damage too quickly.

Of cause this riding whip is also ideal for a traditional spanking scene. Beside the swat the flexible yet sturdy shaft can be used for hitting. The handling is a bit difficult if you don’t want the sub to be hit by the swat but with a bit of exercise you can deliver nice thuddy blows. They won’t be as intense as when using a Sjambok but still will be memorable.

Conslusion: Not too intense, all leather spanking tool
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Good adjustability of the pain Too flexible build for intense pain McHurt 34€
Impressive look and sound without too much pain Shaft a bit short compared to other crops
Good build quality
All leather toy


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