McHurt Screw-on Weights

Vendor: McHurt


50g weight with the snap-hook screwed on

100g weight with the snap-hook screwed on

The construction of this toy is basic and functional. The weights have a barrel shape with a diameter of approx. 2,7cm and a length depending on the weight (100g: 1,6cm; 250g: 4,7g; 500g: 9,1cm). The 1.000g weight has a diameter of 5cm and e length of 6,5cm. On top of every weight is a male screw threat with 7mm diameter and 6mm length; you find the corresponding female screw threat on the bottom. Also available are snap-hooks mounted free to move on a small barrel with a female screw threat inside to put the weights on all sorts of chains, d-rings, etc.

The weights are made out of steel with a chromium coating.

Playing with it

Generally speaking weights are very nifty toys: They can apply a steady draft without needing action from the top. Also you can incorporate them in basic yet effective mind games: The increased pain through the draft will make the bottom want to move. But when he starts to move the draft will get even stronger.

From left to right: 500g, 250g and 100g weight

From left to right: 500g, 250g and 100g weight

Through the different and thoughtful amounts of weight the draft can be dosed very precisely. Yet the construction with the small diameter can cause problems when you put together a lot of weight. I have sessions when I hit the ground due to adding more and more weights to a parachute. You could unscrew weights and exchange them for the 1.000g weights but this is not only complicated but contradicts the effect of constant added weight.

Rust on the screw threat

Rust on the screw threat

A more severe problem are the metals which are used. Chromium is a brittle material which more or less quickly comes off on the top surface and the screw threat. Because they weights are made out of normal and not stainless steel they will inevitably start to rust. At first I filed the rust away, used oil to stop it, etc. but at the moment I simply let it rust and don’t care. But if you are a fan of shine well kept toys, you should think twice before buying these weights.

Conslusion: Basic weights with some construction problems
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Inexpensive Will start to rust McHurt(Manufacturer) 100g: 9€

250g: 13,50€

500g 21€

1.000g: 32,50€

Hook: 2,50€

Easy to dose draft Weights become unhandy before a true pain pig has enough
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