Meo Abuse me/ Fuck Me-Restraints

Vendor: Meo

The Abuse Me Restraints fully Assambled without Locks

The Abuse Me Restraints fully Assambled without Locks

I was for some time looking for a restraint layout; I actually was developing one of my own until I discovered this nifty one at Meo’s website. So I was very happy when they send me the toys as a review sample for the heavy bondage special.


This restraint consists out of four pieces. The basis is a 5cm x 21cm large piece of stiff leather. In the middle is a pin with a drilled hole to house a pad lock. Onto this pin a 28cm long leather strap is attached. The strap has eleven holes with a spacing of 1.5cm for adjusting the space between the balls and the restraints. Onto the far end of the strap another 22cm long strap of soft triple layered leather is attached for being put around the balls or the entire junk. On the one side of this strap is another pin, on the other side six holes for adjusting the size. Left and right of the pin of the basic piece of leather are the rows of three holes each. Through these holes you put the provided wrist restraints. Their outside is made out of stiff leather, the inside is lined with soft a one. They feature a welded D-ring and two pins with drilled holes at the top. In order to adjust the size there are six sets of holes allowing for a diameter between and 4.5cm and 7.5cm.

The toy comes with six keyed alike locks.

Detail of the two Wrist Restraints

Detail of the two Wrist Restraints

Playing with it

Putting this restraint configuration on takes a bit of work: First you put on the wrist restraints and attach them to the rectangular body. Once you have done that you can already use this toy as all leather rigid cuffs. The next step is to put the leather strap either around the balls or your entire junk depending on the intended effect. Putting it just around the balls will increase the pain sensation. The same counts for the last step: Attaching the genitalia to the main body. The shorter the distance between them, the more intense the sensation.

The Toy used as Rigid Cuffs

The Toy used as Rigid Cuffs

As you can tell from the way it is put on the unique purpose of this toy is creating a physical feedback loop between the hands and the balls. This leads to interesting bondage scenarios. The first one is probably stress bondage. Put the sub in an uncomfortable position and watch him wiggle. Each evasive movement with his arms will tug on his balls. This is especially effective when the balls are already bruised. If you are really sadistic you can do what a friend of mine did and put a leather strap with (dull) pins on the inside of the strap around the balls. Of cause this feedback loop works also the other way round. Once the sub has found a somewhat comfortable position, smack his balls to encourage some movement. But also in a normal play situation this method of fettering someone is very interesting. The human body usually try to “work out” pain sensation through muscle movement. So regardless of what you are doing to the sub as soon as he tries to move his arms to help processing the sensation his balls will feel the effect. I found that particularly fun in combination with CBT or e-stim around the balls. The more the sub tries to work out the sensation, the more his balls hurt. What I haven’t tried but probably is forbidden amount of fun is attaching an electrode to the balls and clipping the E-Stim Systems Remote with its movement sensor onto it.

Despite Meo’s product name calling them Abuse Me/ Fuck me restraints this restraint layout is NOT made for fucking, at least when it comes to anal intercourse. The strap connecting the balls with the wrist restraints runs directly through or above (depending on the tension) the ass crack so the sphincter is covered.

Conslusion: Unique and effective combination of CBT and bondage.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Interesting sensation feedback loop Takes some time to put on Meo 89€
Inspires creative bondage Leather takes some time to soften
Can be used as all leather rigid cuffs
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