Meo Foot Suspension Bonds Deluxe

Vendor: Meo

This is one of the toys Meo kindly sent me for the heavy bondage special. And since I finally got a chance to try the restraints out as a sub Easter Sunday at Quälgeist I am finally able to write the review.

The Front of the Meo Foot Suspension Restraints

The Front of the Meo Foot Suspension Restraints


The first impression is: They are massive! The body of these restraints is 170mm long. Its exterior is made out of stiff, sturdy leather. Usually I would complain about the cardboard like soulless leather quality but in this case the stiffness is a feature for giving the foot and ankle all the support they need. This outer shell is covered with padded soft high quality leather. While the padding at the instep is a bit thinner and firmer the “cushion” that wraps around the ankle is lavishly thick, almost like a pillow. It is designed that way that if the ankle is not too massive no metal of the many rivets that are use to hold the stiff body in shape even under large strain touches the skin. The padding layout leads to the comparatively robust foot being pushed into the “harder” area while the more fragile ankle is well protected yet without having too much give to allow the foot to slip out of the restraint when fettered properly. The fettering is done by two latgio leather straps with roller buckles. Their holes’ spacing is 18mm. While this is ok due to the thick padding which can take some of the pressure, a little bit finer spacing (15mm hole distance p.e.) would have been better to ensure safe and comfortable bondage. Onto each side of the body a 55mm wide and 220mm long latigo leather strap with a massive welded d-ring is riveted.

Detail of the Roller Buckles on the Back

Detail of the Roller Buckles on the Back

Playing with it

Putting these restraints on is no rocket science yet takes a bit of practice: Out the body around the foot, than adjust the leather covered padding. Next tighten the strap close to the foot securely, than the other one. If you don’t want to use the restraints for suspension, you are done now. For suspension purposes retighten both straps so they are just tight enough not to cut circulation. Otherwise the friction of the padding might be to low causing the foot to slip out of the restraints. I recommend putting the restraints on at the place where you want to fetter the sub. Unlike cuff style restraints it is a bit hard to walk wearing these restraints because of the straps onto which the d-rings are mounted.

Once put on you can there are different ways to use these restraints. For suspension I recommend using one carabineer for both d-rings because it causes less swinging. The restraints come with a d-rings but I would strongly advice you not to use it to suspend a sub’s weight from there but use a climbing carabineer instead. These restraints are also great for less spectacular bondage. Because the d-rings straps are an extension of the legs I found these restraints a massive improvement of cuff style ones when tying someone into a spread eagle. The force holding the leg in down is more evenly distributed and works directly against the movement a struggling subs shows. This characteristic and thick padding make these restraints ideal for hogties over extended periods of time. If you soften the d-rings straps so that they bend easily perpendicular to the restraints‘ body the make great bondage means for bastonado. The soles of the feet are nicely exposed and if you have a way to fetter the d-rings tightly they won’t move very much, allowing for precise hitting.

Detail of the Lavish Padding

Detail of the Lavish Padding

Through the thick padding and long straps, these restraints even fit massive ankles and feet. If you really take advantage of the entire strap length you can even fit feet with boots into them. I tried the restraints with rangers, engineer and motocycle boots and encountered no problem size wise. The only kinds of boots that were too large were motocross and skiing boots.

Finally a word of warning when using them to be suspended from your feet down: Every position facing downward is increasing the blood pressure towards the head. The steeper the angle, the higher it gets. Don’t remain in this position for too long because the fine veins in the head can’t handle the pressure too well. If you have high blood pressure or have used poppers do not get suspended with the head down. Also: The big muscles in the calves and thighs are needed to pump the blood through the body. After it has accumulated in the head and if it rushes back you can have a heart attack!

Conslusion: Well build, high quality foot suspension restraints
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Designed for heavy duty play Provided carabineer not made for suspension Meo 189€
Very well build out of high quality material
Lavish padding
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