Happy holidays perverts!

Hopefully you are enjoying some quality time with your biological or chose family. You certainly deserve a good rest yet another crazy year! While I am home on the sea shore where I grew up, I am already looking forward to next week when I will be seeing my BF again. We will be drinking caco out of Christmas mugs and build brick sets while we watch cartoons.

I know that the holidays are tough for many of you. Traveling home means for many for us leaving our true self behind and becoming someone else. Someone we hope to have left behind. So if you are struggling today, feeling alone and lost, know that you are loved by many, that there is a community who cherishes and appriciates you just the way you are! If you feel the need to talk to somebody, here is an overview of internetional hotlines where you can get free and anonemous help.

Usually I take a creative hiatus after the holidays but you bunch are so thirsty and hungry for reviews of anal toys that the Anal Toy Special will continue as soon as the new year starts. Until then I wish you a splendid New Years Eve and all the best for new year. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay sane. See you in 2022!

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