E-Stims System Mirco, Classic Medium and Magnum Medium Bipolar Plugs

E Stim Electrodes

Vendor: E-Stim Systems

When I started purchasing electrodes for my E-Stim box a good friend and top of mine recommended the bipolar ones from E-Stim Systems. Knowing that my anus isn’t really trained I started off with the Classic Medium but soon purchased the Micro and the Magnum Medium to have a bit more of a choice when tormenting mine or other people’s asses.

Because the electrodes are quite similar I decided to review them all at once and go into detail about the individual differences in the play section.


All electrodes reviewed in this article are from their premium range, meaning they are made out of stainless steel with high quality plastic as insulator. Due to the high quality and robust materials the electrode will probably outlive you. And if it doesn’t E-Stim Systems has a lifetime guarantee for their premium electrode.

A disassambled Magnum MediumThe plugs are made in a five-piece constriction: First there is a stainless steel base with a plastic inset. Through this inset a stainless steel screw put which first goes through a black (in case of the Mirco white) barrel shaped piece of plastic and is finally screwed to the head. There is a 4mm drilling hole at the bottom of the base and the screw where you put standard 4mm banana plugs in order to connect the electrode with your e-stim box. When cleaning your electrode after playing simply take out the cable, disassemble the electrode and wash it with warm water using soap.

Bottom view with 4mm Drilling HolesThe stainless steel surfaces comes in a standard brushed finish which gives it a very sleek, modern and sleek appearance. When you order the electrodes directly from E-Stim’s website you can also order all electrodes in a polished version for a 10% premium. It is hard for me to recommend a surface treatment: As a jeweler sales assistant I know that a polished surface won’t show scrates as easily as a brushed one (If you are interested to know why, send me an e-mail), but personally I prefer the look of the brushed stainless steel. And if you are not ordering your toys directly from their website you will most likely only have the option of getting the brushed finishes.

Mirco Classic Medium Magnum Medium
Head & Bas Diameter 25mm 25mm 38mm
Head Length 19mm 36mm 91mm
Base Length 30mm 41mm 26,5mm
Neck Length 2,5mm 35,5mm 19,5mm
Overall Lenght 51,5mm 112,5mm 137mm
Neck Diameter 14mm 16mm 20mm
Difference between Head and Neck Diameter per side 5,7mm 4,7mm 9mm
Distance between Drilling Holes 6,5mm 6mm 9mm
Weight 82g 140g 331g

Playing with them

First a advice how to read this section: I will only discuss how the physical properties influence the sensation. The sensation itself depends very much on your e-stim box and the program you select.

When choosing the right electrode before play there are two important things to keep in mind:

  1. Standard and Low Profile CablesThe Material: Unlike other soft materials like vinyl or silicone most anal toys are made out off stainless steel will not yield! So if you can barely fit a 38mm vinyl plug into your ass taking the Magnum Medium for example will at least take some training.
  2. The Handling: A lot of people put condoms over their anal toys when switching partners. The condom’s latex layer will at best alter the way the current flows thus might produce unwanted effects, at worst no current will flow at all. But because the stainless steel is easily cleaned and disinfected this isn’t a big issue if you clean your toy thoroughly after using it on one partner. When it comes to lube I would always recommend water-based lube. The glycerin in the lube will help the current flow from the metal to the skin. A thick layer of silicone lube can produced unwanted effect.
    There are specialized electro lubes out there but in my opinion they are overrated. For my sessions I use Swiss Navy water based lube. It keeps it gliding properties for a long period of time and transmits current very well.

Generally speaking when it comes to electrodes: The larger the mass and the contact area the “smoother” the sensation will be. Furthermore you will only feel the sensation at the pole with the lower mass which isn’t important for bipolar electrodes because most people can’t tell if the electro sensation is on the inner or outer side of their anus.

In order to insert an electro plug warm it up a bit up to body temperature, plug in the cables, put some lube only on the head of the electrode and gently push it into your anus. Because unlike other bipolar electrodes the base and the head is connected by a solid connection pushing it in is easy. Now connect the cable to your electro box and start the stimulation. Each of the three plugs produces a different sensation:

  1. The MicroThe Micro: Through its small size and short neck the Micro sits directly on your sphincter and only stimulates there. The small mass results in a fine line between interesting and unique buzzing feeling directly inside your anus between a challenging and also unique torture of this body part. But the size is also a problem: When your ass can take dildos from 3cm diameter on or if the Micro is lubed very well it will almost instantly slip out of your ass. I would advice maintaining light pressure on the electrode until you sit or lie down.
  2. The Classis MediumThe Classic Medium: Through its size it is easily inserted even into untrained asses. The even mass distribution between neck and head and larger mass compared to the Mirco results in a wider range of pleasurable experiences when turning up the power. The pièce de résistance of the Classic range are their three different lengths: When sitting on it, it will press onto your prostate. You just need to find the right length.
  3. The Magnum MediumThe Magnum Medium: Through its big mass the sensation feels smoother and a bit more even than the previous two ones. Of cause you need more power from the box to produce the same stimulation level. I wouldn’t recommend this electrode for a box with a low output. Through its size and weight in addition to the electro sensation you get a feeling of fullness inside your rectum. While walking the mass will develop some moving momentum and will most likely hit your prostate which has its own appeal.

Low Profile Cables pluged into the MicroE-Stim Systems claims on their website that none of the electrodes I own are designed for low profile cables. I have made my own low profile cables and the fit without a problem on the Mirco and the Magnum and with a bit of pressure on the Classic. If you want to sit on or lie down while using the electrode you need low profile banana plugs so you need to try out which works best for you.

Low Profile and Standard Cables plugged into a Magnum Medium and a MicroOf cause you can use the electrode also as a monopole. Just plug one banana plug into the anal electrode and the other one onto another electrode, a pin wheel or a rubber loop for example.  Another usage for the electrodes is using them as standard stainless steel plugs for long term wearing. Because the connection between the head and the base in not flexible you will probably get tired of wearing it sooner than when wearing a plug with a flexible connection.

Conslusion: High quality and versatile plugs not only made for e-stim.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Micro Classic Medium Magnum Medium
Easy to insert Graduation between electrodes is fairly coarse EStim Systems (Manufacturer) £42 £44 £69
Robust Hard to disassemble when screwed on tightly Mister B 68€ 76€ 119,95€
Lifetime guarantee          
Easy to clean          
Good looks          
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