Mister B Non-Adjustable Aligator Clamps

Vendor: Mister B


Clamps without and with rubber cap

Clamps without and with rubber cover

The initial reaction to these clamps was “The are handy”. They are quite small yet sturdy built. The tips of the clamps are covered with a small rubber covers which you can take off and find aligator teeth under them. To connect the two clamps a robust chain is connecting them. The chain is connected to the clamps via a movable bail which is mounted on side of the clamps. Sometimes the bail gets between the two sides and thus jams the opening mechanism. Because the bail is rather large compared to the opening between the sides it can be hard to get it out of the way which is extremely annoying especially when you need to take the clamps off quickly. A better way to mount the chain onto the clamps probably would have been holes in one side and a direct connection.

Testing if the clamps can damage rubber

Testing if the clamps can damage rubber

Playing with it

The size of these clamps is a curse and a gift. They are very handy, can easily be worn under normal clothes or fetish gear like rubber and don’t take up much space so you can carry them around basically everywhere. The drawback is that the pressure points are very small and don’t have any texture. When you are wearing thick rubber gloves, have lube on your fingers or generally have large fingers they can be hard to handle.

Detail of the teeth when the rubber caps are off

Detail of the teeth when the rubber covers are off

Another ambivalent point are the rubber covers for the tips. When the skin area you are putting the clamps on is dry the rubber through is stickiness keeps the clamps in place very well. But as soon as the area is getting moist like through sweat the rubber slides of easily. This is especially annoying because due to their size they are perfect for wearing under tight fitting rubber. If the clamps start to get off, you can take off the rubber covers and unveil the heart of the beast: The aligator teeth which will keep the clamps in place. They are not as sharp as on other aligator clamps and they didn’t leave a permanent mark in my test rubber and leather. But I wouldn’t put them on such surfaces anyway because in order to feel something through the material you have to add pressure which will damage your fetish gear.

Testing the grip with the caps on

Testing the grip with the covers on

This brings me to the big advantage of these clamps: The flexibility. The spring isn’t too hard so they are great as beginner’s clamps, for really long term wear, a session start or if you feel a bit under the weather and want a lighter grip. But when you take the rubber covers off you are in for some real ouch and some nice marks after you have taken them off. As the spring isn’t so hard they are actually pretty comfortable for long time pain pig use.

Testing the grip with the caps off

Testing the grip with the caps off

Sadly increasing pressure by pressing on the sides is a bit difficult because yet again of the size and the tight fit on the body. This tight fit in combination with the round rubber covers and the quite small opening sadly limit the applicable areas to ones which stick out like nipples, tongue or earlobes. Yet again, as soon as you take the covers off the available possibilities broaden starting from the lips and end at the rim of your poor sub’s glans.

Pressure marks of the clamps with the caps off

Pressure marks of the clamps with the caps off

Conslusion: A versatile clamp with some handling problems
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Versatility Small opening Mister B (Manufacturer) 14€
Small size Handling problems
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