Mister B Spank Ties

Vendor: Mister B

The spank ties twisted for maximum delivered impact

The spank ties twisted for maximum delivered impact


This toy is basically an 80cm long and 1,5cm thick rod. In its core is a bendable spring which will take and hold nearly every shape you twist it into. This spring is covered by soft, charcoal colored padding. On the end there are black plastic hemispheres so there are no sharp edges.

This toy is sold in pairs.

Playing with it

Like the name implies this is a dual purpose toy: It can be used for bondage and for impact play.

The biggest problem of this toy in both usage situations is the handling: It takes a lot of practice until you can bend this toy in the desired form because the spring is rather stiff. This of cause has the advantage that the ties will stay in the shape once bent.

Ties twisted around furniture ready for attaching a sub.

Ties twisted around furniture ready for attaching a sub.

However once you mastered this toy it is a quite nifty bondage device. You fold the rod in the middle and twist it around a rail (a bed post or shower handle for example), than you place the wrist of the sub onto the twisted part and twist the rod again two or three times tightly enough that the hand cannot slip through the loop. It takes a bit of practice to find the right technique to make these twists soling and inescapable but it is worth the effort. I usually have a pair of these with me when I am on business trips because I can ties someone onto furniture in a hotel room without having to carry around large quantities of rope or leather restraints. I especially like tying someone to shower rails (Please check if the rails can handle a wiggling sub without getting ripped out of the wall before you tie someone to them!) because if you tape off the gap between the padding and the hemispheres the ties are waterproof. Of cause the bondage aspect is not limited to attaching subs to furniture. You can also twist cuffs, cockring-ballstretcher-combos and many other things out of these ties.

Detail of the plastic hemispheres for a more stingy sensation.

Detail of the plastic hemispheres for a more stingy sensation.

When being used as an impact toy you need to adjust your play style a bit: Since the core is flexible a lot of the movement energy is lost in the deformation. So I enjoy using this toy especially for beginners either as a straight rod for “caning” or when folded twice or thrice as a “paddle”. For added stability and thus more impact delivered onto the sub’s body fold the rod in half and tightly twist both ends around each other. Since most of the mass of this toy is padding the sensation is still more on the thuddy side. But especially if you hit sensitive body areas like the glans or the nipple with the plastic hemispheres this toy has quite some bite.

Conslusion: Very versatile toy, excellent for travelling but a bit hard to handle.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Dual purpose Difficult to handle Mister B 23,95€
Versatile spanking toy
Small & handy
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