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_DSC1523Some time ago I review the Non-Adjustable Aligator Clamps from Mister B and loved them for their versatility so even new comers can enjoy them. Today I face again a reptile – and this time a mean one!

I got this clamps by accident. I was visiting Hamburg and following (old) my rule that I have to get myself a toy from every city trip I was browsing at Mister Chaps for something new. And this pair of clamps was actually the only one I did not own yet.

The Opening Angle of the Clamps

The Opening Angle of the Clamps

Like the Mister B ones these clamps are very small. But unlike them the massive, boldly looking chain is mounted onto a bail which is located at the opening mechanism axis so it doesn’t jam the mechanism. That design is very handy because sometimes you need to get these little devils off your skin FAST!

Playing with it

These clamps are only made for a selected group of pain connoisseurs which can cope with handling problems. Again this is a small clamp. But unlike other small clamps I have reviewed the gripping area is a really small and steep piece of metal which again has no texture. It takes some practice to grip and open the clamps. Operating it with thicker gloves on is a really hard task and as soon as your finger tips are sweaty or luby it gets really hard to open this clamps.

The Effect of the Teeth digging into the Skin after 5 Minutes

The Effect of the Teeth digging into the Skin after 5 Minutes

The form factor of the clamps (wide and shallow instead of narrow and deep like most clamps) keep it from sticking closely to your body but stand perpendicular away from it. I have tried to wear them under my rubber surf suit but aborted this experiment due to the fear of ripping it so it is a toy best used on subs with naked chest. Or should I say: Pain pigs? The pain sensation is very strong, a sharp biting feeling. And the steep pressure points which makes putting the clamps on problematic are now a benefit because they lead your finger tips towards the end of the clamps where you can easily increase the pressure – if you desire to agonize your victim. Also: These clamps do not come off lightly. I was too afraid to try it out but I believe you will probably break the skin through severe scratches when you pull these clamps off.

The Effects of the Teeth digging into Rubber

The Effects of the Teeth digging into Rubber

You could use it on rubber or leather surfaces because the spring is quite hard but it will leave marks. Also, the main pain sensation is lost and you only feel the pressure.

Despite not opening very wide these clamps through their tough grip can be put on nearly every part of the body imaginable as long as you can pinch enough skin to fit between the teeth. I once brain-stormed possible areas of use with a fellow top after the second gin and tonic and I will not write them down in order to protect sensitive readers. But believe me: The ideas made even an experienced pain pig like me shiver in fear.

Conslusion: A true pain pig’s dream with handling problems.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Strong pain Small opening Mister Chaps 10,95€
Small size Handling problems
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