Mr S Ball Stretcher with D-Ring

Vendor: Mr S


StretcherThe stretcher is made out off a trifolded soft 3,8cm wide leather. The folding has a number of advantages: First through the three layers and the seam in the middle the leather is stiff enough and doesn’t collapse easily to provide a good stretch and yet is flexible enough to be comfortable to wear. Second through the folding the edges form a smooth piping on one side; on the other side there is a piping and an edge which doesn’t irritate the skin too much due to the soft leather. A third advantage would be that all metal parts could be covered with leather making it safe for allergic people to use. But for this toy Mr S decided to put the counter parts of the rivets through all three layers which at least robust them sturdier. As always with leather toys from Mr S the stitching quality is top of the notch.

In order to adjust the stretcher there are two pairs of snap fasteners leaving you with three diameters to adjust the stretcher: 4,3cm, 3,8cm and 3,1cm. A nice touch is the Mr S logo on the outside of the snap buttons.

Diameter from left to right: 4,3cm, 3,8cm and 3,1cm

Diameter from left to right: 4,3cm, 3,8cm and 3,1cm

A nifty feature of this toy is the small d-ring which is a hold in place by two rivets and double layer leather strap. Sadly the d-ring is not welded as which is the case with most other small d-rings.

Detail of the trifolding with "loose" end on top

Detail of the trifolding with „loose“ end on top

Playing with it

The toy is good at everything what a ball stretcher should do: It stretches your balls to make them bounce around when walking, fucking or jerking off, prevent that your balls get closer to the body when you come which intensifies the orgasm and keeps your ball in place and offer an easy way to grip them when they get spanked. And because the leather and workmanship is such high quality you can wear the stretcher for an extended period of time. One of my test person wore it for over a day.

Detail of the D-Ring

Detail of the D-Ring

What sets this stretcher aside from a standard one is the d-ring which is not attached to a divider so if it is not used it doesn’t get into your way. The obvious thing to do with the d-ring it to attach a weight. Because the d-ring is not centered you can create two different sensations: When you put a barrel-shaped weight on front off the stretcher it beats your balls; when you put it on the back the feeling of weight pulling on your balls is even more intense than with a centered one. As with standard restraints the d-ring can be used for all kind of bondage purposes: Either attach a leash, use it to tie the sub down to the bed, nipple clamps, the spreader bar or any pair of restraints attached to the legs so there is a small reminder that there is something around his ball with every step the sub takes. When doing this please keep in mind that the d-ring is not welded. When too much force pulls in opposite directions on the d-ring there is a chance that it will come open.

The Mr S Logo Snap Buttons

The Mr S Logo Snap Buttons

Sadly Mr S seems to have stopped making this great ball stretcher but I believe if you ask them nicely they can still make you a custom one.

Conslusion: Good standard ball stretcher with a nice added feature
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Great quality leather and over all workmanship Metal is making contact with the skin Mr S (Manufacturer) Out of Production, last known price $18
D-Ring D-ring is not welded
Can be worn for an extended period of time Only comes in one width
Good value for money



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