Mr S Ball Stretcher with Divider

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Oil Taned LeatherUnlike last week’s stretcher this one is made out of a single 3,8cm wide piece of leather which Mr S calls oil tanned. Despite being nearly 2mm thick is it very soft and has smooth edges making it comfortable to wear. The comfort has the downside that this stretcher isn’t as stiff as others thus the stretch will not as strong as other stretcher with the same width. Also due to only using a single piece of leather the metal is able to make contact with the skin which can be a problem with people being allergic to certain metals. The stretcher is closed with a pair of snap buttons with the Mr S logo on them. You can choose between a diameter of 3,4cm and 2,7cm.

Logo Snap ButtonsThe divider strap is made out of trifolded garment leather and 1,9cm wide. Two rivets attach it to the wider part and there are two snap buttons which allow a divider length of 6cm with 2,5cm space between the rim of the stretcher and the divider strap and 5cm length with 1,2cm. On top of the divider is a not welded d-ring which is hold in place of a strap of trifolded garment leather two rivets. The space between the rivets is large enough so that the d-ring can move into the middle of the divider on both length settings.

On Mr S’ website this toy is still shown with three snap buttons above each other and thus a larger divider strap. When I was at their store in May 2013 they told me that they only make this two in the width I am owning it. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because the stretch is comfortable for all people who tried this stretcher on. However the divider strap was too short for all but one. Apparently Europeans have larger/ meatier balls. Please keep in mind that the stretcher and divider will be shorter than shown on your website when considering this toy.

The two Divider adjustments

The two Divider adjustments

Playing with it

This section is a bit hard to write because most of my testees couldn’t try out the full potential of this stretcher. As a simple leather ball stretcher it is the best I have got for long-term wear (even more comfortable than the Mr S one with a D-ring I reviewed last week) because the soft leather will more easily adjust to tighter balls. But as written above the divider sadly was too small for nearly all my testees and me. So I have to rely on a single report here.

Left: 3,4cm diameter Right: 3,7cm diameter

Left: 3,4cm diameter
Right: 3,7cm diameter

Of cause you can do everything with this d-ring as with the one last week. The weight sensation will be a bit different. Since the d-ring is in the middle the pull is directly downward and is felt more on the individual balls than on the sack itself. When you start moving the weight, p.e. when wanking, is will start to swing freely and will gather moving momentum which will increase the pull on the balls. Of cause you can use the d-ring as a anchor point for carabineers again. I particularly had fun attaching it tightly to the end of my shoulder-to-wrist-restraints.

Detail of the Divider with the D-Ring on top

Detail of the Divider with the D-Ring on top

The divider offers some interesting possibilities for CBT. It makes targeting single balls more easily like for attaching single electrodes (fried eggs anyone?), individual pressure or hitting (my favorite for this is a riding whip). Another cool which I enjoyed very much is sensation play: Cool one ball with ice and drop wax on the other.

Conslusion: A great ball stretcher with a lot of play potential – if the divider is large enough
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Comfortable to wear for a long time Only come on one width Mr S (Manufacturer) $39.95
Great workmanship Metal is making contact with the skin
D-Ring D-ring is not welded
Good value for money Divider strap is too short



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