Mr S Fetters Front Buckle Gag with Locking Buckle

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The Mr S Locking Front Buckle Gag

The Mr S Locking Front Buckle Gag

The main body of this gag has roughly the shape of a stretched octagon with small recesses for the nose on the long sides. The inside of the body is made out of thick and soft padding covered with soft leather. In the middle of the inside there is a mouth insert which is 5,5cm long. It has roughly the shape of a penis with a “glans” diameter of 3,7cm and a “shaft” diameter of 3,2cm. My version of the gag has a rather firm yet very biteable version of the mouth insert. I had longer owned gags in my mouth and they had softer mouth inserts. I don’t know if this is a thing that comes with time or if Mr S changed the production process. Both hardness grades were comfortable to wear and to bite into. The outside of the body is made out of thick yet soft leather onto which two leather loops are riveted. Through these loops runs a long, 2,7cm wide thick leather strap. The punching allows for a diameter between 33cm and 60cm so it should fit almost all head sizes. At the end of the strap there is a locking roller buckle which makes closing the gag quite easily.

Playing with it

Gags can have different purposes: Make the sub drool, keep his mouth open or muffle the noises he makes. This gag is made for the latter and performs fairly at it. When fastened tight onto the mouth the padding absorbs quite some noise. But like every other gag I have put into people mouth or had in my mouth this is not a silencer but the best performing gag yet (even better than a butterfly gag). Also the padding makes the gag quite comfortable when pressed onto the face so it can be worn for extended periods of time.

Detail of the Penis shaped Mouth insert and the soft Padding

Detail of the Penis shaped Mouth insert and the soft Padding

What sets this gag aside from other ones are the small and clever details. The obvious one is the front locking buckle. For most subs it is a great mindfuck when you show them the lock and then put it into the buckle. They know that there is no way they are going to articulate, drink or even breath through their mouth until the master permits it. Especially the last constraint comes in handy when you want to do breath play: When tightly fastened sucking in air will only result in sucking the gag closer to the mouth so when you keep shut the sub’s nose there is no way he can breathe.

The mouth insert has as mentioned about roughly the shape of a small (?) penis. I have seen several subs who when going down into sub space started sucking on it which adds just a bit more to the scene. From a practical point of view the larger diameter of the glans gives the teeth a bit more support and keeps the gag in place which is good for longer scenes.

Detail of the Locking Roller Buckle

Detail of the Locking Roller Buckle

From a practical point of view this gag is ideal when you suspend a sub who is lying on his back: With the buckle on the front the can be undone and fastened without any problems even with a tightly bound sub.

Besides the play aspects this gag has also some fetish benefits for the leather lover. On the one hand there is the intense leather smell when wearing the gag. Mr S only uses high quality hides and them being pressed onto the subs face directly under his nose exposes him to the great, intoxicating leather scent of them. On the other hand (no pun intended) the soft garment leather above the padding almost feeling like a leather gloved hand pressing over your mouth. If you are a fan of Glover over Mouth play, this is definitely the gag to get!

Conslusion: The best silencing leather gag I know off
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Quite silencing Mr S $89.95
Comfortable to wear for extended periods of time
Great leather quality
Lots of fetish potential


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