Mr S Leather Bag Hood


Mr S Leather Bag Hood

Vendor: Mr S


This hood is made out of six pieces of soft high quality black leather which helps to maintain the rough shape. It measures approx. 27cm by 33cm. The inside of the main body is lined with the same leather. The leather panel on the back side is not lined with leather but it is usually folded some way in order to seal the hood if the sub’s head is not gigantic. Besides this panel there are two eyelets through which a piece of leather string runs. You can use this string to close the hood tightly without constricting breathing. In the middle of the front of the hood there are two rivet-reinforced holes for breathing.

Detail of the Breathing Hole

Detail of the Breathing Hole

Playing with it

Despite appearing a simple piece of gear it is cleverly designed. The rather rigid part in the middle keeps the mask in place even when the sub breathes heavily so the hood doesn’t get sucked against the face of the sub. This is important for the main purpose I have been using this hood for: A beginner isolation hood. I tend to suffer from a bit of claustrophobia and thus stayed away from too intense hoods (until I saw myself forced to try them out for this website). As intimidating as this hood might look it fits loosely on the head without any pressure. So despite taking away the sense of sight (with most heads the breathing hole are next to the mouth so the noose blocks out most of the light) there is no sense of pressure that might freak a beginner out. Of cause the isolation feeling can easily be intensified with adding ear plugs or putting a Bishop Head Harness over the bag hood. If doing so pay attention that the breathing holes are not covered.

Detail of how the Hood is closed

Detail of how the Hood is closed

Even if they are not blocked, this mask has some form of breath play capabilities. When resting or being tied down, the sub can breathe easily. As soon as you start to talk or breath heavily to process pain there is too little air sucked in so a sense of breathlessness kicks in. I have never experienced that the oxygen supply was getting critical when using this hood yet it is something to watch when playing. If you are concerned about suffocation or usually play pretty heavy I guess the guys at Mr S can add another pair of breathing holes. Since the hood is made out of the high quality Mr S leather, when you are encapsulated in this hood every breath of air brings the intoxicating rich smell of leather to you.

Conclusion: Simple yet very effective hood
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Easy to use Have to watch oxygen supply in long scenes Mr S $139.95
Great isolation sensation without being to intense
Very well made


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