Mr S Stinger Whip

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The Mr S Stinger Whip

The Mr S Stinger Whip


The construction of this toy is fairly simple: 15 2mm thick plastic strings with a 3mm thick bead ever 4mm are glued into a flexible plastic tube for approx. 16cm usable length. At the end of the tube is a 20mm long and 17.5mm thick dome-shaped grip so the toy can rest between two fingers a bit like a flogger. At the end of the toy there is a key ring for easy and convenient carrying around everywhere.

Detail of the Tubes with Beads

Detail of the Tubes with Beads

Playing with it

The key ring is a nice touch because this really made to be carried around by a dom at all times. Despite the small size and the flexible tubes this toy can hurt! Depending on the energy you put into the blows it can deliver up to an intense sting. The small size makes it perfect for immediate punishment. I lent it out to a friend of mine who carried it around in the inside pocket of his jacket to hit the finger tips of his sub in training every time he reached out without asking first. Due to the small size and light weight it takes some practice to control this toy when winding up for big blows like in a spanking session. I had a bit of fear that the glue would fail me in intense scene but this toy hasn’t let me down.

But to be honest this toy isn’t really made for large impact play scene. It is a delicate toy which is ideal where finess is needed. I surprised a sub quite a bit who didn’t expect an impact sensation on his nipples. When it comes to CBT a word of warning is in place: Yes, due to the small size and the sting it is ideal for beating wall and shafts. But if the dick is really throbbing hard and the guy is uncut or has frail skin, don’t put too much force into strikes onto the glans because the movement energy will concentrate into the small beads and it can break the skin which you don’t want on an organ with blood jammed into it.

Detail of the Handle with Key Ring for Easy Handling and Storage

Detail of the Handle with Key Ring for Easy Handling and Storage

Like most multi-“tail” impact toys you can use the stinger whip also as a sensual toy by just letting the tip of the tube travel over the sub’s body. If you have a elastic band at hand, bind the tips together which will create a different sensation.

A nice thing in my opinion is that this toy nearly doesn’t color. Of cause some battle marks after a scene are always nice but if you use it like my friend and an educational instrument leaving no marks is a good thing. And since it is made out of plastic cleaning is very easy so you can quickly use it on different partner.

Conslusion: Small, inexpensive yet effective impact toy
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Small & lightweight Hard to control at large space impact play Mr S $14.95


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