Mystim Silicone Pad Electrode

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The Mystim Silicone Pad Electrode

The Mystim Silicone Pad Electrode

This toy is a nifty adaption of the popular pad electrode pervertable originally designed for one-time medical purposes. When you purchase it you get four rectangular, flexible pieces with a side length of 45mm. The top is made out of white medical silicone while the bottom is made out of black conductive silicone. On one side on the top is a rising where the jack for the 2mm is housed in. Since each pad is a monopole you need at least two of them or another electrode to create a sensation.

Playing with it

Despite just recently having bought it this toy I consider it an essential toy because these kinds of electrodes were one of the first ones used for E-Stim. It is quite simple to use: simply put a pair onto the desired part of the body and attach the leads. But please keep in mind that due to the limited mass and contact area the sensation will be quite stingy. In order to ensure an even and somewhat smooth sensation I recommend applying water based lube on the conductive area. While you can use any one containing glycerin slicker ones like Elbow Grease H2O thick gel is better than more viscose ones like Swiss Navy Water Based because they stay in place even after pressing the electrode onto the body. For keeping the pad in place I use weak adhesive tape so it can be removed without too much pain after the scene (even though that makes for an own sensation with stronger ones…). There are special sticky conductive gels out there made for making such electrodes stick to the body. I am not really a fan of these gels because they are made for medical purposes where the patient sits still. Once the sub starts to struggle from the stimulation the pads usually fall off. What you should never use is silicone lube! Not only is it isolating but the silicone oil in it will disintegrate the silicone the electrode is made off!

A pad with a lead attached

A pad with a lead attached

Through the flexible material you can virtually places the electrodes anywhere below the waistline and on one arm. The most interesting positioning is using an anal monopole electrode the hits right the prostate – for me the E-Stim System Classic Medium I reviewed 1½ years ago – and the other one on the Perineum so the currency flows directly through the prostate. The most deviant positioning is placing on electrode directly on the anus (or even inside the sphincter even though there is a chance of being sucked into the ass and getting lost there) and the other on the frenulum.

There are a lot of videos and pictures out there where this kind of electrode is used for tit torture. This is somewhat OK when you place one pad directly on the nipple or right next to it and the other on the other side of the same nipple. Placing once pad on one nipple and the other on the other is dangerous and potentially lethal!

Compared to the other electrodes of this kind which comes with a lead already attached you can theoretically use this intimately often you take care of it. Clean it with warm soap water after play, let it dry and store it dark and dry for many years of fun.

Conslusion: Easy to use and flexible electrode.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Easy to use Little sensation variance Diburnium 16,90€
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