Mystim Tension Lover

The Mystim Tension Lover with the Case and its Contenct

The Mystim Tension Lover with the Case and its Contenct

A couple of weeks ago I answered to your request for a novice electro box with writing a bit about the E-Stim Intro Packs. Yet I got some requests if there isn’t a box out there with two channels that isn’t too expensive and indeed there is: The Mystim Tension Lover.

It is a fairly basic yet sophisticated box. It is digital with a large display so you can adjust the programs quite accurately. There are only 7 programs and no audio interface but for a first dip into e-stim pleasures (or pain) it is quite enough. It also has a timer function if you want to leave your sub alone. A nifty feature is the locking of the keys of you want to walk around during the stimulation.

Since I was always looking for a another compact digital electro I am very much looking forward to owning this box some day and would love to review it! The box comes in a nice case with two leads and four pad electrodes and costs £119.99 and can be ordered from Uberkinky.

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