No Solo Breath Play EVER!

No Solo Breathplay Ever

I get several e-mails a week asking if I could recommend certain toys for a specific scene or kink and I am always glad to help if I know of something. Every couple of months I get an e-mail if I could recommend a toy for solo breath play. And the answer was and will always be: No! N-O! NO!!!

Ok, I wasn’t clear enough on that point.


There is no way of safe and secure solo breath play and will never be! No matter how smart you are and how well you have thought everything through eliminating every potential problem it is not safe. There is always something you haven’t thought of and eventually it will kill you! The kink scene has lost a lot of smart, nice, sympathetic, hot, kinky, perverted and experienced players who have thought that there would be a way to solo breath play. Believe me and many other kinksters: There is no way of safe and secure solo breath play! If you are into it look for a safe, sane, experienced top to live out your fantasies. It is the only way to have a long kinky live with lots of interesting breath play scenes!

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