Ouch Silicone Paddle

The Ouch Silicone Paddle

Vendor: Vuxen

Sometimes reviews take strange ways: About one year ago I have bought this paddle from Bens Wild in Germany. When I wanted to link the review to their product page, it turns out that they no longer sell this exact paddle but a new one from 665 Leather which due to the bendiness makes me wonder how controllable it will be… After some research I found the paddle on vuxen.se, apparently part of a Scandinavian online sex, party business and dog product (I start to spot a theme there…) conglomerate called Pure Fun Group. I have never shopped there – neither online or in person – so if you buy from them, let me know how your customer experience was!


The first thing you notice on this toy is the round ring on the end of the paddle. It is connected to the grip with a short and thin bar. I was skeptical how much physical force this fragile looking connection could withstand. But even when tugging on it when trying to pull the paddle from the storage hook in a sub-optimal angle or loosing grip of the paddle in full swing while securing it to my wrist with a loop it did not show wear of even tear.

The 170mm long grip tapers very smoothly and has great ergonomics even for people with smaller hands. For people with large hands it might be a bit too thin and narrow but none of my testees complained. The tapering flows into the impact blade. It is 210mm long and 58mm wide at a thickness of 6mm. One side of the paddle is covered in a shallow diamond-shape pattern which gives it the impression of being quilted. Around the edge runs a 4mm wide flat bulge. The other side is smooth except a thin band of 0.2mm wide and 3mm long bumps which should give the impression of a seam running around it.

The Funily Looking Hanging Loop

On the side there is an actual seam running around which is very thin, shallow and deburred speaking for the production quality of this two-piece mold paddle. When you fold the impact blade towards the middle you can see the 12mm wide spring steel blade which runs through the entire toy.

According to an old product page I found in the Internet Archive the paddle is made out of sadly yet again buzz-wordy “medical grade silicone” which feels like Shore A30. But this classification makes me optimistic that both the coloring agent and the silicone are body-safe. The paddle held up well when I put it through the cleaning paces: Putting it into the dish washer worked fine. Due to the metal spring in the core I would not recommend boiling it. If you want to be extra sure, you can clean it with bleach. While vinegar cleaner is safer to handle, it can tarnish the surface so I would not recommend it. Speaking of the surface: It is very scratch resistant. In combination with silicone not really aging I will be a toy that will be in your toy bag for years even with little maintenance.

The Smooth Side with the Seam Pattern Running Around

Playing with the Ouch Silicone Paddle

Compared to the last review the spring in the middle is a game changer – or rather a necessity when working with a soft material like silicone. It gives the toy the stability to actually make it usable it all. It also increases the play style and sensation range. From light taping of the balls with just the tip to tender strokes for warm up to hard blows much is possible. The spring steel’s rigidity is in a sweet spot: It is flexible enough for easy, bouncy spanking while rigid enough not to change shape when bend or flung intensely even over extended periods of time.

Being made out of silicone I expected this paddle to be severer on the pain side. While it is far from tame or even thuddy, with a bit of experience and only applying light force, you can do some kind of warm-up with this toy. As soon as you put in more kinetic energy, the sensation will soon turn to intenser sting. However, to really hurt, you have to put in much force! Due to the spring being bendy a considerable amount of kinetic energy does not get transferred onto the body. But if you want to make a bottom scream, you can do it with this paddle.

The two different surface textured hold a surprise for me. I was expecting the diamond pattern to be the more severe one. But since the pattern is so shallow there is no noticeable focusing on the “peaks”. It actually feels like the shallow recesses form air cushions, softening the blows. Due to the material being so smooth and the surface velvety soft, there no abrasion even when pulling the toy perpendicularly in during the impact. More painful is the untextured side. The kinetic energy gets evenly transferred onto the body. Since the seam is so thing and shallow you do not feel at all.

Showng the Spring Steel on the Textured Side

From an ergonomic point of view the Ouch Paddle is ok. The impact area is wide enough to spread the sensation over a larger body area. For hitting delicate body parts like where the thigh meets the ass or the palms or feet soles it could be a bit thinner but than it is a paddle and not a blade. With a bit of practice you can also hit these areas precisely. Due to the light weight and the powerful spring, the paddle is a bit unbalanced. The spring will develop a momentum you will have to counter with your wrist. So in extended scenes the paddle can tire out your wrist.

For the audio freaks, this paddle is a well of joy! None of my paddles make such a loud, deep and rich smacking sound. During warm up, it is noticeable. When you hit full force, you will draw attention to you. Like with soft and thuddy flogger – for example deer skin ones – in medium-range intensity the paddle sounds way more intense than it actually feels. Thus is it a great tool to fuck with your sub’s – and if you are doing show scenes – audience’s mind.

Conclusion: Versatile and low maintenance impact toy.



Where to get


Surprisingly wide range of intenstiy

A bit unbalanced


199 sKr

Nice, intense sound

Considering the material and manufacturing process quite expensive

Well build

Comically looking hanging loop

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