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The Stretcher with the Penis openen

The Stretcher with the Penis openen

The last couple of weeks I have been reviewing leather ball stretchers. Today’s toy is made out of Oxballs’ exclusive super-stretchy FLEW-TPR.

The Nuttsling has three holes. Through the first you have to put both your dick and balls. It is approx. 4,1cm by 2,9cm and oblique so the stretcher fits nice and tightly onto your body. On the bottom of the hole there is a small recess for your seminal duct so even if you have a really big dick thus pressing the material tightly onto your genitals piss and cum can flow freely. Across the first hole is the second one through which you put your dick. It is 3,3cm by 2,2cm and also has a small recess. Perpendicular to these holes is the stretcher which provides approx. 3,2cm of stretch. Halfway through the 2,5cm wide tube there is a bulge for a snug fit of your balls. Around all holes is a piping like bulge which makes wearing the Nuttsling more comfortable.

The back of the Stretcher with the Recess for the Seminal Duct

The back of the Stretcher with the Recess for the Seminal Duct

If you balls are really tight, Oxballs offers a model with a bit less stretch called the Cocksling. There is a new version out the Cocksling-2 which has “supporting beams” all around the stretcher tube for a bit extra stretch. I can’t wait to get my hands on a hopefully soon to be made Nuttsling-2.

Playing with it

This stretcher is made for really long-term wearing due to the material properties. The TPR is very flexible. Due to the bulge in the middle the stretch is good but still the stretcher will still adjust (to a certain level) to how much your balls can take. This also matters when you start moving you balls (jerking off, hitting, etc.): Unlike leather or stiff rubber stretchers the TPR will give in making it a bit more comfortable to wear (and in my testees’ opinion the balls bounce more while jerking off). Also unlike leather this stretcher doesn’t care about sweat and piss. But the comfort is only try when you have shaved (not trimmed!) your pubes. When pubic hair gets caught between the skin and the TPR and you start to move it feels like pulling on your pubes (which might be what you want).

So, how do you put this stretcher on? The method which works best for most of my testees and me is

  1. putting both forefinger and middle finger inside the stretcher tube,
  2. squeeze and pull it apart,
  3. push the back against the point where your perineum meets your scrotum,
  4.  pull the tube over your balls,
  5. than your dick through the hole and
  6. finally adjust the tube which will probably still be a bit deformed after the squeezing.

Even though this might sound complicated once you have figured it out this stretcher is actually the easiest I own to put on because you don’t have to deal with gripping your balls with one hand, put the leather around it with the other, than take care that no skin is in between the snap buttons while making sure that both balls stay below, etc.

The Bulge inside the Stretcher Tube for a snug and firm fit

The Bulge inside the Stretcher Tube for a snug and firm fit

I have already talked at length what you can do with balls inside a stretcher. But due to the flexible material squeezing the balls of your sub is easier than when he wears a stretcher made out of a stiffer material.

Because TPR toys can be used with most forms of lube (water, oil, silicone based and water/silicone hybrids) I use the Nuttsling for electro play. For electro CBT I mostly rely on simply silicone loops. In order not to short-circuit them they mustn’t touch so I put one loop just below the bulge at the ending of the stretcher, one just behind the bulge of the dick-and-balls hole and the fun can begin. And if I need water-based lube for better conductivity the TPR won’t mind.

Conslusion: The most comfortable ball stretcher I own with true long-term potential
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Comfortable A bit tricky to put on Oxballs  (Manufacturer) $27
Flexible Uncomfortable when unshaved
Regulation £33,99
Resistant towards sweat, piss and most lubes


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