Oxballs Splitsling


The Oxballs Splitsling

Vendor: Oxballs


After having taken a look at just a stretcher from Oxballs today we add a divider with the Splitsling which is also made out of their exclusive extremely stretchy FLEX-TPR.

Like the Nuttsling it has three holes. Through the first you have to put both your dick and balls. It is slightly smaller with approx. 3,9cm by 2,7cm. The profile is also oblique so the stretcher fits nice and tightly onto your body. On the bottom of the hole there is a small recess for your seminal duct so even if you have a really big dick thus pressing the material tightly onto your genitals piss and cum can flow freely. Across from the first hole there is another one through which you put your dick. It is 3,6cm by 2,2cm and also has a small recess. Perpendicular to these holes is the stretcher which has less stretch than the Nuttsling with approx. 2,4cm of stretch. The tube is 3cm wide and on the bottom there is a 1cm wide piece of FLEX-TPR which functions as a divider. Because it is so flexible it works even with large balls.

Sadly Oxballs doesn’t (yet?) offer the Splitsling in the stretcher size of the Nuttsling or as the updated design of the Cocksling-2. If you need more stretch and a divider take a look at their Splitz.

The Seminal Ducts on the Back and Bottom of the Dick Hole

The Seminal Ducts on the Back and Bottom of the Dick Hole

Playing with it

I usually praise Oxballs toys for long-term wearability if you choose a toy which doesn’t stretch too much for your sack. In this case if you have a larger sack and especially large balls, try this toy out extensively if you can before you buy it. The FLEX-TPR is stretchy enough to accommodate even large sacks but it is made to get back into shape so the push of it towards your body can be more intense than you would expect from such a soft material.

But if it fits the stretcher is like any other toy from Oxballs: Comfortable to wear (again: if shaved properly!) yet it pushed your sack down and balls apart enough to make them ideal targets for torturing them. Because unlike with leather divider straps this divider is also about 1cm thick. Through the volume you can tie conductive silicone loops around the individual balls without them making contact which can lead to a… unique sensation for the sub. Also I found the FLEX-TPR a bit more practical when it comes to playing with wax and water compared to leather. One thing the FLEX-TPR can’t do is being used for adding weights or bondage! In theory you could put a shackle onto the divider as a D-ding substitute but the FLEX-TPR will when pulled on either stretch or tear. If you want to add bondage or weights please use suitable rope (like fat shoe laces) for another layer of bondage.

Putting the Splitsling on is basically the same way like the Nuttsling. But instead of pushing the back end on the perineum I found it easier to press the divider between your balls and then pull the rest over the sack. Otherwise getting the balls sorted out is kind of complicated.

Conslusion: Comfortable stretcher with divider for long-term wear if your balls are not too big.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Comfortable A bit tricky to put on Oxballs  (Manufacturer) $28
Flexible Uncomfortable when unshaved
Mister B 32,70€
Resistant towards sweat, piss and most lubes Divider can’t be adjusted Uberkinky £24,99
Bulky divider



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