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Comparing the Unit X Stretch to the Nuttsling

Comparing the Unit X Stretch to the Nuttsling

Over 1 ½ years ago I reviewed Oxballs’ Nuttsling and it instantly became one of my favorite toys. So when Uberkinky offer me a review sample what Oxballs positioned as a more modern update to their “old” sling line I was instantly intrigued. So instead of a traditionally review I am comparing the new comer to the old champion to see who will be leaving this Oxballs family fight as a winner.


The Unit X Stretcher follows the same basic constructionas the Nuttsling with three holes: One hole through which you put your balls and dick which is oblique for a comfortable fit when it is pressed onto your body and a hole each for your dick and your balls. While the Nuttsling had a more industrial look with bulges for reinforcements the Unit X Stretch uses thicker material and a rough sand clock shape to create the same compression resistance. Through this and an additionally internal bulge in the tube going down to your balls the sack’s neck is compressed a bit for a nice bulky balls look. The major difference to the Nuttsling is that the tube opens up a bit behind the bulge leading for a more comfortable wear. Generally speaking all holes and tubes are 1 to 2mm wider than on the Nuttsling so generally speaking this toy is a bit more comfortable to wear – despite the bigger stretch. The tube going down to your balls is now 51mm long vs. 35mm on the Nuttsling. This more of room and comfort apparently lead to the omission of the recesses for your seminal ducts.

Detail of the Larger Holes

Detail of the Larger Holes

Material-wise a little bit has changed. Oxballs claims to have used a new TPR blend which is supposed to be more stretchy and rubber-like. For the stretch I can’t really tell. It is a bit easier to put on but I wouldn’t attribute that to the new material but to the larger holes. For the feel, yes it feels a bit different, not like rubber but a little bit smoother. More importantly: I felt that the shine stays on way longer despite extensive usage so it at least looks more like rubber.

Playing with it

In the review of the Nuttsling I said that it is made for really long-term usage. This applies even more to the Unit X Stretch. I have worn it on long parties, nearly all Folsom Europe, slept with it on for a night and never experienced any problems. This is due to the stretcher being a bit larger in any dimension and the tube going down opening up. The times I pinched skin when putting it on or walking around dropped to nearly zero. It is also a bit more comfortable to wear because the sand clock shape allows for little bit of collapsing on the narrowest point so the stretcher adjust a bit onto who much stretch your balls can take. This of cause doesn’t compromise the effect of a ball stretcher. The balls still bounce happily when jerking off or fucking and are hold properly far away from your body when they want to come closer for shooting your load making the orgasms more intense. In fact: Because my balls are a bit on the larger side I liked the extra 15mm stretch. The more of comfort doesn’t excuse you from a proper shave. Caught pubic hair between your skin and the stretcher can create quite sever pain when moving!

For putting it on nothing has really changed to the old model so I repeat my old instructions:

  1. putting both forefinger and middle finger inside the stretcher tube,
  2. squeeze and pull it apart,
  3. push the back against the point where your perineum meets your scrotum,
  4. pull the tube over your balls,
  5. than your dick through the hole and
  6. finally adjust the tube which will probably still be a bit deformed after the squeezing.
Detail of the Bulge for a Snug Feeling

Detail of the Bulge for a Snug Feeling

Despite the new material nothing has changed when it comes to lube. Oxballs still claims the new TPR blend is fine with any form of lube. I have tried it with water-based one, silicone lube and olive oil and Vaseline and it didn’t alter the surface. So even during a sloppy, messy fist scene with lots of Crisco it will stay nice and shiny. Another property of really all Oxballs TPR blends is that they don’t take over smells. So you don’t take the smoke smell of a crowded bar or other fumes from a dirty party back home. As expected the new blend also does not conduct electricity so the Oxballs Unit X Stretch can be used for isolating between two poles in electro CBT. The longer neck even allows for new interesting kinds of play: Until I have bought the Oxballs Zap last weekend in Berlin I used to stick two Mystim Silicone Pad Electrodes into the tube in order to fry the ball’s neck. I have to admit it is a bit of a challenge to place them there but the fun is worth the effort.

So at the end the question remains: Who is the winner? For me it is the Unit X Stretch. It does all the things the Nuttsling does just as good but a little bit more comfortable and with a little bit more stretch. To be honest I personally prefer the industrial look of the Nuttsling over the sprtoy streamlined one of the Unit X Stretch but when it comes to play

Conslusion: The new most comfortable ball stretcher I own with even greater long-term potential!  
Pro Cons Where to get Price  
Comfortable even over long periods of time A bit tricky to put on Uberkinky £24.99  
Flexible Uncomfortable when unshaved
Resistant towards sweat, piss and lube  
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