Oxballs Zap

Vendor: Oxballs

The Oxball Zap

The Oxball Zap


Unlike most Oxballs ballstretcher the Zap has an oval shape. It is 25mm wide and 38mm long with a height of 33mm. The material is 8mm thick so in combination with the compact shape it is a quite sturdy ball stretcher. On each long side there is a reinforced hole through which you can put the electrodes. They are made out of aircraft grade aluminum and have a conductive area with a diameter of 19mm. The rough mushroom shape helps keeping them in place. You can order them with either one or two electrode and 2mm pin or 4mm banana plug jacket.

Unlike most Oxballs toys this stretcher is not made out of FlexTPR but medical grade silicone.

_DSC0563-2Playing with it

This material choice is a curse and a blessing. It is firmer than the “usual” FlexTPR so the stretcher is a little bit stronger yet it is soft enough to be worn comfortable even just as a stretcher without e-stim. But the firmer material and small internal diameter makes it a bit hard and tricky to put the stretcher on – regardless if your ball are large (than the small diameter is a challenge) or if they are small (where you will struggle with firmness). This also makes putting the stretcher onto a bound sub a bit difficult.

So much about the criticism. I really LOVE that toy! The firmness becomes a huge advantage when it comes to e-stim. Regardless if the balls are large or small, meaty or skinny the electrodes make skin contact for a good and reliable stimulation. For a ball stretcher the electrodes have a pleasantly large mass and contact area so the stimulation can range from a smooth, tantalizing sizzle to excruciating pain. This especially works well when you get the stretcher with two electrodes so you can really fry your balls. The form of the stretcher makes it perfect for another form of CBT: Milking. The “traditionally” of e-stim milking it putting a conductive silicone loop around the glans. However with this method the stimulated area can’t be targeted precisely. But with the Zap’s electrode you can precisely target the frenulum for an intense stimulation of the most sensitive area of the dick. Luckily putting it on the dick is quite easy so it is my way to go if the stretcher won’t fit around the balls. Apart from using the electrode in the stretcher for CBT the mushroom shape makes them easy to grip so they can be used as a skin electrode. Simply apply some conductive lube and let them travel over your subs body. For doing so, please put something isolating around your fingers like rubber gloves so you don’t accidently let currency flow through your body.

Detail of the Aluminum Pole

Detail of the Aluminum Pole

As nearly every Oxballs toy this toy is easy to care for: After having used it throw it into hot water with a bit of detergent or in a club simply spray a disinfection solution on it. Oxballs says on their website that you can use any form of lube with it. However I don’t trust silicone based lube with this toy because theoretically the silicone oil in it will disintegrate the stretcher. But to be honest I haven’t tried it out. Because water-based lube will also improve conductivity of the electrodes I would recommend sticking to that kind of lube.

Finally a piece of advice when purchasing this toy: Usually I would recommend getting the electrodes with the jacket that fits your e-stim system. However in this case I would in any case recommend going for the 4mm banana plug jacket (unlike I did…). The stretcher sits between the thighs which is a rather confined space which is the perfect scenario for a right-angle plug. However there are no 2mm pin right angle plugs out there (if you know where to get one, please send me an e-mail) but there are 4mm banana right-angle plugs. So if you have a 2mm pin e-stim box, get yourself an adapter with a right angle, it makes your life and play with this toy so much easier.

Conslusion: Versatile e-stim ball stretcher once you have managed to put it on.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Versatile electrode usages Difficult to put on Oxballs (Manufacturer) $49 (one electrode)

$59 (two electrodes)

Good stretcher      
Resistant towards sweat, piss and most lubes & easy to clean  
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