P.M. Body Leather Genital Flogger

The P.M. Genital Leather Flogger from Uberkinky

Vendor: Uberkinky


The basis of this toy are three 45cm long and 2.5cm wide pieces of flexible yet hard leather. The lower 11cm are slightly tapered and riveted together to form a grip. Around the bottom of the whip a leather piece is sowed and riveted which houses a d-ring which is handy for attaching the whip to a belt loop with a carabineer. Above the grip each piece of leather is cut into 4 straps making a total of 12 tails. The leather out of which the whip is made is sourced in Europe so is meets EU standards in regards of Chromium-6 and other possibly harmful substances. So it is safe to play with this whip even if it should leave some scratches.

Detail of the Grip with the attached D-Ring

Playing with it

When it comes to the play I personally find the product name “flogger” a bit misleading. Due to the “tails” not knotted together but riveted parallel the tails can’t be thrown but always fly parallel to the grip. Looking at the form of the leather pieces the toy is like three very long Tawses riveted together.

Detail of the 12 Tails

If you look at the toy, see a Tawse and wield it that way the toy makes more sense. The tails are long enough for properly spanking an ass, thighs, soles of the foot or even shoulders when the bottom is bound to a spanking bench. As for the genital part, the long tails properly work well on “flat” and “wide” area a vagina is (I don’t have females in my test panel) but for a dick the tails are too flexible and thin and thus evade the target.

The sensation of the tawse is a medium to sever sting. The rather hard and sharp tails are quite abrasive so after hitting the same body area multiple times there is a nice burning sensation. Though the tails are not severe enough to create some lasting marks beyond some red stripes. The abrasive qualities of cause mean being a bit cautious when hitting soft-skinned body areas like the glans.

Handling wise I am a bit torn: The flexible leather of the grip transmits a bit of the impact so you get good feedback on how well each stroke was. But even for me with a glove size 7 ½ the grip is too short and too thin. You have to cling a bit which can tire the hand.

Conclusion: Nifty and nasty compact impact toy with little ergonomic problems.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Medium intense pain which turns into a nice burning afterwards To small, too thin handle Uberkinky  £19.99
Leaves nice red stripes
D-Ring for easy storage
 Disclaimer: This toy was sent to me by Uberkinky for an honest and unbiased review.
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