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Fetters Flat Hand Mitts

Vendor: Fetters

The Fetters Flat Hand Mitts

The Fetters Flat Hand Mitts

For a long time I have been looking for a bit more bondage orientated mitts. So I was very happy when Fetters was kind to provide me with these as a review sample.


The basis of this toy is a 24cm long mitt with a maximum diameter of 10cm thus it is large enough even for large hands (I tried up to a glove size 13). It is made out of and lined with soft leather that has an intoxicating rich smell. On the back and just over the top of the body runs a 4cm wide leather strap which holds the d-ring on top of the mitt in place. Around the opening runs another strap out of saddle leather. Onto this a roller buckle is mounted which can be locked with a locking pin. Besides closing the mitt around the wrist the strap also holds two welded d-rings in place.

Detail of the Roller Buckle with Locking Pin and the Strap running to the Top D-Ring

Detail of the Roller Buckle with Locking Pin and the Strap running to the Top D-Ring

Concluding a word on the build and material quality of this toy. I pride myself in trying to acquire only high quality toys or ones with a good value for money. So I do not really have “bad” toys in my collection and thus have pretty high standards when it comes to build and material quality. Yet when I unpacked this toy I was amazed how good it felt! Many other toys which are top notch yet this felt different, better, superior. I can’t really tell why I felt this way because from an objective point of view this toy is not better made than my many other toys from Mr S or Parus for example but it just stood out from other toys.

How to use these Mitts to make an Impro Straight Jacket

How to use these Mitts to make an Impro Straight Jacket

Playing with it

These mitts are designed to put the sub’s flat hand into them and then lock them onto his wrist. Depending onto the palm size the hand can move fairly freely inside. If you want to limit the movement let the sub form a fist and lock another wrist restraint between the fist and the locking strap of the mitts. Once fettered these mitts are great versatile bondage gear. They work just like normal high quality restraints. The d-rings can be used to tie the sub down, which is most fun in a spread eagle because with the top d-rings you can really stretch the sub’s arms. The bondage sensation is enhanced through the nature of being a mitt. He can’t grab anything so even if he wanted to he couldn’t free himself. This mindfuck can be even made more intense with locking the mitts bounding him inescapable into leather. While the d-rings are a good basis for creative and complex bondage setups, the strap the runs along the body to the top d-ring is a good anchor point for rope. A rope top friend of mine used it to run ropes through there which were tied to the thigh. In another setup he incorporated the mitts into a body harness creating an impromptu straight jacket. If you are like me and not good with ropes you can use a bondage harness, feet and upper arm restraints to also create an impromptu all access straight jacket substitute with these restraints.

Because the mitts are not padded there can be circulation problems if you tighten the strap too much. This happens even more often when you use the top d-ring for strictly restraining the sub’s arms above his head.

Detail of the Front D-Ring

Detail of the Front D-Ring

In recent years mitts in a BDSM context have been very much associated with pup play so I have to say that these mitts have quite limited puppy play capabilities. I would not recommend to use them as a paw substitute because putting the weight of your torso onto the top d-ring is quite uncomfortable. For this kind of play I recommend Fetters’ Brown Paw Puppy Mitts or their Padded Fist Mitts. A possible usage of these mitts for pup play is locking the top d-ring onto a collar so the pup has to walk on his elbows. In this case I would recommend elbow pads.

If you look for a less intense bondage experience, take a look as the Fetters Easy Mitts which only have one d-ring at the top and are closed with Velcro. If you want a more extreme experience the mitts I reviewed here check out their Full Sleeve Speedlace Bondage Mitts which can be laced up to the elbow.

Conslusion: Incredibly well build versatile bondage mitts.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
3 D-rings Fetters


Many different bondage positions possible
Incredibly well build using high quality leather


Christmas Gift Tip V – Leather Chastity Harness

Christmas is over and after being stuffed with good food and (some more, some less) having enjoyed the company of our relatives most of us are heading home today. Some back to the gym in order to prepare for Full Fetish in London or to look good for the New Year’s Eve (Play) Party. Some might even already be thinking about New Year Resolutions for 2016.

Maybe because of that the time around Christmas is the period of the year where I get asked most about chastity device. I guess some of you want to become better boys next year in order to escape Santa’s naughty list in 2016. The question which chastity belt is right for whom is a quite complex one yet important because the devices are quite expensive investments.

The HML Leather Chastity Harness

The HML Leather Chastity Harness

When I went to HML in early December to try out some toys for the upcoming Heavy Bondage Special the guys handed me their new leather chastity harness. Being made out of leather it is soft and doesn’t leave a too big print even through thin cloth dress pants. It is also flexible thus comfortable to wear. Due to the stressful pre-Christmas period I haven’t had a chance to try it out extensively but I somehow fear that my new boy friend has already some evil thoughts. You will be able to read an extensive review in the Heavy Bondage Special sometime in March. But for only 79.95€ it is on the less expensive side of chastity devices and thus a great way to get used to have “something” permanently around your dick.

Being on the NoSafeword Show

Detail of the Male and Female Velcro Straps

Detail of the Male and Female Velcro Straps

I have just gotten off Skype recording a show with the great guys from the NoSafeword Show which you will be able to download here. They produce a weekly podcast on all things BDSM and are a fun crowd to hang around so check out their shows!

The HML Bondage Harness

The HML Bondage Harness

On the show I mentioned HML Velcro restraints. So if you are interested in learning more about these restraints, click here for a review of the normal restraints, an update on the heavy duty and ankle version and a short intro into the hand stirruos. The prices of the restraints range from 49.90€ to 149.90€. They also make unique gear like a bondage harness. If you are in the market for light weight yet heavy duty restraints I would recommend ordering them because by doing so you are not only getting a great piece of gear but support a local, small and creative kinky business.

E-Stim 101

TENS vs Shocks

There are two types of electric stimulation used for erotic pleasure and torture: TENS (short for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) and shocks. While shock devices like a violet wand or stun guns interacts with the skin, TENS units send electric stimulation through the body in order to stimulate the nerve endings. Both kinds of play have different safety and usage aspects to keep in mind when playing. This article is only about TENS units. While both kind of play are called e-stim I will use the term e-stim in this article as a synonym for TENS play.


Detail of the Inputs and Outputs of the ET232

Detail of the Inputs and Outputs of the Erostek ET232

How does E-Stim work?

In order to create a sensation you need at least two electrodes with different poles that don’t touch each other and are connected to one channel on a power unit. This unit generates electric impulses onto which usually wave patterns are modulated. These impulses travel from one electrode to another and stimulate the nerves in the area roughly around the electrode. Due to the way nerves are distributed throughout the body and the way they transmit information it is possible that the stimulation can be felt elsewhere, p.e. in your glans even though the electrodes are around the balls and the penis root. The sensation is felt stronger at the electrode with the lower the mass and/or the smaller contact area. If the difference between the electrodes is very large (p.e. using a big anal monopole and a small silicone loop) it is possible that the sensation is only felt at the smaller pole. Generally speaking it can be said the larger the mass and the surface area covered, the smoother the sensation feels yet the more power is needed to produce agonizing sensations.


Safety rules

Generally speaking E-Stim play is not more dangerous than any other form of BDSM as long as you stick to some basic safety rules:

  1. Do not use electric stimulation if you have any electronic medial device implanted like a pacemaker! The stimulating impulses of the e-stim box can cause male function or destroy the device which can be lethal!
  2. If you have any illnesses affecting your nerve system or heart, talk to your doctor where electro stimulation is possible.
  3. Use only devices which put out AC! There are power boxes out there for medical purposes which run on DC. They are only made to be used by experienced medical personal for medical purposes and NOT FOR PLEASURE! In a nut shell: The impulses of a DC currency will affect the cellular and molecular electrolysis. So the effects of letting DC run through your body are:
    • Denaturation of proteins
    • Destruction of cell membranes
    • Accumulation of metal salts in your body
    • Blood clotting at the anode, blood thinning at the cathode
    • Ultimately poisoning and necrosis
    • Unpleasant, burning sensation through static nerve stimulation
  4. PinWheelOverview

    E-Stim System Monopolar Pin Wheel

    Don’t let currency run over the chest! I am aware that this is a controversial topic because people claim it is safe as long as you use electrodes on the surface because currency always takes the shortest path. This assumption is dangerous! Currency always takes the path of the lowest resistance which usually is the shortest way but needn’t be necessarily. If through a form of day your skin transmits currency very badly yet there is a concentration of a very good conducting body fluid it will take this way even if your heart is in the way. Muscles are triggered by electric impulses and thus can also be affected by E-Stim. Your heart is one big muscle and exposing it to E-Stim can be fatal! The effect needn’t occur instantly; cardiac dysrhythmia can occur days after your heart being exposed to E-Stim impulses! So I strongly advise you to ere on the side of caution and:

    • Play below the waist freely
    • Place both electrodes on the same arm when stimulating this body area
    • If interested in nipple play, use ONLY BIPOLAR electric clamps and use a box with COMPLETELY ISOLATED CHANNELS
  5. Only use toys there are in perfect condition and fully functional! This should be natural and apply to all toys used but especially when E-Stim malfunctions it can produce very nasty effect. If something doesn’t work as expected don’t try to fix it during the scene but do something else and investigate when you have time and are not horny anymore.
  6. Be aware of unintended results of the stimulation especially when triggering large muscles! As I have written above muscle functions are triggered by electric impulses. So stimulation can trigger an unexpected and hard muscle function; I have seen subs involuntary rip restraints apart so play with a bit of caution.
  7. I generally recommend only to use your power box on battery. This limits the bad effects when something goes wrong to the voltage of the battery (mostly 9V) which might be extremely unpleasant but not dangerous.
  8. As a top never touch the both poles at the same time when not wearing protective (= isolating) gear. Currency usually takes the path lowest resistance which most of the time is the shortest and thus will most of the time run through the sub. However, there are configurations possible where the top get shocked and if the heart is in the way he will get exposed to the dangerous described above!


How to play

Electro play is a delicate play where only a little further twist of the knob can mean the difference between agony and ecstasy. So here are some guide lines I found sticking to useful.

Both rings attached to the power box

Ready-to-Play Set-Up of an inexpensive E-Stim Device

When preparing a sub for play I attach the leads to the electrodes, than put the electrodes onto or into the sub. Than I make sure that all channels are completely turned off, connect the box with the power source and than check again if the channels are off again. After I that plug the leads into the power box. Just for security reasons I prefer to run the boxes just on (the internal) batteries because they are limited to 9V (resp. 12V with the ET312b’s internal battery). It is highly unlikely that the PSU will malfunction but I prefer to ere on the side of caution.

When starting the stimulation I would recommend slowly increasing the intensity until the sub starts feeling a slight tingle. Depending on the form of day (p.e. the amount of sweat on the skin), the electrode and power box used, the body area where the electrodes are put onto and the program selected the intensity level needed to create a recognizable sensation can vary. So there is no general rule from which intensity level to start with. The same applies for breaks: A level that brought out the grunting horny pain pig might be excruciating even after a short break because the body’s pain memory and processing system calm down quite quickly. So after every break ease the sub into the sensation and stimulation level again. While the area in the brain which transforms pain into pleasure forgets quickly your nerves don’t. Thus it is normal to feel some buzzing sensation in the area where the electrode was placed for quite some time even after the electrode has been removed. This sensation can last for minutes up to hours.

If something goes wrong DON’T FIDDLE WITH THE BOX! Just pull the leads out of the box! Once no currency flows anymore the sensation stops!


What do you need to play

In order to create a sensation, you need a power box that creates the impulses, leads for connecting the box to the electrode and at least two poles in form of electrodes.

Power boxes

The power box is an electrical device that converts the DC which comes out of the power adaptor or the battery into AC. Inside the box is an amplifier which creates a pulsed electric pulse; a continuous pulse is rarely used because you can’t feel the difference but the battery would get drained more quickly. Onto these pulses a wave form is modulated. These are the patterns which are called programs and are the basis for an interesting stimulation.

The Erostek ET232

The Erostek ET232, an analogue E-Stim Box with two channels

Good power boxes have an amplifier for each channel. I would always recommend getting a box with isolated channels because not only do you have the full power on each channel at your hand but if your box is not faulty there is no unintended interaction between the channels. This is especially important when the heart lies between the electrode pairs. Most boxes have two channels which I find the most useful because you can stimulate the ass and the dick p.e. at the same time. There are inexpensive boxes out there with only one channel which are a good compromise for beginners. There are also boxes out there with four channels but I would not recommend them because they are difficult to operate.

Power boxes come with analogue and digital wave form modulators. There is no general saying which is better. Due to the form factor of the boxes made for erotic stimulation digital boxes most of the time allow more and complex manipulations. Depending on their processor their waves can feel a bit chiseled because they are only able to create stairs-like wave patterns and boxes with little processor power create large “steps”. Having a digital generated wave pattern enables accordingly programmed power boxes to end the wave pattern after one wave has been produced. This comes in handy if you want to train someone by letting him experience only a single wave. However digital boxes tend to be more expensive, especially the ones with more sophisticated setup options like the Erostek 312b or E-Stim System 2b. So I would recommend starting out with an analogue box and if you start to feel the limitations of the box in your play upgrade to a bigger box.

Some power boxes come equipped with an additional interface. The most common ones are an audio interface either through a line-in and/or a microphone or a shock sensor. Especially in combination with another box you can create evil setup (p.e. the louder the sub screams from stimulation of one box the stronger fires the other one and he can only break out of the circle when he gets a grip on himself).

Connection systems

There are two major systems for connection leads: 2.5mm audio plug onto 2mm pin used p.e. by MyStim, Zeus, Rimba, P.E.S. and most medical devices for home usage and 3.5mm audio plug onto 4mm banana plug which is used by ErosTek and E-Stim Systems p.e.. When starting your E-Stim toy collection I would recommend choosing one system for which you buy your leads and use adapters to incorporate toys from the other system into your play setup. Theoretically it doesn’t matter which system you choose. Practically I would advice you to use 3.5mm audio onto 4mm banana plug because it is the professional industry standard used p.e. for lab equipment. So most pervertables and inexpensive leads, adapters and splitters are based on this system. If you have a box from the other system buy 2.5mm onto 3.5mm adapters.


Electrodes can be divided in two categories: Surface electrodes and insterable ones.

The HML Bi-Polar E-Stretcher

The HML Bi-Polar E-Stretcher

Surfaces Electrodes

This kind of electrodes are used on the skin. Nowadays nearly every sex or BDSM toy comes in an electrified variety so you can get paddels, chastity cages, clamps, pin wheels, restraints, gloves, penis sheaths, ball crusher, humbler, cock & glans rings and ball stretchers as electrodes. Besides these erotic toys pervertables like electro pads originally made for medical purposes, modified anti-static bands or my beloved conductive silicone loops fall into this category.

Most surface electrodes usually have a limited mass and contact area so they mostly create a stingy sensation. Keep this in mind when choosing your toys: Some might look that they are great for tingling sensation play but the effect might be agonizing. Another attribute the majority of surface electrodes share are that they are monopoles by design. So when incorporating them into your play use them in pairs or combine them with another electrode or a bipolar one using a tri-phase cable. When doing so keep in mind that the direct path mustn’t cross the heart!

Three E-Stim System Bi-Polar Electro Plugs

Three E-Stim System Bi-Polar Electro Plugs


I call all electrodes which are designed to be put into the body insertables. They come in two varieties:

  1. Plugs and dildos: They are made to be shoved up the ass (and for the few female readers also the vagina). There are a few monopoles out there which require a second electrode in order to work. But most plugs and dildos are bi-poles which also come in two varieties: One where the two poles are separated horizontally. With the right program they can create a fucking sensation. The other variety has the poles separated vertically. I haven’t experienced a quality electrode of this kind yet (the one I had was so crappy I won’t take the sensation as a reference) so I can’t really tell how the sensation will be. If you want to provide me with a review sample I would be very happy.
  2. Sounds: Designed to be put into the sensitive urethral they create a very intense sensation. They come in a great number of varieties: Mostly they are monopoles but there are also bi-polare versions out there, some are smooth, others are structured for an additional stimulation. Like when playing with non-electrical sounds it is paramount that the sounds are disinfected before play and used with sterile water based lube! Do not use special conductive gel (see next paragraph!). Also the surface must be flawless in order to prevent injuries!

Conductive Lube

In order to transfer the stimulation from the electrode onto the body there has to be a conductive medium between the electrode and the nerves. Since the body consists of a quite high amount of salt conductivity inside the body is no problem. However on the skin there is only a limited amount of salt from sweat, etc. Since these accumulations of salt are usually very concentrated the currency will flow only in limited areas leading to a stingy and quite strong stimulation. In order to prevent this you can use conductive solutions. There are special electro gels out there which are in my opinion a waste of money. Every water based lube which contains glycerin will work perfectly. I have conducted a blind test between conductive gel, Swiss Navy water based lube, ID Glide water based lube, Elbow Grease H2O and Aqua Glide and none of the probands noticed a difference. There are special sticky conductive lubes out there for attaching surface electrodes to the body. They provide some level of adhesion but they are designed for still sitting patients. Since your sub is probably going to be a bit more active I recommend saving the money on these special products, use normal water based lube together with adhesive tape.


I hope I have covered the most interesting and burning questions when starting electro play. If you have any questions, additions or suggestions please send men an e-mail.

A Weekend with Velcro Restraints

Straps of the Standard and Wide Version Compared

Straps of the Standard and Wide Version Compared

Three weeks ago I have spent the weekend in Berlin for the annual BLF Easter event which was a fun time although in unexpected ways. Just in time before packing for Berlin I have gotten two new velcro restraints from HML. I reviewed their first velcro restraint and was quite impressed, After the review was written they incorporated the suggestions I wrote and send me the two new models that came out of this process. So I tried a little experiment: How satisfied would I be with the restraints‘ performance if I only took them with my for the weekend thus being forced to use them?

The answer is: I was surprisingly satisfied. Or to be more precise: I didn’t miss anything yet playing with these restraints meant altering my play style a bit. When fastening roller buckle restraints I tend to pull the closing strap to the maximum in order to give the sub the message that I am in control now and then loosen the restraints that they are comfortable yet tight. This position is mostly a compromise because the space between the holes in the strap specify the raster in how tight you can fasten the restraints. Since you don’t have a buckle to run the velcro strap through there is no fastening effect. But due to the nature of velcro you can adjust the strap in every desired position enabling you to play with the sub’s expectations. I put the wide heavy duty restraints on one sub’s wrists and he really enjoyed the feeling of being bound by a wide strap of solid and soft leather but he waited that the grip of the restraints would decrease which it didn’t because I had already closed the strap. It freaked him out a bit in a good way.

D-Rings of the Standard and Wide Version Compared

D-Rings of the Standard and Wide Version Compared

This easy handling is another thing I have grown fond of. With a bit of training in order to keep the velcro to stick together in a wrong way you can quickly immobilize someone without having to fiddle a strap through a loop. Especially when travelling or packing toys for locations where you can’t walk around with a big bag of toys like the LAB the compact form factor is a nice feature. They are also lighter than restraints of the same size because they have less metal. This might sound like bean counting but if I pack for an event I have to go by plane I am happy for every 100g I can safe.

The Ankle Restraint put into the Heavy Duty Wrist Restraint

The Ankle Restraint put into the Heavy Duty Wrist Restraint

HML also addressed the length problem of the restraints: Along the standard wrist restraints I reviewed last month there is now also a set of ankle restraints available. Since the muscles in the legs are usually stronger than the ones in the arms the velcro strap has to deal with more force. This increased the noises of velcro fighting with the struggling sub but even with a beefy muscle sub they didn’t fail me. Still, if you need more security HML now also makes new heavy duty Velcro restraints from which I could test the wrist restraints. They have twice the amount of velcro with a little bit longer strap than sinlge-strap wrist restraints giving you wider range of circumference. So if your sub has thin ankles you can use them also for fettering the legs for an extra bondage kick. If you want to put them over boots, you have to get the heavy duty ankle restraints. An important thing to keep in mind is that due to the thicker D-ring on the heavy duty restraints the space used for sowing the belt onto the body increases thus the minimum circumference is bigger than on the single-strap version. I have a glove size 7 ½ and while the restraints are not closely fettered onto my wrist they don’t slip over my hand. But for people with really small hands, I recommend the standard wrist restraints. Because naturally I tried out the toys before using them in the field I took all three restraints with me feeling confident that they will perform well when I went out intending to find a sub to top.

Velcro Suspension Restraints

Velcro Suspension Restraints

One thing I have missed in Berlin were hanging restraints. Especially unpadded wrist restraints are uncomfortable when the arms are suspended over the head. HML already makes a set of padded suspension restraints with velcro straps for 149,90€ for these situations which I might review in the future.

Since there is now a set of wrist and ankle restraints out there these restraints will become the second set of everyday restraints I have been looking for quite some time – so I now need to start looking for the third set which locks with a pin.

Long story short: All three velcro restraints I had with me and used extensively during the weekend lived up to the promise to be fully substitutes for unpadded restraints. They will probably become the regular travel restraints for me because especially the non-heavy duty set is small enough to get stores in my toiletry bag.


Price overview

Velcro Leather Wrist Restraints 49,90€
Velcro Leather Ankle Restraints 59,90€
Velcro Leather Wrist Restraints Wide 79,90€
Velcro Leather Ankle Restraints Wide 99,90€
Hand Suspension Stirrups 149,90€


Mister B Double Faced Hoods

Mister B Doulbe Faced Leather Hood

Mister B Doulbe Faced Leather Hood

After the last two hood suggestions I got some mails asking for a bit more budget friendly suggestion. A hood I really enjoyed playing with but sadly don’t own yet is the Mister B Double Faced Leather Hood. The design is similar to the HML Isolation Hood I featured last week but has open eyes and lacks the ear padding. This makes it good for not so experienced subs who want the leather gimp look and feel but are freaked out by too much isolation.

Mister B Double Faced Rubber Hood Close

Mister B Double Faced Rubber Hood Close

Mister B Double Faced Rubber Hood Opend

Mister B Double Faced Rubber Hood Opend

Being made out of soft leather it can be worn for extended periods of time and is a great piece of gear when being restrained in a sleepsack. And with a price of 199€, it is not too expensive. For a even more budget friendly option Mister B also has a rubber version of the double faced hood for 149€.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

An Example of the Numerous Drub Skin Motives

An Example of the Numerous Drub Skin Motives

It is just one week till Valentine’s Day and maybe there is a special kinky someone you want to show that he is REALLY special to you. This could be a Master, Sir or Top you want to give a little tribute for his time and patience or you might be a dominant yourself and have a sub who deserves a little reward. Or you just want to send a little treat to your kinky friends.

The most simple thing is sending your valentine a kinky card from Drubskin. You can either go directly to his website and order 5 high quality post cards with different motives for $20 or go to his Society6 store where you can get some of his motives as stationery cards (and a lot of other cool smut which are also great valentine’s gifts).

An Anus made out of Chocolate

An Anus made out of Chocolate

Gummi Baers in Shape of Naked Body Builders

Gummi Baers in Shape of Naked Body Builders

No valentine’s gift would be complete without some candy. Depending on what your valentine is into you can either get him a 5 piece assortment of chocolate anuses from Edible Anus for $38.95 or go a bag of naked gummi bear body builders from the Bärentreff for 3.50€ für 500g.

HML Leahter Pillow Cases

HML Leahter Pillow Cases

A really useful  gift is playroom decoration. Depending on your fetish you can either get leather pillow covers from HML in Bremen or latex covers from Demask in Dortmund. They come in a number of varieties also one side cloth, the other side latex so you can even discreetly kink up your living room.

The Map of Human Sexuality

The Map of Human Sexuality

If your playroom walls are a bit barren or you need are sometimes overwhelmed with ALL the play possibilities in your dungeon that you need some help, I recommend getting these two posters. The first one if the map of human sexuality which you can buy at Franklin Veaux’s store for $19.95 with an added little agenda at the bottom. If you are a sub simply place a pin at the stuff that you like, another one at the stuff that you want to try out and maybe a third one with your hard limits.

Uberkinky Periodic Table of Kink

Uberkinky Periodic Table of Kink

A different approach took Uberkinky: They created a periodic table of a large number of fetishes, playes, etc. and it costs £9.99. Due to having structured all terms this is probably a good poster for getting newbies into talking about and exploring their kinks.

While I already own the map of human sexuality, I still need to get the Uberkinky periodic table (just in case you are looking for a gift for my birthday next month;)). Speaking of gifts: Uberkinky currently has a give away for winning a £50 gift card to their store so if you bought the map you have another £40 to spend on toys if you win. I still hope that I win because than I can get myself the Oxballs Zap with 2 4mm electrodes I have been drooling about for a year or so.

Wish Lists

If you want to know which toys I am currently interested in as a player for private fun (and thus related to reviewing them), you can view my wish lists from Mr S and Regulation. Beside these shops I visit Mister B, McHurt, SlingKing, RoB Berlin and HML on a regular basis and always appriciate gift certificates for these stores. In the future you will find here a list of toys from stores which don’t offer a wish list if you don’t want to send me a gift certificate.

Shop Product Price
Regulation Fetters Heavy Leather Hogtie Set £248.99
Regulation Fetters Deluxe Leather Lined Sleepsack with Body Staps, Foot & Shoulder Suspension Hooks and Tit Flaps £1,9600
Regulation S10 Funnel Hood £188.99
Regulation Padded Posture Collar £149.99
Mr S Asylum Muzzle $309.95
Mr S Neoprene Breath Control Hood $149.95
Mr S Short Leash $23.95
Mr S Quick-Pull Choke Collar $54.95
Mr S Carbon Fiber Pain Stick $22.95
Mr S 30’’ Unbreakable Cane $26.95
Mr S Black Lightning $39.95
Ballistic Metal Ballistic Belt Slapper $79.90
Ballistic Metal 24’’ Cane $41.95
Ballistic Metal Pig Aluminum Paddle $79.90
Ballistic Metal Tentacle Paddle $89.95

Why I haven’t reviewed products from Sinvention, Fetters or Regulation yet

In the last couple of month I have been getting quite some messages asking me why I feature only products from a limited selection of manufacturers (most of my toys comes from Mr S, Mister B, SlingKing and McHurt) and thus why I don’t review products from this manufacturer or why I have ignored that one for my desiderate section (Which has gotten a bit neglected). There are a number of reasons out there and because they partly play a role why today’s Christmas gift tip nearly came without pictures I decided to elaborate them:

  1.  Toy Selection Pattern
    Against widely spread believes I buy most of my toys myself. I am thankful to Mister B, HML and UberKink who sometimes provide me with toys to review but the majority of my toys from my own money. When it comes to getting a new toy I am fantasy driving. Most of the time I have a specific scene or sensation in mind I want to create and for which I am lacking the right “tool”. So if I have gotten a toy for a specific sensation it is unlikely I am going to by one from another manufacturer just to compare them. Also the collection reflects my personal play style and my fantasies and fears.
  2. Money
    This leads to the next issue: Money. I am still a student currently without a job so my toy budget is rather limited. Next to toy categories I am currently not covering at all – like hoods or breath play – especially when it comes to bondage and impact toys I know that there slight variations of toys I already own out there which for my intention of having just the right toy for the right sensation at hand (or just for the convenience of having a second or third restraint set) would be great to have. But with my limited budget I simply can’t afford the luxury to have a deep AND wide selection of toys. So for the moment I am going for wide in the field that interests me and neglect the rest. And even with stuff that has become interesting lately like some hoods they simply are out of my budget for the moment.
  3. Shopping Style
    Due to the two above factors my purchasing process is rather sophisticated: When I have a fantasy I start looking at websites and from what I know of material and design properties choose a relevance set of toys that might deliver the desired sensation and fit my budget. Once the relevance set is done I go out and take a look at the toys I consider and try them out; I rarely purchase toys online. This is of cause difficult with stores being based in London, Atlanta or Canada.
  4. Review Process
    I have been getting messages asking why I don’t write about toys that have been used on me in scenes. When I gather notes for a review I am not going under in the scene. I am focusing on how the toy performs, how the sensation alters when used differently, etc. As much as I enjoy the reviewing scenes they are not as emotionally intense as normal ones and usually don’t get the top what he wants from me as a sub. So I stage “review” scenes where I interview the tops and subs afterwards. Of cause I do have an opinion on a toy used on me after a scene. For example I certainly can say something about the Padded Locking restraints from Mr S (I like them a lot) but that opinion is too indifferent for a review. So even though I have experienced toys from Sinvenstion, Fetters and Regulation (these are the three manufacturer I get the most questions about reviews for) I can’t say more than “I liked this and disliked that in that specific scene.”
  5. Copyright Issues
    This isn’t an issue for reviews but for desiderates. For the desiderate section I am posting pictures from the manufacturer/ vendor on my website and I have to obtain the right to do so from the current copyright holder! In the last two years I have approached over three dozen web shops and manufacturer several times and only got the permission from a handful to use their material. Most of them didn’t answer at all even so I stopped bothering them.
    Please note that some of the manufacturers named here have given me the permission to use their material for my website.

All of these factors can of cause lead to the impression that I am favoring certain manufacturers. This is partly true and as much I love the ones I am currently featuring I would much rather present a broader spectrum of toys and manufacturers to the community. So in the meantime while I am trying to win the lottery and fill my dream dungeon with all the dream toys, if you want to see a specific toy reviewed or just want to support my side by sending me toys, here is a list of toys that I am interested in but are for various reasons not on my purchasing list:

Sinvenstion – Arm Immobilizer Splints

Fetters – Calf to Thigh Restraint

Regulation – Leather Bag Hood

Regulation – Chest Binder

Mister B – Closed Leather Face Mask

Mister B – Iron Whips Wocen Cat 8×4 Long

Mr S – Asylum Muzzle

Parus Leather – Restraints No. 2106 & No. 2211

HML – Wide Bondage Belt

ErosTek – ET302R

Christmas Gift Tip III: Kinky Teddy Bears

One of the first pieces of advice I have gotten when I have started to get into heavier play was to always have something to hold onto ready when the endorphins should crash down hard. So I made it a rule to have a stuffed animal around when I had a play session. It is a standard one that might look a bit odd in a dungeon. Luckily there are a number of different options out there to get some kinky inspired cuddle material not only for the playroom but your couch or to piss of your siblings when you give their youngsters an “alternative” stuffed animal.

For many years Fetters has been making teddy bears made out of leather. Depending on the model they can be customized in dozens of ways: Different color combinations, collars, toys, etc.


 Daddy Fetter Bear 60cm around 110€


Bondage Fetter Bear 60cm starting at 112€

Fetters3Baby Fetter Bear 60cm around 90€

Just recently Recon teamed up with Fetters to create a teddy bear in their icon color combination of black and read. He comes collard and has a zipper pocket on the back to maybe store other post session stuff like chocolate.


Recon Cable Lock Leather Bear 88,88€

If you are not into leather and like the “classic” plushy bears there are also a number of different options out there.

HM Leather offers teddy bears in three different versions of leather gear from full body harnesses to chaps and vest.


HML Scene Teddys 39,90€

The SlingKing teddy bear is the ideal choice for bondage boy coming in a full body harness, leather cap, blindfold and restraints.


SlingKing Bär Marci 89,95€

If you are like me more of a pain pig Peitschenhandel has an entire range of stuffed pain pigs… ehm… bears engaging into tit torture, flogging or being bound into all kinds of positions.

Peitschenhandel1Peitschenhandel Teddy with Nipple Clamps 19,99€

Peitschenhandel3Peitschenhandel Teddy with stand pillory, Flogger and Shirt 59,90€