Parus Restraint Set Heavy No 2702

Vendor: Parus

Parus Restraint Set Heavy No 2707

Parus Restraint Set Heavy No 2707

There is quite a large number of people asking me for a more intense yet everyday usable bondage experience. Something more practical than a straitjacket yet beyond the standard cuff style restraints. After some research I came across this restraint set from Parus which they kindly gave me for testing purposes. So, let’s see if it lives up to the big expectations.


The basic construction follows a basic cuff style restraint. Yet with a width of 10cm these are the widest restraints I have come across so far. The body is made out of stiff saddle leather. Onto it not one but two belts out of strong saddle leather are riveted. The belts are closed by roller buckles and can be locked with locking posts which are designed to take 3mm shackles. Under each belt three stainless steel –rings are hold in place by two rivets so you have a total of six d-rings per restraint. All metal parts are covered by the neoprene padding which is lined with soft Nappa leather. The Nappa leather is one piece that goes all around to the front of the body. A seam is stitched around the padding so there is a soft piping like edge of soft leather around the firm body which prevents skin irritations even when struggling hard.

Detail of the Stichting Quality

Detail of the Stichting Quality

All restraints are made out of top notch European leather. High quality leather is so important to Parus that they rather produce a smaller number of bondage gear but to compromise the quality standards. This level of quality can be felt and smelled. The rich leather smell is intoxicating for any leather lover. But not only the leather it top class also the craftsmanship. The stitching is flawless, the D-rings are welded and the attention to detail is astonishing. The is even a seam running around the belts to make the thick leather even stronger.

Due to relatively long belts all restraints can be adjusted in a very wide range so even the smallest and largest bodies can be properly restraints.

Minimal Circumference Maximal Lockable Circumference Maximal Not Lockable Circumference
Wrist Restraints 13cm 22cm 30cm
Ankle Restraints 21cm (reserve for prob. another hole) 32cm 39cm
Collar 31cm (reserve for prob. another hole) 46cm 51cm
Detail of the Roller Buckle and the Locking Posts

Detail of the Roller Buckle and the Locking Posts

This wide adjustment range leads to interesting usage scenarios: The collar is large enough to fetter slim thighs or calfs, the ankle restraints work very well as heavy duty upper arm restraints if the biceps is not too beefy.

Playing with it

These restraints are a bit miraculous: When I first got them I was wondering how long it would take me to break them in with the stiff body leather. But to my own surprise they were very easy to use out of the box!

Once fettered they really lived up to what I was looking for:  The padding which is soft enough to be comfortable for a long period of time yet firm enough to feel the stiffness of the body’s leather when struggling. Due to being wider than other restraints and more torsion-resistant moving your ankle and wrist is more difficult creating a deep bondage sensation. The collar is so wide that in most cases if can work as a posture collar. Besides the feeling the wide restraints especially with all posts locked are a great look for a bondage bottom. A testee walked around a day in Berlin with all restraints fettered and he said that is created a very deep bondage headspace.

Detail of one of three D-Ring Pairs per Restraint

Detail of one of three D-Ring Pairs per Restraint

From a practical point of view these restraints are all you can ever ask for in a bondage scene. With six d-rings per restraints you have enough attachment points for the most elaborate setups. Of cause the individual d-ring are with a width of 26mm smaller than the ones on other restraints which annoyed one testee. The rest of the panel including me could not comprehend that. I could easily fit two carabineers or two 20mm tension straps through one d-ring.

To sum this set up: I am so convinced by the quality and bondage sensation that I am actually thinking about buying a second set, sell the wrist restraints and use the collar for just above the knee of the calfs and the ankle restraints for the upper arm.

Conslusion: Intense bondage sensation combined with everyday wearing capability.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Most intense bondage sensation on a cuff style restraints I have ever experience Restraint Set Heavy No 2702 249€
Wrist Restraints No 2106 125€
Ankle Restraints No 2211 129€
Versatile: Collar works as posture collar or calf restraints, ankle restraints on biceps Collar No 2308 74€
Exceptionally well made out of high quality materials
More d-rings than you will ever need


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