Reader Request and Site Housekeeping

As promised earlier this year I made some requested design changes: All old articles have gotten a new layout for a more attractive appeal and easier access to the pictures. Also, the conclusion box is back but without points in different categories. Instead the conclusion, pro and cons and where to get is put in a more structured way. The look of the box isn’t final yet but it is an improvement over the old style. Also after some requests I have where possible incorporated links to other big stores (until now Mister B for Europe and Mr S for the USA) where you can get the product from. With toys which are made by a big kinky manufacturer like Oxballs this is easy because the products I reviewed are the exact same in every store. Other toys, like the Clover clamps, can come from other manufacturers with different feather pressure, etc. So the link to the product I am actually reviewing is marked as “manufacturer” even though the store in most cases doesn’t really produce the toy themselves. A request I haven’t really figured out yet how to implement in a lucid way is to tag articles by which stores sells which toys For a little more comfort when browsing for toys from a certain store there now is a spreadsheet on the “Review” landing page where you can browse the reviews by manufacturer/ store, category and toy name. Sadly my WordPress theme still messes with the layout and the drop down boxes don’t work yet. Last but not least: I have finally put content on the FAQ page. If you have any other questions you think others also want answered feel free to send them to me and I will post them.

I have also gotten a couple of mails asking me to review some more basic and inexpensive toys. As most of the time I listen to my honored readers. Some of you might have already noticed the last two weeks I have been publishing reviews of ball stretchers and there are still some reviews to come. In my opinion ball stretchers are an essential and inexpensive toy so I hope you are happy with this little series even though I have to be honest: At the moment I am looking forward to test and review other stuff than ball stretchers right now. So I am hoping you are as excited as I am about the other great toys I will review in the not too distant future.

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