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The Ballstretcher with Divider in the smallest Adjustment

The Ballstretcher with Divider in the smallest Adjustment

After having covered Mr S’ ball stretcher range the last two weeks today I am going to take a look at the most basic ball stretcher from Recon which I have got in the 5cm width. The stretcher itself is made out of two layers of leather: The outer is a stiff, almost cardboard like leather, the inner is a soft one. Due to this construction all metal parts are making skin contact again bringing potential allergic problems. Three snap buttons hold the stretcher in place, sadly there is only one diameter adjustment for 3,7cm.

The 1,9cm wide divider has the same basic construction: the stiffer leather on the outside, the softer leather on the inside. It is hold in place by three black rivets on the wider part and through the three snap buttons you can have three different length settings: 9cm length with 4,1cm space between the rim of the stretcher and the divider, 10cm and 4,8cm and finally 11cm and 5,7cm. There is a not welded d-ring which freely runs along the divider. On the one hand this is handy because you can put it for bondage purposes on the front or back of the balls but on the other hand it can fall off the divider (which to be honest is unlikely because it would have to get over the three female parts of the snap buttons).

Playing with it

In order to play with this toy you need a fairly large scrotum. Because the leather is really stiff this stretcher isn’t really forgiving lengthwise. If it fits really well (or even a bit loose) it is comfortable to wear for some time, but if it fits tightly or as soon as you add 250g of weight the hard edge will start to hurt and irritate the skin. Due to the divider allowing for quite large settings this toy is made for people with REALLY large balls or people into pumping/ saline play.

The only Diameter is 3,7cm

The only Diameter is 3,7cm

Playwise the same things can be done than with the Mr S one (which I will mostly just copy and paste for your convenience):  Because the d-ring is in the middle the pull of weights is directly downward and is felt more on the individual balls than on the sack itself. When you start moving the weight, p.e. when wanking, is will start to swing freely and will gather moving momentum which will increase the pull on the balls. Of cause you can use the d-ring as an anchor point for carabineers again. I particularly had fun attaching it tightly to the end of my shoulder-to-wrist-restraints.

The divider offers some interesting possibilities for CBT. It makes targeting single balls more easily like for attaching single electrodes (fried eggs anyone?), individual pressure or hitting (my favorite for this is a riding whip). Another cool thing which I enjoyed very much is sensation play: Cool one ball with ice and drop wax on the other.

Conslusion: A basic, inexpensive ball stretcher for large balls with inferior leather
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Incredible inexpensive Inferior Leather Recon  (Manufacturer) 5cm: £47,5cm: £510,5cm: £6
Doesn’t collapse easily Hard edges
Divider suitalbe for REALLY big balls Only one diameter adjustments
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