Regulation Bi-Polar Ring Set

Vendor: Regulation


The Bi-Polar Ring Set consisting of a 40mm and a 50mm Diameter Ring

The Bi-Polar Ring Set consisting of a 40mm and a 50mm Diameter Ring

The set consists of two rings: One with 50mm diameter and another one with 40mm diameter. They are made out of white, translucent silicone. On the inside there runs a strip of black conductive silicone which doesn’t go all the way around thus forming two poles. On the bottom is a little rectangular appendix through which both conductive silicone cores run which end into jackets for 2mm pin.

Playing with the toy

This toy is meant for being worn like a normal cockring. Through the flexibility of the material and the two sizes it fits even people with a larger pack. For people with a Western European standard size dick you can put the smaller ring onto the shaft which is especially interesting just below the glans. Having two poles you don’t need an additional electrode to create a sensation. If you do use both rings, try around with cross wiring them or attaching both onto one pole for interesting effects. With one ring below the glans and another on the penis root some testees even learned to cum when using a stroke program. All this properties make this set the perfect choice in combination with a remote controlled box like the Erostek ET302R when walking around. The rings stay in place and you don’t have to worry about one or both electrode falling off.

Detail of the 50mm Ring with a Lead for Mono Polar Use Attached

Detail of the 50mm Ring with a Lead for Mono Polar Use Attached

When in doubt which ring to choose because one is a bit looser and the other is a bit tighter I would always recommend taking the tighter one if this doesn’t cut circulation. If that isn’t the case this toy works surprisingly well as a cockring though it is not too comfortable being so thin. Through the flexibility of the material the ring moves quite a bit so when walking around so I highly recommend being shaven when wearing it for a commando public scene – or enjoy an additional stimulation. Speaking of stimulation the relatively low mass and small conducting area the sensations produced through this toy will be more on the stingy side. Through the pressure onto the body there will be good connectivity most of the so the whole contact area will be used for the smoothest stimulation possible. Generally speaking I would not advise using conductive gel with this toy because the added slick can cause the ring to slip off when the dick is soft.

Besides being a cockring this toy makes for an interesting skin play electrode. Simply wear an isolating glove (p.e. a latex one), apply enough pressure that the conductive areas get in touch with the skin and move the ring over the body using water based lube. If you stay below the waist line it is a secure way of play to make the sub enjoy a travelling sensation without too much sting unlike from a pin wheel p.e..

When doing other forms of play especially edging when this ring is worn please keep in mind that silicone based lube will disintegrate the toy! After play simply was it in warm water with a mild detergent, let it dry and disinfect it with alcohol.

Conclusion: Versatile Bi-Pole for mostly Stingy Sensations.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Only need one electrode for stimulation Can create only stingy sensations Regulation £34.99
Ideal for mobile play
Two rings will fit most


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