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Vendor: Demask Dortmund

The Smooth Leather side

The Smooth Leather side

As some of you remember this toy was a desiderate last Christmas season. So I was more than happy when my boyfriend remembered it and gave it to me as a birthday gift this March.


This paddle resembles very much the McHurt Mini Bat which I reviewed some time ago. It is approx. 30cm long and 4,5cm wide at the widest part. Due to the padding it is nearly 10mm thick. At the bottom a leather hand loop is attached with a rivet.

The construction is a two-layer one: the one layer is made out of a very high quality, lightly taned thick and quite sturdy smooth leather (telling from the grain I guess it is bull hide). The other one is made out of soft, untreated suede which feels like velvet. The suede covers a firm yet soft layer of padding and a piece of spring steel.

The build quality is frankly one of the best I have seen on a BDSM toy: The stitching is done painstaking, the leather of the two layers matcher accurately. You can tell that this toy is made by a passionate saddler.

The two other Varieties of this toy: Red Suede and black Laquer for extra sting

The two other Varieties of this toy: Red Suede and black Laquer for extra sting

You can get this toy in three variations: black smooth leather/ black suede, black smooth leather/ red suede and black lacquered leather/ black suede. There was an all lacquer version when I saw this toy first in December so I guess you can also get this exterme yet stylish looking version.

Playing with it

I love this paddle for its versatility. First, there is the suede side. Three factors help to make the impact sensation surprisingly thuddy for such a small, light toy: The padding and the flexibility of the paddle which absorb some kinetic energy and the velvety suede surface which creates small air cushions baffles the impact a bit. Because the initial impact is softer and the pain is caused in deeper regions of the body, this side colors a bit less than the other. Second, there is the smooth side. It delivers a stingy sensation but is milder than p.e. the Mini Bat through the higher flexibility. You have to put more power into each blow to create a comparable sting. Yet this side colors the skin fairly quickly without wearing your sub out too quickly.

Detail of the soft Leather Hand Loop

Detail of the soft Leather Hand Loop

I had a chance to play with the lacquered version at Demask. It is beautiful to look at but the surface is simply hard and stings like hell! So if you are looking for a true carrat and a stick kind of session this is the toy you want to own.

Overall this toy is very well balanced. Neither any top testing it not me were tired out after a long spanking session. Thanks to the two very different sides and the ability to precisely control the intensity of the sensations you can have quite elaborate session with just one toy.

The padded Suede side

The padded Suede side

One problem is the cleaning of this toy: The soft surface can be cleaned quite easily with most disinfection agents. But a word of warning is in place: Because that surface is not treated as much as on other leather paddle I wouldn’t let it stay on there too long. The suede side is quite difficult to clean. Like the leather on flogger tails it has to stay soft so aggressive disinfection sprays or conditioning can harm it. I clean this side like I clean my floggers: Lying in the sun for about 10 days. This also means that you shouldn’t spank your sub until his skin breaks with the suede side. A sub once didn’t tell me that he just shaved his balls with a straight razor before a scene. I spanked his nuts and he started to bleed. I could clean the blood off before it dried but it was a pain in the ass (and not in a good way).

Conslusion: Not too intense, all leather spanking tool
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Very versatile sensation Difficult to clean Demask Dortmund 40€
Impressive build quality
Small & handy


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