Seriously? A haul?!

Guys, you know, I love all of you with your crazy kinks and perversions. But the mails and messages I have getting the last couple of month worried me a bit: More than 15 people asked me if I could do a haul after one of my kinky shopping trips.

I have heard about hauls about half a year ago as a new great opportunity for targeting your audience with product placement on YouTube – when your target audience are young teenage girls who drool about some weird YouTube “stars”. But I would have never believed that butch leather men, hard perverts and crazy kinksters would want to see me rip open bags and rave about the products I have bought after strolling through BDSM boutiques.

I will be in Berlin for the BLF Easter Event and on Saturday of cause do some shopping (I need at least a new Mister B belt and probably some lube, impact play toys from MHurt and new rubber from RubAddiction after I have sold my old Blackstyle surf suit) but I am not sure if I could or should do a video afterwards. Just drop me a line or send me a tweet what you think about this weird request and I might end up doing a kinky haul.

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