Shiny Nipple Chain and Clamps

Vendor: Uberkinky

The Uberkinky Shiny Nipple Chain & Clamps

The Uberkinky Shiny Nipple Chain & Clamps

I haven’t reviewed nipple clamps in a long time because I haven’t found a tempting one when strolling through the BDSM stores in Berlin. So when Uberkinky send me the Shiny Nipple Chain and Clamps to review I wasn’t too thrilled but luckily was pleasantly surprised.


The two clamps are 3cm long and on average 1cm wide. Despite being made out of sheet metal they are quite sturdy and have little flex thus I assume they are made out of some form of steel. Even pissing onto them didn’t lead to rust. The back of one side of the clamps is raised so it is easy to grip and open them up even when you have lubey fingers. The front has the shape of a half circle with a diameter of approx. 12mm. Inside this area is lined with textured black rubber which is hold in place by small dull teeth. The two clamps are connected by 31cm long chain.

You can vary the Intensity with the Space the Clamp grips

You can vary the Intensity with the Space the Clamp grips

Playing with it

I really like toys at which you can see that the person constructing it put some thought into the design. And the Shiny Nipple Chain and Clamps is a great example for such thinking.

Through the shape of the head you can create a wide range of sensations. For an intense sensation put just the tip with the dull teeth onto the nipples, for a mild and intriguing sensation use the entire width and length of head. So I made it a fun game to start out with the entire clamp covering the nipple and slowly pulling them forward as the scene progresses. The spring is only a medium strength I would say. However through the wide and flat surface of the head you can easily add Mawa clamps p.e. to increase the pressure.

Detail of the Grip Enhancing Lining

Detail of the Grip Enhancing Lining

Through the small teeth and textured rubber lining these clamps also stick to the body when the area is slippery through sweat or lube. Since I don’t know from which kind of rubber the lining is made so I would be cautious with silicone or fat based lubes because they could dissolve the material.

However the clever design fails to convince when playing in thicker gear. I found the small teeth a to big risk of scratching leather and rubber (and even ripping it) to squeeze covered skin between the two half of a clamp. Also the spring is too weak to by itself produce too much pressure for any recognizable effect through gear. They are also too bulky with too pointy corners to be worn under rubber. So I would recommend using them on bare skin only.

Conslusion: Well designed and flexible clamps for play on bare skin.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Extremely good value for money Not made for playing in gear Uberkinky £9.99
Wide range of possible sensations
Great build quality
Elaborate design & easy handling
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