SlingKing Cushioned Paddle

Vendor: SlingKing

The SlingKing Cushioned Paddle

The SlingKing Cushioned Paddle


This paddle has a very traditional shape: It consists out of a rectangular 25cm by 9cm head which tapers into a 15cm by 3,7cm grip. Onto the back of the grip a thick leather flap containing a welded d-ring is riveted. The bottom of this toy is made out of a 2mm thick bull hide. Next comes a piece of spring steel which runs through the entire toy and another piece of 2mm thick leather. On top 1mm thick soft cow hide is used which covers a piece of thick approx. 15mm thick, soft padding at the head. All layers are glued and sowed together for a very quality feel and add up to a weight of 360g.

If you don’t like the black color my paddle has, you can also get the paddle in dark red.

Detail of the three leather layers and the padding

Detail of the three leather layers and the padding

Playing with it

While the Janus Paddle I reviewed a couple of weeks ago was good for hitting small areas this is the toy to pick up for a proper, traditional spanking scene. It is large enough to distribute equal impact force onto both buttocks yet small enough for hitting the inside of individual thighs when the sub is bound to a spanking bench. Due to the almost lavish amount of padding the soft side of this paddle is either good for warm-up or delivers a strong, deep thud depending on the hit’s intensity. The unpadded side works like a traditional paddle. Because of the relatively high weight it takes more swing force for a strong sting sensation. This in my opinion makes this paddle ideal for a spanking beginner – both top and sub because it is hard to accidently create unwanted strong sensations. An experienced spanker will of cause soon learn to create all shades of sensations making it ideal for a very varied scene.

Detail of the D-ring on the bottom of the grip

Detail of the D-ring on the bottom of the grip

The coloring of this paddle really depends on the side: While the firm side colors the skin fairly quickly when you really sting, the soft side doesn’t color at all instantly. But after a long, intense thuddy scene there is a high chance of leaving bruises behind.

Sadly and unsurprisingly the paddle is slightly imbalanced towards the head so be prepared that your wrist will probably get tired sooner than you would expect from a lighter and more balanced paddle.

Conslusion: Not too intense, all leather spanking tool
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Good size Bit unbalanced SlingKing 36,95€
Wide range of different sensations
Good build quality


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