SlingKing Leather Blindfold

Vendor: SlingKing

First Impression and Construction

This is a fairly basic toy: Being made out of three pieces  – two straps and the eye cover – of cow nappa leather the construction is simple yet the stitching and the leather show the very high quality. The blindfold is kept closed by a big Velcro patch which allows diameters between 14cm and 18.5cm. The two straps are 3cm wide and are bare leather on the inside. The eye cover is lined with a soft padding under a fabric cover and has a typical blindfold form with two roughly oval areas connected with a bridge over the nose back. The covered area per eye is 7cm in heights and 11cm in length.

I got the blindfold in black since it goes with all my other toys but you can have it in white, red or black and red.

Detail of the velcro in oder to adjust the size

Detail of the velcro in oder to adjust the size

Playing with it

I got the blindfold during Folsom 2011 and it instantly became one of my favorite toys. All sensations are some much intense when you are striped from your sighted. Not knowing what will happen and having to trust your Master in every way is a great experience. Even just the straps of a flogger just lightly fondling over your body will give you shivers.

Inside material of the blind fold

Inside material of the blind fold

Because this blindfold is much softer than others I have tried out and due to the Velcro adapting to every head size is fits very well and it blocks all light. Since there is no pressure the blindfold can be worn nearly infinitely long. The Velcro strip will probably not last for forever but with being the best yet least expensive mask on the market it is totally ok.

Conslusion: The best yet most basic blindfold on the market I have seen until now
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Good quality Closing mechanism will fail sooner or later SlingKing (Manufacturer) 9,95€
Easy to handle  
Blocks out light very well  
Very adjustable  



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