Steel Ball Stretcher

I intended to publish this review as the last piece to my ball stretcher series. But somehow I couldn’t find an angle from which to review this toy because a general review especially of the particular toy I am owning would be useless for anybody who doesn’t have balls which are at least vaguely like mine. So this is probably going to be more of a “Buyers Guide to Steel Ball Stretchers”. Let’s see where the muses will take me…

Closing Mechanism

Detail of the closing mechanism of a split ball stretcher

The steel ball stretcher is as the name says is made out of stainless steel so it doesn’t rust. The other main property of steel is that it doesn’t give in: It either fits or it is too large. The way the stretcher fits is determined by its length and the diameter of the central hole. Depending on the vendor you are looking at it comes in a great number of length, for the diameter I have so far only seen 34mm and 38mm diameter. The diameter can be a bit tricky: When you have a meaty sack but small balls you might have a problem wearing a steel ball stretcher because you need a larger hole to fit the meaty neck of your sack but your small balls might slip through the hole when wearing the stretcher. Because the outer diameter can’t be increased infinitely due to being able to close your legs when wearing it both length and diameter impact the third factor characterizing factor: The weight. This is yet again something you need to try out in order to figure out which is comfortable enough. But please keep in mind that extensively wearing a stretcher with a lot of weight will ultimately stretch your balls (which might be the reason to wear one for some people). I have seen two closing mechanisms for ball stretcher: It either is split in two halves that are hold together with hex screws (depending on the length 2, 4 or even 6) or you have a ¾ steel ring and a magnetic quarter is inserted. Personally I prefer the ones you have to screw together because I have caught way too often skin or hairs between the steel and the magnet.

Diameter & Thickness

38mm diameter of the central hole and 42mm height for 660g lead to a 12mm thickness

I sometimes wonder if this item is really a toy because for a standard dungeon scene I prefer other ball stretchers. They simple tighten the ball more effectively and make gripping them more easily. But I have to admit that the steel band on the bottom of a stretcher makes a good surface when hitting the balls. Then again weights can be metered and attached more easily to traditional ball stretcher with D-rings (I have to admit that there are steel ball stretchers with welded eyelets on them but because they are so bulky I found the stretcher very uncomfortable to wear). In my opinion steel ball stretchers are more a piece of fetish accessory especially for people into CBT. They can be worn comfortable under everyday cloth and the moving momentum of the steel always reminds you that there is something kinky staying with you throughout the day. Of cause that can be turned into a great mind fuck scene: The top attaches the stretcher to the sub’s balls, keeps the hex and they go out for a walk or shopping. Some of my friends actually use light steel ball stretchers instead of a chain collar when the work environment doesn’t permit such a bold sign of submission.


My split ball stretcher disassambled

At the end of every review I reach a verdict but this time I don’t really what to say: I love my ball steel stretcher but as said not as a toy but as a piece of gear. If you want something for torture in the playroom there are better and more flexible alternatives out there. But if you want something to carry your craving for CBT into the everyday life you should definitely give this toy a try.

Vendor Price
Mr S Split Ball Stretcher (1,25cm – 5cm) $59,95 – $99,95
Mr S Magnetic Ball Stretcher (4,12cm) $129,95
Mister B (1,5cm – 12cm) 59€ – 199€
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