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Detail of the Roller Buckle

Detail of the Roller Buckle

Today I am basically reviewing leather belts. So the basic construction is fairly simple: It is a 35mm wide and 4mm thick strap made out of black, fine grained leather. You can get in various lengths; the ones I have gotten are 130cm, 120cm and 110cm but I guess you can also get them shorter. It features double punching starting approx. 18cm behind the buckle, each hole being reinforced by rivets. The spacing between the holes is 30mm so the belt can be adjusted quite finely. The buckle is a two-thorn roller bucket which makes closing and opening the belt easy.

Detail of the double punched strap

Detail of the double punched strap

Playing with it

I consider this type of toy a playroom essential because it comes in handy in so many situations: Tightening a bit too loose sleep sack, adding straps to a spanking bench, tying someone to a bondage table or a pole. Since these restraints are not padded I would only use them on areas which are naturally well padded like thighs, ass or the upper back. If you want to tie joints like the wrist or ankle down, make sure they are protected, p.e. through a pair of boots or thick gloves or use other, traditional padded restraints. Of cause for all these situations you can use rope but frankly for 4€ a piece, having some of them at hand when you need something quick is a wise investment in my opinion.

Conslusion: Basic and inexpensive dungeon essential
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Inexpensive No substitute for normal restraints Stylefetisch 4€
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