Chastity Experiment Day 6: Normal Everyday Life – Sort of

Free at last! After I have written this week’s review I took off the Bon4 Metal Chastity cage. First of all: Thanks to Mister B for giving it to me for review purposes. It was a quite… interesting experience.

As I already wrote in the review this is the first chastity cage which actually fit me. A couple of years ago I bought others, mainly just out of curiosity. I never found the thought of someone having control over my dick very compelling. Just as I am a pain pig -maybe a sub – but never a slave who seeks to surrender control longer than the duration of a scene (well, in most of the cases but that is a different story). So I finally got to get rid of that curiosity.

What surprised me most of all this week was how comfortable it was to wear. After I got used to something a bit heavy and strong hanging between my legs, I forgot most of the time that I was in chastity. There was a bit fear that other people might notice what I was wearing but as I have seen yesterday even when wearing tight clothes the unsuspicious eye doesn’t notice anything.

When I interacted with the cage, it was also a nice experience: As most men I randomly play around with my dick when I am sitting around in sweatpants or gym shorts while reading or doing stuff on the computer. When I reached into my pants the last couple of days I found something strong, with body temperature which felt kind of smooth because the edges are rounded so well. I know, nothing beats playing around with your own dick but it came close enough for me to emotionally satisfy me. Also cleaning was very easy thanks to the large holes. What I had to give up was pissing while standing – at least in restrooms. I wouldn’t have been embarrassed to show my dick in chastity but with my dick not filling the cage completely when it was soft the liquid splashed around too much while pissing.

Another thing I noticed was how comfortable it was to get a boner. As I have written on Thursday my dick didn’t rage against the steel but stayed a bit soft. After the “unsuccessful” erection Thursday morning my sexual activity somewhat declined. I was getting less horny over the day and never felt the urge to jerk off. That showed me how much of a commodity jerking of sometimes it to me. When I am bored or just need to take my mind of stuff while working on a paper p.e. I just rub one out. After the cage had become so familiar after about three days these were the only instances when I really was reminded that I was in chastity.

Over the 7 day experiment I have never tried to break out of the cage. I have to admit it probably would have been possible to pull my dick out below the ring and stuff it back after I came. I guess with a tighter ring that would have been a problem but that would have made wearing it for such a long time problematic. Maybe Bon4 needs to develop screw-in (dull) spikes which look a bit like the insert you could get for the CB-series of CB-X to make breaking out more difficult. The importance of this “flaw” depends on what you are looking for in a chastity device: A really secure way to keep the sub from jerking off can probably only be achieved by a (nearly) custom piece like from Steel Worxx or Latowski. But as inexpensive yet good device for starter or a reminder of the dedication and promise to the top the Bon4 Metal Chastity cage is the best product on the market I have seen so far.

Concluding I have to say: Chastity hasn’t become a new, major kink of mine; maybe because it was more of an in vitro experiment without a key holder. But knowing that there is a toy out there that fits me and that I can wear without a problem for an extended period of time is good to know if the right guy comes along with which I would key holding with.

Chastity Experiment Day 5: Going to the Beach

Today was a hot and humid day on the coast so I decided to go to the beach later in the afternoon. Due to the hot weather I was wearing my light, Nike surfer shorts with no underwear already on my way to the beach. The last couple of days I wore heavier Carhartt cloth shorts which covered up that chastity cage bulge quite well. But through the light and soft nylon material the bulge was quite visible. I thought everyone would stare at the “thing” between my legs but nothing as such happened. People walked by normally and didn’t pay any attention to me. My fear was probably fueled by me knowing what I was wearing.

Down at the beach I went directly for a swim. The cage didn’t bother me at all when I was swimming. However when I got out the water-soaked cloth stuck to my body and because the cage is made only out off a few rather small steel beams you could lightly see the contours of the cage. But yet again the unusual shape between my legs was probably only recognized by me. What I did get were suggestive looks from girls in their late teens/ early twenties. They probably thought I had a massive dick. I wish I had gotten these looks from their hot looking male companions.

You are probably wondering why there are no pictures. The simple truth is that on the shoot for tomorrow’s review my battery ran out and I forgot my charger at home. I could have taken pictures with my phone but frankly the quality of my Moto G’s camera is so crappy I rather have no pics than so bad ones on here.

Chastity Experiment Day 4: Morning Wood

This was bound to happen: I haven’t jerked off in 4 days and today I had the first morning wood in ages. It was a strange feeling. I felt that I had an erection yet it was not as hard as I would have expected it to be. I would have expected that my dick would press against the steel with full force, trying to break up. But somehow the cage had kept it from getting too hard. It wasn’t uncomfortable at all; I was just annoyed that I couldn’t jerk off and go to sleep again.

Chastity Experiment Day 3: On not being lazy

As said on Monday like every summer I am on vacation visiting my parents. I usually take at least 1 ½ weeks to unwind, take advantage of the scenery to take review pictures outside and just be lazy. That laziness includes not going to the gym and not shaving my body hair – except I have a date (as if that is every going to happen here, but that is a different story). However, when wearing a chastity cage, at least the latter laziness is not advisable. Yesterday and today I caught pubic hair in several small gaps and probably have pulled some out involuntarily. The unexpected pain of getting the sub pubic hair pulled on might be a desirable effect for a top, but I find the stingy pain annoying when taking a walk. Lucky me I am my own key holder so I unlocked myself and shaved. I wonder how long my pubes have to grow again until the hair length becomes a problem again.

Chastity Experiment Day 2: The first night

I had problems accessing my WordPress so I can only publish yesterday’s entry today.

When my friend convinced/ lured/ pressures me into this experiment the nights were the thing I was most afraid off. While testing the cage I wore it during the day for extended periods of time. When it started to feel a bit uncomfortable I could adjust the device which obviously is not possible when I am sleeping. So would I not be able to sleep because I would wake up every few hours to fiddle with the cage? The fear was reasonable because I am very active while sleeping. Tossing and turning is a sign for a good night’s sleep. How would having a chunky piece of metal hanging between my legs and somewhat pulling on my balls affect that? Surprisingly: Not very much.

Of cause having something attached to your body feels a bit weird and unusual. When I was lying in bed, lights out and slowly dozing off the thought of not being able to jerk off was very present in my mind but not as discomforting as expected. Also due to the moving momentum of the heavy metal there was a pleasant pulling sensation on my balls every time I turned. Luckily I didn’t wake up during the night due to feeling uncomfortable. However, waking up was a bit uncomfortable. On the edge between sleeping and waking I roll around in my bed, resting in various positions, also on my belly. In this position the steel is pushed into the groin which is uncomfortable.

Luckily I rarely get morning wood and haven’t had a boner yet so the cage’s efficiency has yet to be tested.

Chastity Experiment Day 1: Finding the right Ring Size

As written in last week’s review I have given the Bon4 Steel Chastity Cage a thorough testing like every toy I review. But I have worn the device on and off because I had too much other stuff on my mind at the end of the semester. Now I am at my parent’s on vacation and dare to venture into a week of chastity.

After showing this morning I took the pouch with the cage and rings and tried out which ring would fit me best. I started out with the 51mm ring. Being inexperienced it felt the most comfortable. However while just walking a short distance to the post office, I felt like the cage would fall off so I tried the 47mm and 44mm rings. While I am writing this I am wearing the 44mm ring but am not sure if it isn’t too tight for long term. Let’s see how I feel after the first night.

I somehow anticipated that finding the right ring size would be the most difficult task. The ring has to be tight enough to hold the cage in place and make it inescapable yet wide enough to be comfortable to be worn 24/7 and more important to allow enough circulation to the genitals. With 4 rings provided and 2 additional rings available for purchase I guess Bon4 has a size for most dicks out there. But with the rings being made out of metal in a rather simple design it should be easy to have ring made at a local black smith to fit the individual physic of a potential chastity sub.

Bon4 Metal Chastity Cage Regular

Vendor: Mister B

The Cage locked with a 51mm Ring attached

The Cage locked with a 51mm Ring attached

Chastity is one of the big things in (gay) BDSM. Handing over the control of one’s dick and orgasms to a top is one of the biggest sacrifices a sub can do without interfering too much with his day to day schedule. This is what makes chastity devices so intriguing.

Despite its popularity I haven’t done a chastity device review yet. I owned two: A CB6000 and a cheap steel one. The first was too small for my soft dick, the second had too sharp edges and without a proper and in-depth testing I am not writing reviews. So I was pleasantly surprised when Mister B sent me the new Bon4 Steel Chastity Cage size Regular to review. And I was more pleasantly surprised when I found out that it actually fits my soft dick.

Detail of the Locking Pin with Pad Lock

Detail of the Locking Pin with Pad Lock


The construction of this chastity device is fairly standard besides its being made out of brushed stainless steel. There is a cage which is connected to a ring behind your balls which keeps it from falling off. The cage is approx. 8,5cm long with a diameter of 3,7cm for the shaft and approx. 5cm for the glans. Between the cage and the ring there are two pegs with 1,2cm length to keep both parts at a comfortable distance and adding up to a total usable length of 9,7cm. The chastity device comes with four rings with the following diameters: 39mm, 44mm, 47mm and 51mm. With this variety the device should fit most dicks. If you have a smaller one you can always take a look at the small version for 149€.

The device has a few unique properties due to the material. The rings have a hinge at the bottom which makes putting it on quite easily. I have also heard a lot of reports from friends who’s dicks broke plastic/ silicone chastity devices over time due to material fatigue. This is defiantly not going to happen with this device. The build quality of the toy I have gotten is superb but if there should be any rough or uncomfortable spaces the toy comes with a little sheet of fine sandpaper and tape to mend these spots. There is also a small lock in black bag the toy comes in.

Playing with it

Detail of the hinged ring

Detail of the hinged ring

It is kind of hard to write this section. The chastity cage isn’t really a toy, it is a control device made to be worn 24/7. With the high build quality and the material which will withstand moisture and physical stress the Bon4 Metal Chastity Cage is up to the challenge. But in the end more than even any piece of gear it has to fit perfectly to fulfill its purpose. A too loose ring and you can get out of it easily or it will simply fall off when walking. A too tight ring will make wearing it for a long time uncomfortable or can even cause damage to your genitals due to cut circulation. So even more than with other toys I urge you to try it out if it fits you. If you have problems with the ring sizes Bon4 offers addition ones with 36mm and 56mm diameter. The lock is quite a high quality one but still it is more a psychological barrier for the sub. A skilled lock pick will sooner and a desperate sub will later figure out how to open it with a pair of paperclips. For checkable security I recommend using numbered plastic locks.

One of the greatest problems with chastity cages is hygiene. Most devices only have small holes for pissing and some for water because materials like plastic doesn’t allow for bigger ones without compromising stability. Yet again stainless steel doesn’t have this problem so the case basically consists out of holes with some beams which makes hygiene not problem. You simply shower wearing the cages and you are all set. The material also opens the door for some torture possibilities. Since metal picks up temperature quite easily most subs fund mild ice and fire play… interesting. And I probably don’t need to tell you that steel is conductive. Of cause there is a downside: The metal makes the cage way heavier than the plastic ones. My testees had very different opinions on that topic: Some found it uncomfortable, some loved the constant pull and movement on the balls.

Everything you get when you order the Bon4 Metal Chastity Cage

Everything you get when you order the Bon4 Metal Chastity Cage


This review covers only the “technical” aspects of the Bon4 Metal chastity cage. Chastity never has quite been my kink, partly because I was frustrated with the cages not fitting my dick. I also didn’t find the thought of handing control of my dick over to a top tempting. For this review I have worn the device on and off for a couple of days and was genuinely impressed how much I liked it. Yet a true long term test has yet to be done. A top friend of mine has challenged me to a week of chastity which will begin this Sunday. You can expect a small blog entry every day about my experiences and problems with the cage. But a week doesn’t say much about true long term usability. I have been looking for a sub to be locked up for quite some time and as soon as I have found one and put into the device for an extended period of time there will be a follow-up review.

Conslusion: High quality and robust chastity cage
Pro Cons Where to get Price
High build quality Heavier than other chastity devices Mister B 159€
Regulation £ 119,99
Sturdy material Can be a bit more visual under the clothes than other devices
Good hygiene