The ElectraStim ElectraClamp with the Storage Bag

Vendor: ElectraStim

Over four years ago I reviewed the original ElectraStim Bi-Polar Soft Genital Clamp. Back then it was the only (yes, I am ignoring just stingy and painful one E-Stim Systems used to make for a good reason) bi-polar clamp on the market. For liability and design reasons it was marketed as a “genital clamp”. The large opening and low spring power made it hard to attach to nipples. This in combination with the domed clamp tips made the grip on firm surfaces like a hard dick or glans was mediocre. But as stated, there were not bi-polar clamps so I gave them a pass. Until now!


As the name already implies, the ElectraClamp is a (nipple) clamp for e-stim play. It is made out of a black shiny polymer. The wings have a bit of an asymmetrical design with the oval grip side being large at 30x20mm. This side is textured with ridges for a secure grip even with sweaty and a bit lubey hands. At the back of these areas you can find sockets the 2mm pin leads.

Detail of the Textured Grip Area

The clamp’s two wings are connected by a polymer screw. This prevents unwanted connection of the two channels. It also enables the usage of a cloth pin metal spring which is both sturdy, durable and delivers a strong enough spring power.

The most important part of the clamp is of course the grip surface. On this one it is an oval 15x10mm piece of firm conductive silicone. For added grip it is textured with small grooves. Unlike other manufacturers who only use conductive silicone in sheet form, the contact area is 2mm thick so it has some mass.

The ElectraClamp comes in a small cloth bag for storage.

Playing with the ElectraClamp

The clamp opens 22mm wide, making it wide enough for nipples, the frenulum or the perineum skin (which is not like direct prostate stimulation!). On this model, the spring power in combination with the larger, flat and textured contact area make the grip secure enough even for small, sweaty male nipples. In the unlikely case that the nipple slips anyway, simply tug a bit more skin between the wings.

Detail of the Conductive Contact Area of the Clamp

Of course, for liability reasons ElectraStim has to say that this clamp is only for usage below the waist. If you use this clamp in a single channel e-stim power box, you can safely attach the clamp to a nipple because the currency only flows between the two conductive areas. If you use more than one clamp on a body or attach electrodes that use the second channel of a power box, make sure that:

  • Both channels of the power box are completely isolated! Otherwise currency can flow between the electrodes and if placed above the waist can lethally effect the organs!
  • Make sure that both poles of a channel go into the same electrode! Otherwise currency will flow between the electrodes.

Naturally, compared to other electrodes clamps have relatively small and low-mass poles. Despite this physical limitation the ElectraClamps manages to produce a relatively smooth and pleasurable stimulation, depending on the power box. Of course, they can also sting as hell if you crank up the box!

Detail of the Lead Socket

ElectraStim recommends putting conductive lube on the contact area. For this review I used conductive lube from ElectraStim, E-Stim Systems and MyStim as well as Swiss Navy water-based lube (my go-to lube for anal electrodes). All of my testees agreed that the conductivity only improved minimal at best. The skin especially in combination with sweat is conductive enough for a pleasurable stimulation.

Coming back to the beginning of this review: When ElectraStim introduced the ElectraClamp they phased out the Bi-Polar Genital Clamp. For good reason, because the ElectraClamp is clearly the superior clamp – if you don’t want to put it on a dick or the balls. But frankly, there are better electrodes for this use scenario.

Conclusion: Best e-stim clamp available today.
Pros Cons Where to get Price
Large and thick conductive area for smooth stimulation ElectraStim £49
Secure grip on body parts
Good grip on wings to operate even with slippery hands

Tweezer Nipple Clamps

The Tweezer Nipple Clamps from Mr S and Regulation

Vendor: Mr S (USA) or Regulation (EU)

These are one of the first clamps I have ever bought and I thought I already reviewed them years ago – until last week when a reader asked for my thoughts on these clamps and I realized I never reviewed them. So better late than never, here are my thoughts on the Tweezer Nipple Clamps.


The clamps are made out of folded spring steel. Each branch is approx. 7cm long and the last centimeter is bent towards each other. To cover up the sharp edges and for a little bit better grip the last 2cms are covered by vinyl. On both branches runs a slider for adjusting the clamps’ pressure. The clamps are connected by a chain which is attached to rings to prevent the chain from tangling up. The total length of rings and chain is 30cm.

Detail of the Vinyl Covered Tips

Playing with the Tweezer Nipple Clamps

To attach the clamps to the sub’s nipple, ball skin or frenulum, the branches must simply be gently pulled apart and the skin or tissue placed between the tips. Gripping the branches is best done with the finger nails. It still can done wearing thin police or rubber examination gloves. But bulkier ones like industrial rubber, MX or motorcycle gloves make it impossible. Like all larger clamps which center of gravity is towards the back, the clamps should be attached parallel to the body to keep them from involuntarily slipping off. Since they are very sleek and slim, the clamps are perfect to be worn under cloths.

Most of the testees described the initial pressure sensation as medium-intense; a nice, notable and tantalizing presence for the experienced nipple player but nothing for a novice! The pressure is strong enough to keep the Tweezers on the nipple even after the tissue water has been displaced. Though the grip is not strong enough to hold dropping weights or pull when tying the clamps to moving limbs. For more experience pain pigs or when during the scene the nipples become less sensitive, the pressure and thus the pain can be increased by moving the slider towards the tip. This should be done slowly because these clamps have brought an experience nipple pain pig to tears during the testing. If this is not enough, the small contact points leave most of the nipple exposed which provides room for wax, icy-hot or pin wheels for example…

Detail of the Sliders to Adjust the Intensity

The Tweezer Clamps are really made for bare skin play. The small contact surface needs the tissue to dig into. So a good way to prepare the nipple is working with nipple suckers to add puffiness (and sensitivity). While attaching the clamps somehow works through thin rubber (up to approx. 0.4mm) or lycra, leather or thicker rubber do not go well with these clamps. The nipple should also dry and lube-free because of the smooth vinyl cover.

Conclusion: Highly adjustable clamps for the more experience Nipple Player.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Highly adjustable Hard to put on Mr S $15.95
Regulation £15.99
Small footprint for inconspicuous wearing

Nipple Claws

The Mister B Nipple Claws

Vendor: Mister B


These clamps are quite inconspicuous: Just two barrels with a lever at the bottom. But when you push the lever, four pointy metal fingers extend which are 11mm long and created an aperture of about 10mm.  The housing barrel is 51mm long and has a diameter of 7mm. The upper 4/5 of the barrel is knurled for better grip and a disk around the rim with a 15mm diameter enables precise operation and control of the clamps even wearing thicker rubber gloves and somewhat lubey hands. The barrels are connected by 32cm long chain which is attached to them by a movable bail

Detail of the Knurling and Grip Disk

Playing with the Nipple Claws

Pputting these clamps onto the nipple is a quite surprising experience: Through the relatively tame spring tension the pain is not as intense as the intimidating look might imply. This difference of anticipated and actual sensation makes these clamps ideal for a bit of mindfuck. Though they are far from tame. Even lightly pulling on the chain increases the pain dramatically. Suspending a weight from it and let it swing is agonizing. Letting it drop is hell – especially since unlike other clamps the Nipple Claws stay in place when the weight drops. Like with any other clamp, pumping the nipples in advance will increase their sensitivity. But unlike with most other clamps, the added puffiness will not compromise the grip.

Detail of the actual clamp

These clamps really shine in more messy scenes. The knurling and disk allow to operate the clamps even with messy fingers to a certain degree. Since the metal fingers dig a bit into the tissue, the Nipple Claws even grip onto sweaty nipples, lube-covered ball skin or pre-cum drenched foreskin where other clamps would slip off.

Despite looking quite mean, the claws never broke the skin while testing them. Through the relatively small aperture and lighter spring tension, these clamps are made for play on bare skin. They can pierce lycra and thinner rubber, thicker rubber and leather will prevent them from gripping the nipple.

Conclusion: Mean clamps with even meaner looks and hard grip.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Stays securely on attached body area Small aperture might make attaching clamp to desired body area Mister B 34.50€
Easy to operate

Adjustable Nose Shackle

Vendor: Uberkinky

The Adjustable Nose Shackle from Uberkinky


The Adjustable Nose Shackle is made out of two square metal plates onto which two 25mm high shackles made out of wire are welded. The tips of the shackles are bent towards each other. Through the metal plate a screw is put through which the shackle can be opend up to 17mm and closed again. The screw head is textured for better grip yet especially with lubey fingers or when wearing heavy gloves it is a bit hare to turn. Below the screw there are two bars to guide the shackles. The entire toy is made out of stainless steel and weights 33g.

Playing with the Adjustable Nose Shackle

This toy might look small and innocent yet it is one of the most intense pieces of bondage gear I know. The nasal septum is a quite sensitive body area. For most bottoms just the weight of the lightly attached Adjustable Nose Shackle is a noticeable sensation. The pain of the shackle being pulled will make most subs comply and move in the desired direction. Of cause if you want to be mean you can tighten it even more for constant and agonizing pain.

Since the shackles are made out of wire instead of solid metal plates like other nose shackles are they can dig a little bit deeper into the tissue which results in better grip. To lead a sub around or incorporate the toy into a bondage layout simply put a little carabineer around the three bars and attach your favorite leash, rope or chain. But keep in mind that this will add extra weight which increases the experienced pain, especially when through dangling around movement energy is added.

The cartilage structure of the septum in combination with the smooth round tips of the Adjustable Nose Shackle is enough to prevent serious injuries if you tighten the shackle cautiously and not too tight. But especially when the bottom already has a septum piercing or the septum is damaged (through drug usage for example) be extra careful when pulling. Serious injuries might occur!

Detail of the Guiding Bars and the Screw to Adjust the Opening

The wide opening enables you to attach the Adjustable Nose Shackle to other body parts like the tongue, ear lobes, the foreskin or the frenulum. Some testees even put it on the sack (take extra care you don’t trap a spermatic cord!) or the perineum to lead their subs around. It is worth to experiment which body part gives the best reaction, where it can be worn the longest time or if you are extra sadistic get two, put them opposite ends of the body, apply some tension and see into which pain the sub will give in the most.

Being made out of stainless steel cleaning and sanitizing this piece of bondage gear is easy: Simply boil it in water for some time and let it dry properly.

Conclusion: Intense piece of bondage gear.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Makes sub comply quickly A bit difficult to operate Uberkinky £19.99
Finely adjustable sensation
Allows to incorporate unexpected body parts into bondage
  Disclaimer: This toy was sent to me by Uberkinky for an honest and unbiased review.

ElectraStim Bi-Polar Soft Genital Clamp

Vendor: ElectraStim

The ElectaStrim Bipolar Soft Grip Clamp

Every time when the E-Stim Special is on one of the most things I get asked about is e-stim on the nipple. But since almost all clamps offered are monopolar I strongly discouraged using them above the waist in order not to interfere with the heart. I got so annoyed with the lack of adequate bipolar clamps that I build some myself with copper electrodes which wasn’t ideal either. So I was very excited when I discovered this clamp by ElectraStim which they sent me to test thoroughly.


As the name of the toy suggests the general design follows the one of a rather large clamp with an overall length of 103mm.

Detail of the 2mm Socket

The bottom half of the clamp are two handles made out of a black polymer connected by a hinge. Below the hinge is the spring which pushes the tips together. The bottom of each handle is a large, slightly domed area for better grip at which bottom the socket for 2mm plugs is located. The top half is made out of flexible yet sturdy wire. The tips are round and slightly domed with a diameter of 12mm. With standard ElectraStim leads attached the maximum aperture of the clamp is 38mm.

Playing with the Bi-Polar Clamp

Despite the little amount of mass and the small contact area the clamps can produce a quite smooth sensation making it a suitable toy for beginners who are not into sharp and stingy pain.

Detail of the Electrode’s Contact Area

As written above this clamp is bipolar so the currency flows between the two tips of each half making it safe to use on the nipples. But through the wide aperture this clamp is quite versatile. Besides the obvious nipples I used the clamps to fry balls or place if in the glans with one electrode on the frenulum to milk and e-stim orgasm out of the subs. The most fun I had was attaching the clamp to body parts otherwise not exposed to e-stim because the sensation is most surprising to the sub. Tormenting the nasal septum with excruciating pain will bring most subs to their knees and ultimately to tears. On the other side of the sensation spectrum a light tingling program on the ear lobes is a great addition to elaborate sensation play.

Maximal Aperture of the Clamp

The stiffness of the spring is relatively low and the tip is smooth and round which makes this clamp comfortable to wear over long periods of time. The downside of this is that if you can to attach the clamp to small body parts like the male nipple, it will slip off very easily, especially when the sub moves around through the induced sensation. I got around this problem by attaching the clamps perpendicularly to the body and put a cloth pin on top of the ElectraStim clamp. It is important to use a cloth pin which is not made out of metal otherwise you will short circuit your power box!  Alternatively wrap an elastic band several times just below the tip of the clamp.

Two Options to Increase the Spring’s Stiffness

It is imperative that when you use a clamp on each nipple that the power box has two completely isolated channels and use one channel per clamp. Otherwise the might be interaction between the two clamps which can lead to currency flowing between the nipples which than ultimately can cause heart problems.

Conclusion: Versatile and safe to use e-stim clamp.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Bipolar Very low spring stiffness ElectraStim


Wide aperture
Versatile: Enables e-stim on unexpected body areas
  Disclaimer: This toy was sent to me by ElectraStim for an honest and unbiased review.

Shiny Nipple Chain and Clamps

Vendor: Uberkinky

The Uberkinky Shiny Nipple Chain & Clamps

The Uberkinky Shiny Nipple Chain & Clamps

I haven’t reviewed nipple clamps in a long time because I haven’t found a tempting one when strolling through the BDSM stores in Berlin. So when Uberkinky send me the Shiny Nipple Chain and Clamps to review I wasn’t too thrilled but luckily was pleasantly surprised.


The two clamps are 3cm long and on average 1cm wide. Despite being made out of sheet metal they are quite sturdy and have little flex thus I assume they are made out of some form of steel. Even pissing onto them didn’t lead to rust. The back of one side of the clamps is raised so it is easy to grip and open them up even when you have lubey fingers. The front has the shape of a half circle with a diameter of approx. 12mm. Inside this area is lined with textured black rubber which is hold in place by small dull teeth. The two clamps are connected by 31cm long chain.

You can vary the Intensity with the Space the Clamp grips

You can vary the Intensity with the Space the Clamp grips

Playing with it

I really like toys at which you can see that the person constructing it put some thought into the design. And the Shiny Nipple Chain and Clamps is a great example for such thinking.

Through the shape of the head you can create a wide range of sensations. For an intense sensation put just the tip with the dull teeth onto the nipples, for a mild and intriguing sensation use the entire width and length of head. So I made it a fun game to start out with the entire clamp covering the nipple and slowly pulling them forward as the scene progresses. The spring is only a medium strength I would say. However through the wide and flat surface of the head you can easily add Mawa clamps p.e. to increase the pressure.

Detail of the Grip Enhancing Lining

Detail of the Grip Enhancing Lining

Through the small teeth and textured rubber lining these clamps also stick to the body when the area is slippery through sweat or lube. Since I don’t know from which kind of rubber the lining is made so I would be cautious with silicone or fat based lubes because they could dissolve the material.

However the clever design fails to convince when playing in thicker gear. I found the small teeth a to big risk of scratching leather and rubber (and even ripping it) to squeeze covered skin between the two half of a clamp. Also the spring is too weak to by itself produce too much pressure for any recognizable effect through gear. They are also too bulky with too pointy corners to be worn under rubber. So I would recommend using them on bare skin only.

Conslusion: Well designed and flexible clamps for play on bare skin.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Extremely good value for money Not made for playing in gear Uberkinky £9.99
Wide range of possible sensations
Great build quality
Elaborate design & easy handling

Mister B Thai Pain Sticks

Thai Pain Sticks

Vendor: Mister B

I have gotten this toy from Mister B in order to review it. It was a nice reminder to review this kind of toy because I love it for its many possibilities to torture someone.


Pair Pain Sticks

The Pain Sticks come in a pair for two nipples, lips, balls,…

The construction of this „clamps“ (due to lack of a better word I will just call this toy a clamp) is quite simple: two approx. 23 cm long varnished black steel sticks are glued parallel inside black rubber balls on both ends. There are also two rubber rings which slide on the steel sticks. It lays in the nature of the length and sturdiness of the sticks that toy can’t be worn tight fitting under gear.

I have seen versions of this toy made with wooden sticks but I highly recommend the steel version because it can be easily sanitizes. It is also noteworthy that Mister B sells them in pairs; sometimes you only get one which might be enough depending on your usage…

Playing with it

… and you can use it on a number of different body areas. The Thai Pain Stick is most commonly used as a nipple toy. You simply pull the two sticks apart and put the nipple between them. This can be a bit tricky because you can only pull the sticks approx. 1 cm apart which might be too little for a soft nipple. I recommend stimulating the nipple until it is a bit firmer by using your hands, sucking on them or using suction cups before trying to put the Thai Pain Sticks on. Another possible problem is that you can only easily put them on the tip of the nipple. The sticks are not too firm but the sensation can be too hard for a newbie. But if you have gotten the endorphins flowing by a little finger foreplay it should be ok.

The Sticks Ends are housed in a rubber ball

The Sticks Ends are housed in a rubber ball

Once they are in place I love this toy for it many play possibilities. The first thing you can do is increasing the pressure by pushing the movable rings closer together. Because the sticks are relatively long the pain intensity can be dosed quite fine without having to fear that it will fall off, unlike clamps where you have to i crease the pressure with a screw. Another way to remind the sub of the clamps once he got used to them is turning them. When turning the, there is a risk that the nipple will slip through the sticks which is very painful. But that might be just the thing you were going for…

The biggest advantage of the Thai Pain Sticks is that you can still access the nipple while the clamp is in play. There are infinite possibilities to add stimulation. One thing I love to do is playing with temperature. Either rub an ice cube over the tip of the nipple or just drop wax on that small area. The wax sensation is even stronger when you put the sticks into the freezer for 10 minutes before applying them… If you want to get really nasty, put safe irritants like bee venom salve on the nipple or torment it with a pin wheel. If you pulled the nipple between the sticks a bit further you can even add a second clamp onto them for added agony.

The two rubber rings make the difference between ecstasis and agony

The two rubber rings make the difference between ecstasis and agony

Of cause you are not limited to the nipple when playing. The clamp can be put anywhere where you can pinch enough skin. My favorite other areas are the fore skin, the balls (be careful not to get a seminal duct between the sticks!), ear lobes and the lips and tongue. The pain sensation on these areas is not so intense but you can make a fun game: Put them on both lips and tell the sub that they must not touch and then start playing. If he wiggles too much they will enviably touch and your sub has earned a punishment.

Beyond the clamp properties I have found the pain sticks useful for a bit of impact play. Especially the balls on the end can sting a bit when snapped again the skin. Because they are so small this toy is ideal for applying pain to small areas like the glans or the nipples.

Conslusion: Easy to dose clamp which leaves the nipple still accessible
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Sensation can be dosed easily Relatively high start pain level Mister B 35,95€
Nipple still accessible A bit difficult to handle
Many possible usages



Mister Chaps Crocodile Clamps

Vendor: Mister Chaps


_DSC1523Some time ago I review the Non-Adjustable Aligator Clamps from Mister B and loved them for their versatility so even new comers can enjoy them. Today I face again a reptile – and this time a mean one!

I got this clamps by accident. I was visiting Hamburg and following (old) my rule that I have to get myself a toy from every city trip I was browsing at Mister Chaps for something new. And this pair of clamps was actually the only one I did not own yet.

The Opening Angle of the Clamps

The Opening Angle of the Clamps

Like the Mister B ones these clamps are very small. But unlike them the massive, boldly looking chain is mounted onto a bail which is located at the opening mechanism axis so it doesn’t jam the mechanism. That design is very handy because sometimes you need to get these little devils off your skin FAST!

Playing with it

These clamps are only made for a selected group of pain connoisseurs which can cope with handling problems. Again this is a small clamp. But unlike other small clamps I have reviewed the gripping area is a really small and steep piece of metal which again has no texture. It takes some practice to grip and open the clamps. Operating it with thicker gloves on is a really hard task and as soon as your finger tips are sweaty or luby it gets really hard to open this clamps.

The Effect of the Teeth digging into the Skin after 5 Minutes

The Effect of the Teeth digging into the Skin after 5 Minutes

The form factor of the clamps (wide and shallow instead of narrow and deep like most clamps) keep it from sticking closely to your body but stand perpendicular away from it. I have tried to wear them under my rubber surf suit but aborted this experiment due to the fear of ripping it so it is a toy best used on subs with naked chest. Or should I say: Pain pigs? The pain sensation is very strong, a sharp biting feeling. And the steep pressure points which makes putting the clamps on problematic are now a benefit because they lead your finger tips towards the end of the clamps where you can easily increase the pressure – if you desire to agonize your victim. Also: These clamps do not come off lightly. I was too afraid to try it out but I believe you will probably break the skin through severe scratches when you pull these clamps off.

The Effects of the Teeth digging into Rubber

The Effects of the Teeth digging into Rubber

You could use it on rubber or leather surfaces because the spring is quite hard but it will leave marks. Also, the main pain sensation is lost and you only feel the pressure.

Despite not opening very wide these clamps through their tough grip can be put on nearly every part of the body imaginable as long as you can pinch enough skin to fit between the teeth. I once brain-stormed possible areas of use with a fellow top after the second gin and tonic and I will not write them down in order to protect sensitive readers. But believe me: The ideas made even an experienced pain pig like me shiver in fear.

Conslusion: A true pain pig’s dream with handling problems.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Strong pain Small opening Mister Chaps 10,95€
Small size Handling problems

Christmas Gift Tip III: Kinky Teddy Bears

One of the first pieces of advice I have gotten when I have started to get into heavier play was to always have something to hold onto ready when the endorphins should crash down hard. So I made it a rule to have a stuffed animal around when I had a play session. It is a standard one that might look a bit odd in a dungeon. Luckily there are a number of different options out there to get some kinky inspired cuddle material not only for the playroom but your couch or to piss of your siblings when you give their youngsters an “alternative” stuffed animal.

For many years Fetters has been making teddy bears made out of leather. Depending on the model they can be customized in dozens of ways: Different color combinations, collars, toys, etc.


 Daddy Fetter Bear 60cm around 110€


Bondage Fetter Bear 60cm starting at 112€

Fetters3Baby Fetter Bear 60cm around 90€

Just recently Recon teamed up with Fetters to create a teddy bear in their icon color combination of black and read. He comes collard and has a zipper pocket on the back to maybe store other post session stuff like chocolate.


Recon Cable Lock Leather Bear 88,88€

If you are not into leather and like the “classic” plushy bears there are also a number of different options out there.

HM Leather offers teddy bears in three different versions of leather gear from full body harnesses to chaps and vest.


HML Scene Teddys 39,90€

The SlingKing teddy bear is the ideal choice for bondage boy coming in a full body harness, leather cap, blindfold and restraints.


SlingKing Bär Marci 89,95€

If you are like me more of a pain pig Peitschenhandel has an entire range of stuffed pain pigs… ehm… bears engaging into tit torture, flogging or being bound into all kinds of positions.

Peitschenhandel1Peitschenhandel Teddy with Nipple Clamps 19,99€

Peitschenhandel3Peitschenhandel Teddy with stand pillory, Flogger and Shirt 59,90€

Mister B Non-Adjustable Aligator Clamps

Vendor: Mister B


Clamps without and with rubber cap

Clamps without and with rubber cover

The initial reaction to these clamps was “The are handy”. They are quite small yet sturdy built. The tips of the clamps are covered with a small rubber covers which you can take off and find aligator teeth under them. To connect the two clamps a robust chain is connecting them. The chain is connected to the clamps via a movable bail which is mounted on side of the clamps. Sometimes the bail gets between the two sides and thus jams the opening mechanism. Because the bail is rather large compared to the opening between the sides it can be hard to get it out of the way which is extremely annoying especially when you need to take the clamps off quickly. A better way to mount the chain onto the clamps probably would have been holes in one side and a direct connection.

Testing if the clamps can damage rubber

Testing if the clamps can damage rubber

Playing with it

The size of these clamps is a curse and a gift. They are very handy, can easily be worn under normal clothes or fetish gear like rubber and don’t take up much space so you can carry them around basically everywhere. The drawback is that the pressure points are very small and don’t have any texture. When you are wearing thick rubber gloves, have lube on your fingers or generally have large fingers they can be hard to handle.

Detail of the teeth when the rubber caps are off

Detail of the teeth when the rubber covers are off

Another ambivalent point are the rubber covers for the tips. When the skin area you are putting the clamps on is dry the rubber through is stickiness keeps the clamps in place very well. But as soon as the area is getting moist like through sweat the rubber slides of easily. This is especially annoying because due to their size they are perfect for wearing under tight fitting rubber. If the clamps start to get off, you can take off the rubber covers and unveil the heart of the beast: The aligator teeth which will keep the clamps in place. They are not as sharp as on other aligator clamps and they didn’t leave a permanent mark in my test rubber and leather. But I wouldn’t put them on such surfaces anyway because in order to feel something through the material you have to add pressure which will damage your fetish gear.

Testing the grip with the caps on

Testing the grip with the covers on

This brings me to the big advantage of these clamps: The flexibility. The spring isn’t too hard so they are great as beginner’s clamps, for really long term wear, a session start or if you feel a bit under the weather and want a lighter grip. But when you take the rubber covers off you are in for some real ouch and some nice marks after you have taken them off. As the spring isn’t so hard they are actually pretty comfortable for long time pain pig use.

Testing the grip with the caps off

Testing the grip with the caps off

Sadly increasing pressure by pressing on the sides is a bit difficult because yet again of the size and the tight fit on the body. This tight fit in combination with the round rubber covers and the quite small opening sadly limit the applicable areas to ones which stick out like nipples, tongue or earlobes. Yet again, as soon as you take the covers off the available possibilities broaden starting from the lips and end at the rim of your poor sub’s glans.

Pressure marks of the clamps with the caps off

Pressure marks of the clamps with the caps off

Conslusion: A versatile clamp with some handling problems
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Versatility Small opening Mister B (Manufacturer) 14€
Small size Handling problems