Desiderate: Textured Bad Dragon Toys

Seraphina his Signature Color

Those who have been following this little website right from the start – soon it will be 11 years, wow! – are familiar with Desiderates. In these posts I talk about toys I do not – yet – own and haven’t tested yet but find so interesting that I talk about why I find them tempting.

Due to personal reasons this Anal Toy Special is taking longer to finish than I anticipated. But it will be finished in two weeks. Since I started it, so many interesting new textured toys have entered the market that in the next few weeks I will post Desiderates on Friday on new toys I might review in the future.

Seraphina’s Siganture’s Glow in the Dark

We will start off with Bad Dragon who apparently has a new designer! Because so many great textured toys have been released recently. And since I am a sucker for texture, I will start of with this legendary brand.

I start off with the most extreme toy: Seraphina. It is an equine inspired toy so it is not for novices. The glans appeared to be a bit domed, encouraging the second sphincter to open up. But the glans rim is textured with bumps and ridges. Instead of one medial ring, Seaphina features three perpendicular ones. And for good measure there is a knot on the base. Laterally the shaft is also texture with veins so twisting this toy inside you will also be stimulating. But all this texture will make the toy hard aka interesting aka horny to take when you have the experience. It will be interesting to see how this toy works in medium firmness. Especially on the second sphincter the texture must be intense but being a depth toy, it will most likely not stand up in soft. I guess a thorough review is in order. Seraphina’s Signature color is a four color glow in the dark marble and as a GitD fan so I am already sold on that!

Slater in his Signature Color

The next on the decreasing intensity scale is Slater which reminds me a bit of Apollo, my first ever Bad Dragon toy. It is basically three bulbs/ knots stacked on top of each other with the top sphere tapering to a tip. So far so standard. But over the body meander several ridged of bumps in different heights and diameters. It will be an interesting toy to ride I can imagine it will shine the most being twisted inside your rectum by a top. Again, not sure if to get it in soft for a brushing or medium for an intense massage. In firm, Slater is probably going to be brutal!

Abyss in his Natural Colo

Abyss has a very particular design: A small nubby glans on top for easy entry – placed on a stumplike plateau shaft. There will be a lot of pre-stretching necessary to take him. The shaft is textured with thin grooves on lateral ridges and a scale-like texture on the ventral grove promising again to be a fun toy for twisting and turning. Personally I find the layout a bit creepy so not sure if I want Abyss in my playroom. But his Natural color has a nice Glow in the Dark effect so this might convince me.

Tempest’s Signature’s Glow in the Dark

Tempest looks like the tamer brother of Abyss. With a nice untextured and evenly tapering glans he will open your hole up easily. Once the glans pops in with the big glans drop the shaft is again textured with grooves and scales. But they are not as deep as on Abyss and lack the lateral ridges. Like his extremer brother Tempest Signature has a simple yet beautiful Glow in the Dark coloring.

Echo’s Horn’s Signature’s Glow in the Dark

The final toy in this little list is Echo’s Horn which I thought was a rhino horn but had to learn it belongs to a Snow Strider (sorry, the furry and anthroscene is not my strong side). It has the shape of a rhino’s horn so evenly opens up your hole. The entire shaft is texture with shallow perpendicular grooves making it the perfect toy for riding vigorously, fucking your anus into orgastic oblivion. Surprisingly both Echo’s Horn Natural and Signature colors are Glow in the Dark. While the Natural is just a solid color of the shaft in Natural both shaft and base feature an artic blue core over which the ridges glow in aqua blue giving him a very cool design. If not for play, you can use Echo’s Horn as a beautiful silicone sculpture for door stopping (guys importing BDs know what I am talking about).

Mako & Tiger Agitation Collar

The 3“ Agitation Collar from Mako & Tiger

Sometimes I get the question if I knew toys to really HANDLE a sub. Especially in the aggro and prison play scene there is a demand for toys to grab the bottom/ brat/ resisting switcher or top and drag him to his knees, the dick or hold him down while destroying his ass. For this kind of scenes even a short leash will not do it because it has too much slack. There used to be a few gags with a grip in front but teeth are surprisingly frailer than you might expect. So they weren’t the best idea.

Collars with a handle have long been popular in dog training but to my surprise have not been adopted wildly into the kink world. One model that comes with high praise from friends but I have not yet had a chance to try out myself is the Agitation Collar from Mako & Tiger. When I studied in the USA some 9 years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Mako. He’s a heavy (bondage) player and thus knows how high quality gear needs to be designed for heavy scenes.

The Agitation Collars can be Locked using a Pad or a Segufix Lock

The body of this collar is made out of thick and sturdy bridle leather. Depending on the version it is either 50mm or 75mm tall. The latter can probably double a bit as a posture collar. The inside is lined with padding wrapped in soft garment leather for a comfortable fit. For quick and easy shackling the collar is adjusted and closed with a roller buckle. For secure collaring this piece of neck gear can be locked and comes with a Segufix option.

But the piece de resistance is the wide handle in the back of the collar. It is made out of the same bridle leather but friends who have been using this collar for quite some time now told me that is it treated with mink oil and thus comfortable to hold onto. My friends also tell me that the draft is distributed evenly even when tugging on the collar with force. The same should also apply when a leash is attached to the big d-ring which is laterally placed below the handle.

The Handle and D-Ring on the 3“ Agitation Collar

These are big claims which I look forward to test in a review in some point in time. This curiosity especially applies to the fact that there are no rivets used to construct this collar. Everything is “just” sown together which if done well is sufficient. I have already a heavily resisting bottom in mind to try this gear out on.

But for the moment I trust the recommendation I get from experienced, heavy duty players I have known for years. So when you are in the market for a strong, heavy duty collar with a grip to handle your sub, check out the Agitation Collar from Mako & Tiger. At $350 for the 2’’ version and $450 for the 3’’ version they are not inexpensive but from what I have been told worth every cent as gear that will last you for years of heavy play.

SquarePeg Slink

The Entire Slink Range From Left to Right: Slink, Slink Ripple, Slink Spike and Slink Vortex

I do not only like to play with toys and ultimately review them, but I am also a bit of a toy collector, trying to accumulate iconic or original sex tools. In this category falls the SquarePeg Slink.

Square Peg was one of the – if not THE – first company which made depth toys out of platinum silicone which trough its smooth surface and right degree of flexibility is perfect for depth play. They started out with their a bit crude look Slither and over 10 years ago added the more technically Depth Probes. In 2011 they combined the two toys, added a dash of butt plug and the Slink emerged. Since then the Slink has become one of the most iconic and widely used anal toys for going deep. Because I got so many reader questions which toys for depth play to get, I reviewed the Slink and the Depth Probe this June. However, while I own the Depth Probe, the Slink was just a loan from my dear friend Teck Pup and now I want one of my own.

A few years ago, this was an easy decision: You just had to choose between SuperSoft Bronze and Graphite (though for “iconic” reasons you obviously choose the Bronze ;)). In 2015 SquarePeg introduced the Ripples versions of the Slink. A year later the Slink Spike. And two years later the Vortex arrived at the party. Which one should I get?

This question brings me to why I started 6 years ago: When facing the question which Slink to get, I searched the web for reviews of the different versions. How do the different textures feel? How do they impact how easy the toy goes deeper? Makes the textures’ added grip them easier to control? Sadly, there was nothing and with prices between $69 and $369 they are on the more expensive side of anal toys. So despite the price being absolutely fair for the quality, buying an unsatisfying toy will be extra annoying. For questions like this and to minimize the risk of buying a wrong toy, I started to give at least some orientation when looking for a toy for a specific fantasy, describing how they feel, perform and what can be done with them.

So, where does this leave me? I fear, I have to get at least three textures and compare them in a review some time the future. So, for variety reasons, my Slink wish list would probably be:

Small Smooth Slink SuperSoft Bronze

Medium Rippled Slink SuperSoft Bronze

Vortex Slink SuperSoft Graphite

If you are interested in testing out SquarePeg toys in general or the Slink in particular, you can get them at Mr S Leather in the USA or Regulation which has the largest selection in the EU.




Bad Dragon Egg Plug

An Easter Basket full of Bad Dragon Egg Plugs is more then you see on this website. Besides answering reader questions which toy might be right for them I am giving manufacturers feedback on their products way beyond the constructive criticism in the reviews. So when Bad Dragon introduced their Egg Plug in 2017 I was thrilled on one hand. Through their signature heavy texturing on their other toys, they can be hard to take even if you are able to take the diameter on a smooth toy. Despite some smoother toys like the Blaze (which I will review next week), Bad Dragon was always lacking a training toy for stretching the sphincter gently to take bigger toys. This gap filled the Egg Plug.

The Bad Dragon Egg Plug in „Signature“ Color featuring the almost decadent golden colored Base

On the other hand, I was a bit disappointed. Being only available in Small (63.5mm diameter) and Medium (75mm diameter) the largest possible size was almost modest compared to the diameter of their bigger toys. And on the other side of the spectrum, the small already had a hefty size for a beginner. But this Friday, just in time for the Easter Holidays around the corner, they introduced three new sizes: Mini (4.7mm diameter), Large (96,5mm diameter) and Extra Large (106.6mm diameter). While the Mini has the perfect size for eager anal amateurs, the gap between the Medium and the Large is significant. So while in my conversations about the Egg Plug I always told the guys at Bad Dragon “Once you make it, I want the XL and if possible in Firm”, I have to do a reality check and long for a Large in Soft with Natural color and the suction cup. Though to be honest: The XL in Signature (or even better: Golden Base and fluorescent colored egg like “5th Kind”) would make a striking visual in all playrooms!

The Bad Dragon Egg Plugs from XL to Mini

The available colors are also something I really like about the Egg Plug. In the Natural and Signature color, the actual egg rests in what looks like a golden egg cup. Plug-shutting my hole with something golden is a visual which is almost too good to be true.

The Egg Plug starts out at $75 for the Mini with regular colors and no suction cup (which I highly recommend) and goes up top $215 for the XL with marbled color and a suction cup.

Mr S Bondage Suit

Mr S Bondage Suit

Mr S Bondage Suit

After last week’s desiderate of the Parus Heavy Leather Straitjacket I got some messages if I knew a piece of bondage equipment that offered an even stronger bondage sensation but wasn’t a sleepsack. That was a bit of a challenge I was happy to overcome.

I first saw the Mr S Bondage Suit on my trip to San Francisco in 2013. Just looking at it caused me a bit to panic out of claustrophobia. It is a massive suit made out of high quality fine grain hide that weights nearly 10kg. Yet with lacing possibilities all over the suit the bondage sensation can quite finely be adjusted: From a compact feeling to not being able to even bend. For a quicker tying down there are belts that can be easily adjusted. Once laced into that beast there are countless d-rings attached to the suit so the sub can be tied into a bondage frame or to himself in a stress bondage position. A nifty feature is that the pants and jacket can be separated so if you don’t want to have the entire experience you can still either have a bondagy looking pair of leather pants or a straitjacket. Despite the thigh bondage effect play is quite possible with tit flaps, crotch and ass access.

Mr S Bondage Suit

Mr S Bondage Suit

I have to admit that this is one of the priciest pieces of bondage gear with a price tag of $2,895 but it will be the most intense yet versatile bondage experience available on this planet. In order to create the tight feeling each suit is custom made to measure to fit the sub’s body perfectly. In this process custom design ideas are possible, p.e. a friend of mine got a cod piece instead of the lacing around the crotch.

Parus Heavy Straitjacket

Front View of the Parus Heavy Leather Straitjacket

Front View of the Parus Heavy Leather Straitjacket

During BLF Easter I had the chance to quickly try out the Parus Heavy Leather Straitjacket. And since we are in the middle of the heavy bondage special I want to quickly share my experiences with you.

Rear View of the Parus Heavy Leather Straitjacket

Rear View of the Parus Heavy Leather Straitjacket

The first impression you get when holding this piece of bondage equipment is that is it massive. Being made out of and lined with high quality, thick, fine grain European leather in combination with welded steel D-rings and roller buckles the total weight adds up to 7kg. The entire jacket his heavily padded. The padding is quilted and as every Parus product the manufacturing is spotless. This weight and the padding create a feeling of being encased in leather which leads to a tight bondage feeling without tightening one strap. Once that is done you either start to sink into a deep bondage headspace – or like me start to experience claustrophobia. Both effects are enhanced once the arms are fixed. You can do this either like classic straitjacket style with the arms crossed in front of the chest or tie them down parallel to the torso using the d-rings on the side.

Side View of the Parus Heavy Leather Straitjacket

Side View of the Parus Heavy Leather Straitjacket

With 3 D-rings on the collar and 3 on each side there are enough possibilities to limit the movement of the sub even further. What sets this straitjacket apart from other besides going down up to nearly the knees is the laced up codpiece and the easy access to the ass. So despite having rendered the sub completely immobile you can still play with him very well. What this model lacks are tit flaps but I am positive that the guys at Parus can do a custom design if requested.

The straitjacket comes as a one-size-fits-all. I am 1.88m high and average built and it fit me quite well. Through the many straps it can be adjusted to nearly every body size.

This straitjacket retails for 1.449€ and is a Parus exclusive. Since it is made to order it takes up to 4 weeks to be made.

E-Stim Electro Whisker

electrowhiskLike every year for Folsom Europe this website went a bit quiet and will be back next week with the final stretch of the e-stim special. However during Folsom Europe I had the chance to try out a wonderful devious and delicate toy I want to introduce as a desiderate: The E-Stim Electro Whisker from Regulation.

It is a whisker made out of thin conduction stainless steel rods that packed into an isolated shaft. On top of the shaft is a 4mm banana jacket for connection to your power box. This toy is quite devilish: Because the rods are quite flexible you can vary the contact area very rapidly. So the sensation can momentarily change from a mild tingle to a hellish sting. The toy costs £40 directly at E-stim or £53.99 at Regulation. I had so much fun with it as a top and a sub, I can’t wait to add it to my collection!

Mystim Tension Lover

The Mystim Tension Lover with the Case and its Contenct

The Mystim Tension Lover with the Case and its Contenct

A couple of weeks ago I answered to your request for a novice electro box with writing a bit about the E-Stim Intro Packs. Yet I got some requests if there isn’t a box out there with two channels that isn’t too expensive and indeed there is: The Mystim Tension Lover.

It is a fairly basic yet sophisticated box. It is digital with a large display so you can adjust the programs quite accurately. There are only 7 programs and no audio interface but for a first dip into e-stim pleasures (or pain) it is quite enough. It also has a timer function if you want to leave your sub alone. A nifty feature is the locking of the keys of you want to walk around during the stimulation.

Since I was always looking for a another compact digital electro I am very much looking forward to owning this box some day and would love to review it! The box comes in a nice case with two leads and four pad electrodes and costs £119.99 and can be ordered from Uberkinky.

E-Stim System Intro Pack

The Front of the E-Stim System Series One

The Front of the E-Stim System Series One

After having featured three E-Stim boxes on the higher end of the price spectrum I have been asked if I could recommend a little bit more affordable power boxes for the interested novice who doesn’t want to dive too deep into the pool financially. And as always I am happy to oblige.

The E-Stim 1 is the most basic and affordable box from E-Stim System. It has one channel and three manipulable modes which are enough to have loads of fun with and figure out if you like the sensation. It is small and runs on 9V batteries so it is easily stores and quickly provided with new energy. Since it can create a wave sensation I know of guys who have bigger boxes yet travel with this small one and a pair of silicone loops to get them off when they are anyway for work.

The Ultra Pack with the Series 1 and two Electrodes

The Ultra Pack with the Series 1 and two Electrodes

While the box itself costs £99 E-Stim System offers two interesting packs for starters: A pack with a pair of silicone loops for £109 and the in my opinion most interesting one with a pair of silicone loops and one of their great premium bi-polar electrodes for £169. If you get yourself a 3.5mm plug onto 2 jacket splitter you can even use both electrodes on this one channel box. Of cause you can’t control the intensity level for both electrode pair individually but still the double stimulation will be mind blowing for a novice. So if you don’t want to spend too much money yet get quality electrodes you can continue using, the Ultra Pack is you best choice.

E-Stim System 2b Pro Pack

All E-Stim power boxes I have talked about so far are more or less easy to use and thus a bit limited to the way the stimulation can be tailored to your ideas. Last weekend I have subbed to a top using the Erostek ET312b and loved it as ever yet I do not really to own one: It is big, heavy and with the small display and many buttons difficult to use. This is not a toy as a sub I can just give to a top unfamiliar with it and say “Try it out on me.” Yet I sometimes wish for more elaborate play setup than my ET232 can provide.

The E-Stim System 2b Pro Pack

The E-Stim System 2b Pro Pack

E-Stim System, the make of the awesome bi-polar electrodes and many other fun E-Stim toys, carry what I believe to be a solution to my problem: The E-Stim System 2b. Or more precisely the 2b Pro Pack. The box is not significant larger than my ET232 so storing and travelling with it will not be a problem. It runs on 9V batteries which are widely available.

So much for the practical part. When it comes to play the box offers a two channel output and digital, stereo audio processing. The control concept on the box is similar to the one of the ET312b. But, the 2b has a sophisticated remote control suit for your computer. You can either control all functions on a computer inside the playroom or even control your sub’s box via the internet when you are not around. I have only seen screen shots of the computer UI but it seems quite intuitive and easy to learn.

Sadly I have neither topped nor subbed with this box but I have many great things about it and am anxious to try it out. If you want to provide me with a review sample of the 2b Pro Pack, please get in touch with me.

If you just start out with E-Stim or want to use the computer connectivity right out of the box, I would recommend the Pro pack which comes with everything you need. It costs £359 and can be purchased either directly from the manufacturer with free shipping. If you don’t need a wired power supply or the computer interface you can get just the box with some leads for £299 either directly from E-Stim System or Regulation.