ToyTortures Top 10 Toys: DeTails Flogger Set

The different colored handles of my flogger set.

Flogging is one of the most intimate and artistic yet difficult form of BDSM play. Quiet easy to learn its basic it takes a long time to master it and develop ones own style. Each set of flogger thus represents the personal preference of the top. Depending on if he likes it more stingy or thuddy, wants to meditate or punish, flogs single-handed or Florentine, the flogger are made differently. So each set tells a story about its owner. What all high-quality, individually made flogger tell is the story of craftsmanship with their braided knots and countless styles of woven handle covers.

My flogger set from DeTails

When I purchased my set from DeTails I chose the company for their value for money: Fitting my student budget I coud get exactly the flogger I wanted. Due to needing the right space and right play partner I rarely use my flogger. That saddens me because feeling and using this work of art is exhilarating. But when I do, I know it is going to be a mind-blowing experience.

When subbing none of all the toys in my collection makes me quiver in anticipation, pushes me to cry out of ecstasy or catharsis or give me an endorphin rush or give me an endorphin rush that even hours  after the scene keeps me from falling asleep like this set of flogger. When topping none of all the toys in my collection lets me physically and mentally connect with my sub. That’s why I love these flogger.

The price of a flogger depends on the tail’s hide, length and number. So it is best to talk to DeTails what you want and – especially when you are new to flogging – need before ordering. To learn about my set, read the in-depth review here.

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DeTails Toys Set of Flogger

Vendor: DeTails Toys

Detail of the handle

As I have written about in this blog post a couple of month ago, I had a VERY intense experience getting flogged in the USA. Besides the unique sensation of getting flogged I was stunned by the craftsmanship that went into weaving the leather into the handle, the knot both providing enough strength to hold the tails together when thrown onto a sub with full strength.

Detail of the knot

A quick and honestly very superficial survey of the European and especially the German market showed that there weren’t any vendors providing me with what I want: A custom woven flogger. Turning to the US market showed that not surprisingly considering the amount of crafting and using of high quality leather getting a custom made set of flogger on a student budget proved to be difficult. At the end of my market analysis I ended up ordering my set a DeTails Toys who were considerable inexpensive and still showed some level of quality.

The four floggeres reviewed in the article


My order consisted of four floggers: Three with 50cm tails for torso flogging and one with 25cm tails for CBT, tit and ass play.

The three long floggers are an 18 tails deer skin with round ends for warm up, a 45 tails elk with angle cut as a universal flogger and a 45 tails bull thudder with a straight cut tail ends. The small one has 10 tails and is made out of medium stiff buffalo so it can either sting or thud with straight cut tail ends.

The leather quality for the floggers‘ tail is quite good. It has a natural feel to it and isn’t taned to death like you often see with low cost toys made in Asia. If I look at some friends’ floggers there is a better leather quality out there. Also the color from the loop rubs off a bit. But still the value for money is really good.

Different tail end cuts from left to right: Angle, round and stright cut

The biggest cost factor when making a flogger is the time it takes to create a tight knot and handle patter so that the flogger won’t fall apart. This is one of the reasons most flogger makers sooner or later go out of business: Getting a decent hour wage and still selling their floggers for a price that the consumer accepts is nearly impossible. So when I compare my DeTails floggers to some which cost between twice or thrice that much you can again see that they haven’t been given the same attention to detail as other ones. The knot and handle aren’t painstakingly tightly braided. But after excessively playing with my set nothing got loose and I am very confident they will give my fun for years to come.

Detail of the four handle colors

Playing with it

When it comes to throwing the flogger at a sub’s back they perform quite well. Some tails are a bit longer than the rest and on each flogger there are one or two tails who don’t fly with the rest. So these floggers take a little bit longer to master them in order to let them fly in a controlled way. But this is a process you have with every flogger so every testee I gave them for review experience barely noticed the longer personal breaking-in period.

While the Deer skin is very well balanced the heavier Elk and Bull flogger are a little bit tail-heavy which is


Different length of the tails

Different length of the tails

As skeptical as my review might have sounded I really enjoy playing with this flogger set. Once you mastered them they perform as good as way more expensive ones. Of cause there are floggers out there which are better made. So if you are looking for a perfect piece of craftsmanship these floggers might not be the right ones for you. But if you look for a good, custom flogger for intense play, I really encourage you to look at the ones from DeTails.

Price at the Date of Publishing: Between $80 and $130

Link to the Manufacturer