E-Stim System ElectroWhisker

Vendor: E-Stim System

The E-Stim System ElectroWhisker

The E-Stim System ElectroWhisker


The overall design of this toy looks like rutes used for percussion. The handle is a 16.5cm long barrel covered in an isolating material with a jacket for 4mm banana plugs on one end. Out of this handle a fan of thin yet stiff stainless steel wires emerge. The fan is approx. 11cm long and 4cm wide at the end.

Playing with it

As I explained in detail here the feeling of the e-stim sensation is determined by the mass and contact area of the electrode used. Well… the ElectroWhisker has almost no mass so even little output power can create strong sensations. What makes this toy so devilish is how easily you can alter the contact area. Start out with the ElectroWhisker almost parallel to the body making the largest possible contact area and then slowly (!) lift the handle while still applying pressure so part of the fan gets pressed against the body. Just lifting it a bit creates an immense increase in experienced sensation. While this is very fun especially for a true masochist please be careful. Slipping or too abrupt movement s can create really excruciating pain! Also be careful when changing directions: The stiffness and friction of the wires can make single wires stick to the skin and jump abruptly decreasing the contact area which leads to more intense stimulation. To prevent that especially at the end of a scene: Turn of the box before you lift the ElectroWhisker!

Detail of the Tip of the Fan of the E-Stim ElectroWhisker

Detail of the Tip of the Fan of the E-Stim ElectroWhisker

The ElectroWhisker is a monopolar toy so you always need a second pole in order to create a sensation. Since the sensation is always felt at the pole with less mass I recommend using a mass-richer electrode like a metal butt plug; but silicone loops also work. Especially when you press the entire fan against the body blue bands and pad electrodes are sometimes not mass-rich enough. Of cause the alternation of the sensation between these two areas can be interesting but most of my subs found it irritating (Of cause this might what you are going for…). As with any e-stim toy the general rule applies: No stimulation above the waist. But in this case there is “but”: The problem with stimulation that crosses the waist is that current might flow through the heart causing potentially leather effect. If you want to travel over the entire body with the ElectroWhisker, do what I am doing: Take an E-Stim System Classic electrode, put waterbased lube on the head, connect one plug of the leads to the head (that is the 4mm jacket in the middle of the butt plug) and the other one to the ElectroWhisker. Now Place both electrodes close to each other on the body and let them travel parallel close to each other without touching. This takes a bit of practice and coordination and obviously you don’t have a free hand to alter the output level yet it is the only way to safely play on the entire body. Speaking of lube: If you feel that the fan doesn’t travel well enough over the body please use water-based lube in order to ensure conductivity. As the scene progresses the lube dries becoming sticky which can increase the problem so lube up constantly.

Of cause the ElectroWhisker can also be used without e-stim for sensation play. Just letting it lightly travel over the body is an interesting combination of a tickling and scratching sensation. Increase the pressure breaking the bundle into segments for a more scratching feeling. Being made out of stainless steel the wires can be used for temperature play either cooling them down or heating them up. (Caution! This form of fire play is dangerous! Only do it if you have been taught by an experienced player!) When heating them especially if you want to make them glow red take care that you don’t heat them up too for up the handle otherwise the isolation and soldering can be damanged.

Cleaning this toy is easy: Simply spray a sanitizer on the fan and let it dry off. If you used lube wash it with hot water and soap. Please be careful not to get water into the area where the fan emerges. Getting the water out of there is a pain in the ass and drying takes ages!

Conclusion: A delicate and devilish toy that takes some practice to handle well with e-stim.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Wide range of possible sensations Takes time to really learn to control it well E-Stim System £40
Usable for heat play

E-Stim 2b Pro Pack

Vendor: E-Stim System


The E-Stim System 2b Pro Pack including the Power Unit and USB Link Cable

One of the most asked question regarding E-Stim is if the 2b is a good power unit. Since for a long time I haven’t had a chance to play with one I am very glad that E-Stim System provided me with a review sample for this year’s E-Stim Special.

Since this review was written, E-Stim Systems renamed the Pro Pack Bonus Pack, but the content stayed the same.


The 2b Pro Pack comes in a nice sturdy black box which with just a few modifications can also house some basic e-stim toys like sounds or conductive loops. Inside the storage box is the 2b power unit, a power supply unit with adaptors for the most common plug systems, a 9V battery, two 4mm banana plug leads, an audio CD with music for the audio input of the power box, the cable to connect your 2b to your PC, an USB stick with the connection and the remote control software which you need to update the firmware of your box and of cause a detailed printed manual.

The 2b power box itself is a black box which measures 145x80x35mm. On top on the right side there is a blue back light LCD. It shows the selected program, the adjustments done to the program (50:50 is the default value; the first value is for just turning the adjust knob, the second for when pressing the select button and turning the adjust knob), the output level of both channel, the selected output mode (low and high) and the battery status. Below that screen are three knobs and a button. The knobs from the left to the right control the intensity for channel A (under which the input of the internal mono microphone is located), the adjustment knob which manipulates the programs and the control for the intensity of channel B. If you press the button labeled select you enter the menu. By turning the adjustment know you can scroll through the different programs which you select by pressing the “Select” button again. After the different programs you reach the different setting menus where you can adjust the output level, engage the tri-phase mode, adjust the backlight or active the remote control mode. On the far right side of the top there are two LEDs which flesh in time with the stimulation.

The Control Panel of the E-Stim System 2b

The Control Panel of the E-Stim System 2b

On the front side there is a slider to activate the box and the input for the external power supply. On the right side there are three 3.5mm jackets. The left jacket is the output for the second channel, the middle is the input for the audio or the digital connection and the right is the output for the first channel. On the bottom of the box there is the lid under which the battery can be put.

Playing with it

Using the box is similar to other quite easy: Turn the box on using the slider and wait 7 seconds for it to boot while it makes a self check and it is ready for play. Then connect the leads to the electrodes, connect them to the box, select a program (the box boots by default into Pulse) and slowly increase the intensity on the desired channel. The 2b has 17 different programs. The sensation of the programs can be adjusted in two ways with different effects by either turning the adjust know or pressing down the select button while turning the adjust know.

Program Name Sensation Adjustment Knob Manipulation Effect Adjustment Knob + Select Button Manuplation Effect
Pulse Both channel simultaneously fire a sensation impulse Impulse Rate Impulse sensation from soft to stingy
Bounce An alternative sensation impulse on both channel Impulse rate Impulse sensation from soft to stingy
Continuous An impulse with such a high frequency that it is felt continuously Sensation from soft to stingy
A Split An impulse on Channel A is, while Channel  B is pulsed with such a high frequency that it is felt continuously Impulse Rate Impulse sensation from soft to stingy
B Split An impulse on Channel A is, while Channel  B is pulsed with such a high frequency that it is felt continuously Impulse Rate Impulse sensation from soft to stingy
Wave The sensation rises to a point depending on the intensity setting, drops to zero and starts rising again Steepness of the climb Impulse sensation from soft to stingy
Waterfall The sensation rises to a point depending on the intensity setting, gradually decreases and starts rising again Steepness of the climb Impulse sensation from soft to stingy
Squeeze An impulse with increasing speed until it reaches a continuous stimulation and starts over again Time it takes to reach continuous stimulation Impulse sensation from soft to stingy
Milk Similar like Squeeze yet with set-off channels so Channel B starts to fire when Channel A is almost continuous Time it takes to reach continuous stimulation Impulse sensation from soft to stingy
Throb A throbbing sensation Intensity of the throb.
Thrust A thrusting sensation Intensity of the thrust.
Random Random impulses are fired The lower the number the faster new impulses are fired Impulse sensation from soft to stingy
Step A bit like “Wave”: The sensation starts at zero, rises, drops and starts over with the end intensity increasing by 1% each stop to the maximum selected intensity. Pause between steps Impulse sensation from soft to stingy
Training Similar to “Step” but the increase is 1/12 of the selected intensity (or 1% if under 12% selected intensity). Pause between steps Impulse sensation from soft to stingy
Tickle A tickling sensation. The faster you turn the knob, the more intense the tickling become.
Stereo Input Creating sensations out of the input (p.e. music) from the 3.5mm jacket. The sensation from channel A are representations of the left stereo channel, channel B of the right. In order to allow for a varied sensation the input volume mustn’t be too high or too low. Sharpness of the response.
Microphone Creating sensations out of the input of the internal microphone. Since it is mono the sensation on both channel is the same. The microphone picks up blunt sounds (like screams and some level of conversation) but it not really made for delicate input like music. It is ok if you have nothing else at hand but if you want more control I would recommend attaching a microphone to the 3.5mm jacket for better and controlled input. Impulse sensation from soft to stingy
The E-Stim 2b Pro Pack including the Power Supply and USB-Link Cable

The E-Stim 2b Pro Pack including the Power Supply and USB-Link Cable

I have to be honest: My first impression of “Well, I max that box pretty quickly.” Then changed the output level to high, used the external power supply which gives an additional 30% power boost and I quite enjoyed it. Yet in order to really love the box you really need to get to know it (like actually all sophisticated digital e-stim boxes). Once you start experimenting with the different modifications through the adjustment knob and the feel of the sensation with select+adjust a whole new world opens up from soft sensation that slowly bring more and more pleasure until I came up to excruciating pain scenes.  That being said this is not a power unit you buy, take out of the packaging and have all the fun. Of cause the standard settings are good and will get you off well but to truly unleash the potential of this box it takes quite some (very entertaining) time.

Especially when you are starting out with this box, one thing that takes a bit time to get used to are the controls. The resistance of the control knobs is a bit strong so it is hard to turn up the intensity quickly. Also: Once you press the “Select” button the stimulation stops until you select a new one which as a safety precaution starts at 1% intensity which at least for my play style is a bit annoying. But as soon as I got used to it, I adjusted my play style and it didn’t bother me anymore.

The Command Software to Remotely Control your E-Stim 2b

The Command Software to Remotely Control your E-Stim 2b

What sets the 2b apart from other power boxes is the remote control feature. You can connect your box to you computer using the USB-link cable included in the Pro Pack (which can be purchase separately for £89) and than either control is via your computer or let someone else control it over the internet. E-Stim System says this feature is still in beta status so be prepared for problem. During my test I didn’t experience any but this might not be the rule.


During Erofame this year, E-Stim Systems introduced a new remote control service called „Connect“ which is more realiable and easier to control than the old Commander. You can read everything out it here.

The box comes with a lifetime warranty and after a bit chaotic group scene I can assure you that it is sturdy build enough for limited impact (though try not to be like me a knock it down a table thrice one evening!).

Conclusion: Powerful, flexible yet a bit hard to control e-stim power box.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Wide variety of sensations possible Takes long time to master E-Stim System

Mr S Leather 2b Power Pack

Mr S Leather Accessory Pack




Powerful if used correctly Controls are a bit firm
dual audio input

E-Stim Cock Straps

Vendor: Various

Detail of the Conductive Area and Strap

Detail of the Conductive Area and Strap

This review is about a basic e-stim toy nearly every major manufacturer carries. The one I have gotten were give aways with every electro box Mr S sold. Sadly they have stopped doing it and are not selling this particular toy anymore. So when reading this review please keep in mind that the actual measurements of different versions of this toy may vary! The way it works and the construction are all the same.


The main part of this toy is a rectangular plastic body. The bottom is made out of stainless steel for better conduction. On the one side of the top is a knob onto which the low profile lead is attached. The female side of this plug is made for 4mm bananan plug. The other side is a clasp through which the strap runs. It is made out of an elastic fiber and is approx. 17cm long and 2cm wide. The inside is made out of a conductive fabric.

Detail of the Clasp and Connection Knob

Detail of the Clasp and Connection Knob

Playing with it

The operation of this toy is quite easy: Simply put it onto the desired body area, make sure that the heart doesn’t lie between the strap and the other pole and tighten the strap so that it is fastened securely. They basically fulfill the same purpose as the conductive silicone loops I reviewed some weeks ago. Yet they have some important differences. The most notable is the handling difference: The edges of the toy is not conductive so you can theoretically place both straps next to each other without short circuiting your box. When turning up the power please be a bit more careful than with these loops. Despite the larger contact area and the fact that the conducting area is pressed onto the body the higher conductivity (at least when I compare my straps to my loops) leads to a stronger effect which is a bit more stingy. You can take away a bit of the sting by using conductive lube or soaking the bands in salt water before play. Through this property they are useful when your sub has maxed your box with the conductive loops. From experience I would say that these straps give you another 30% more sensitivity but as always with e-stim this can vary depending on the sub and his physical condition. I also tend to use them when the sub is not restrained tightly and moves a lot and/ or has a small dick which might cause conducting silicone loops to fall off. Due to these loops being kind of stiff the elasticity of the cock straps helps when you want to attach electro to rough body areas.

Conslusion: Essential e-stim toy
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Holds onto body even in difficult situations Difficult to create a smooth sensation Mr S $59.95
E-Stim System £28
MyStim 34.80€
Uberkinky £3.99

E-Stim System Intro Pack

The Front of the E-Stim System Series One

The Front of the E-Stim System Series One

After having featured three E-Stim boxes on the higher end of the price spectrum I have been asked if I could recommend a little bit more affordable power boxes for the interested novice who doesn’t want to dive too deep into the pool financially. And as always I am happy to oblige.

The E-Stim 1 is the most basic and affordable box from E-Stim System. It has one channel and three manipulable modes which are enough to have loads of fun with and figure out if you like the sensation. It is small and runs on 9V batteries so it is easily stores and quickly provided with new energy. Since it can create a wave sensation I know of guys who have bigger boxes yet travel with this small one and a pair of silicone loops to get them off when they are anyway for work.

The Ultra Pack with the Series 1 and two Electrodes

The Ultra Pack with the Series 1 and two Electrodes

While the box itself costs £99 E-Stim System offers two interesting packs for starters: A pack with a pair of silicone loops for £109 and the in my opinion most interesting one with a pair of silicone loops and one of their great premium bi-polar electrodes for £169. If you get yourself a 3.5mm plug onto 2 jacket splitter you can even use both electrodes on this one channel box. Of cause you can’t control the intensity level for both electrode pair individually but still the double stimulation will be mind blowing for a novice. So if you don’t want to spend too much money yet get quality electrodes you can continue using, the Ultra Pack is you best choice.

E-Stim System Torpedo Large

Vendor: E-Stim Systems

The E-Stim System Torpedo Lage

The E-Stim System Torpedo Lage

I have reviewed three other electrodes of the premium collection from E-Stim system 1 ½ years ago. When I was in Munich three weeks ago I stumbled about this electrode and got a good deal on it so I’ve bought it. But since there are some important difference to the electrodes I have reviewed the last time and since anal plugs are an important e-stim toy I am writing another review about this great toy.


In the last year they have changed nothing on the great build quality: The head and base are made out of aluminum, the screw connecting the top and the bottom is stainless steel and the plastic is quite sturdy. They are so convinced by their build quality that they give you a live long quality and having been using these kind of electrodes extensively for over 2 years I have to agree. Even the plastic hasn’t aged yet I there is a drop of bitterness with the combination of the aluminum head and the stainless steel screw: Since the screw is harder than the material the thread is cut into, if you tighten the screw too tight too often the thread will get a bit dull. But I guess if you send the electrode in, the thread can be easily cut again.

Speaking of screw and thread, for easy cleaning this toy is made out of five individual pieces: Through the base a hole is drilled. Into this hole a plastic insulator is put through which a screw is put. Onto this screw you put another piece of plastic which forms the neck and ontop you screw the head of the electrode. Into the base and the connecting threat holes for 4mm banana plugs are drilled. The holes are far enough apart for using low profile plugs so you can comfortably sit on this plug.

The Electrode Disassambled into its Five Parts

The Electrode Disassambled into its Five Parts

Both head and base had a diameter of 5cm, the neck with 2.5cm is only half that thick. The total length of the toy is 13.5cm with an insertable length about 10cm. The electrode weighs 555g.

The stainless steel surfaces comes in a standard brushed finish which gives it a very sleek, modern and sleek appearance. When you order the electrodes directly from E-Stim’s website you can also order all electrodes in a polished version for a 10% premium. It is hard for me to recommend a surface treatment: As a jeweler sales assistant I know that a polished surface won’t show scratches as easily as a brushed one (If you are interested to know why, send me an e-mail), but personally I prefer the look of the brushed stainless steel. And if you are not ordering your toys directly from their website you will most likely only have the option of getting the brushed finishes.

Another neat thing is that the toy comes in a nifty and stylish black box that can be adjusted length-wise. So if you don’t store your e-stim toys in them but display them proudly you can store other stuff like clamps in there. I use one of the larger boxes for band-aids and a friend of mine a thinner one for sounds.

Detail of a connection with a 4mm Banana Plug Cable

Detail of a connection with a 4mm Banana Plug Cable

Playing with the toy

The first part of this section is a slightly enhanced copy and paste from the old review because I have little to add to this.

First an advice how to read this section: I will only discuss how the physical properties influence the sensation. The sensation itself depends very much on your e-stim box and the program you select.

When choosing the right electrode before play there are three important things to keep in mind:

  1. The Material: Unlike other soft materials like vinyl or silicone most anal toys are made out off stainless steel will not yield! So if you can barely fit a 38mm vinyl plug into your ass taking the Magnum Medium for example will at least take some training.
  2. The Handling: A lot of people put condoms over their anal toys when switching partners. The condom’s latex layer will at best alter the way the current flows thus might produce unwanted effects, at worst no current will flow at all. But because the metal is easily cleaned and disinfected this isn’t a big issue if you clean your toy thoroughly after using it on one partner. The best way of cleaning this toy is to disassemble it, put it into hot water with a bit of detergent added to it. Scrub the parts with a soft brush, rinse the water off and let the parts dry. Once they are, spray your favorite disinfection spray on them and assamble them again once dried.
  3. The Lubrication: When it comes to lube I would always recommend water-based lube. The glycerin in the lube will help the current flow from the metal to the skin. A thick layer of silicone lube can produced unwanted effect.
    There are specialized electro lubes out there but in my opinion they are overrated. For my sessions I use Swiss Navy water based lube. It keeps it gliding properties for a long period of time and transmits current very well.

As written here the larger the mass and contact area of the electrode the smoother the sensation. Since this is the heaviest and larges anal bi-pole I own as expected the sensation was silky smooth. But unlike the other electrodes the mass difference between the base and the head is so large that the sensation is nearly only felt at the base. It was a weird, hard to describe feeling putting the stroke program on. Usually this created a fucking sensation. This time… it was not bad just different than expacted.

The Black Packaging the Toy comes in

The Black Packaging the Toy comes in

Due to the size of this plug and the fact that metal doesn’t give in unlike most other material used for making anal toys I recommend this toy only to people with well-trained holes. Since the head is dull on top this electrode won’t enter as easily as a Magnum, yet the solid connection between base and head the toy can be pushed in quite easily. Being over half a kilogram heavy, keep in mind that gravity has quite some grip on this toy when walking around. So if your ass is trained too well there is some danger for your precious hardwood floor. But the size and weight makes this toy also interesting just as an anal toy without any stimulation. There is no give in the toy and the connection so when you move around this heavy toy will be noticed hitting your prostate.

Of cause you can also use the electrode also as a monopole. Just plug one banana plug into the anal electrode and the other one onto another electrode, a pin wheel or a rubber loop for example.

Conslusion: High quality anal bi-pole for anal experienced bottoms
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Very smooth sensation Material combination can dull screw thread E-Stim System £79
Outstanding build quality and materials
Easy to clean
Lifetime guarantee


E-Stim System 2b Pro Pack

All E-Stim power boxes I have talked about so far are more or less easy to use and thus a bit limited to the way the stimulation can be tailored to your ideas. Last weekend I have subbed to a top using the Erostek ET312b and loved it as ever yet I do not really to own one: It is big, heavy and with the small display and many buttons difficult to use. This is not a toy as a sub I can just give to a top unfamiliar with it and say “Try it out on me.” Yet I sometimes wish for more elaborate play setup than my ET232 can provide.

The E-Stim System 2b Pro Pack

The E-Stim System 2b Pro Pack

E-Stim System, the make of the awesome bi-polar electrodes and many other fun E-Stim toys, carry what I believe to be a solution to my problem: The E-Stim System 2b. Or more precisely the 2b Pro Pack. The box is not significant larger than my ET232 so storing and travelling with it will not be a problem. It runs on 9V batteries which are widely available.

So much for the practical part. When it comes to play the box offers a two channel output and digital, stereo audio processing. The control concept on the box is similar to the one of the ET312b. But, the 2b has a sophisticated remote control suit for your computer. You can either control all functions on a computer inside the playroom or even control your sub’s box via the internet when you are not around. I have only seen screen shots of the computer UI but it seems quite intuitive and easy to learn.

Sadly I have neither topped nor subbed with this box but I have many great things about it and am anxious to try it out. If you want to provide me with a review sample of the 2b Pro Pack, please get in touch with me.

If you just start out with E-Stim or want to use the computer connectivity right out of the box, I would recommend the Pro pack which comes with everything you need. It costs £359 and can be purchased either directly from the manufacturer with free shipping. If you don’t need a wired power supply or the computer interface you can get just the box with some leads for £299 either directly from E-Stim System or Regulation.

E-Stim System Conductive Rubber Cock Loops

Vendor: E-Stim System

A Pair of E-Stim System Cock Loops

A Pair of E-Stim System Cock Loops


The design of this toy is quite simple: you get a pair of 26cm long tubes made out of conductive silicone. Depending on the leads system you are using, you can choose between tubes with a 2mm or 4mm internal diameter. Each tube comes with collar through which you can pull both ends in order to create loops.

Playing with it

I consider this toy THE E-Stim essential. If you buy one pair of electrodes for your box, make it this because it is so versatile. The probably most often used play scenario for this toy is CBT: Put a ball stretcher on, lay one loop around the penis root and the other one around the stretched balls and try some different programs. With some training most men can even turn their box with these electrodes into a milker. For this stimulation put one loop either around the penis root or on the bottom of the shaft and the other one right below the glans and select the stroke program. If you do this on a regular basis your dick will most likely learn to reach an orgasm from the currency induced nerve irritation on the frenulum. For faster trainings results I would recommend adding an anal set up the stimulates the prostate in the same pattern. But always keep in mind to not overdo the stimulation because especially with electro the nerves of your genitals are easily overwrought. So the stimulation might have a nice torture aspect getting your endorphins flowing but won’t make you come. One thing I have heard people doing but strongly would disadvise doing is using the loops as a substitute for an electro sound! The loops are cut from a long tube but the edges are not deburred so they can injure your ureatha! For this kind of games invest into genuine electro sounds or special glans electrodes.

Detail of the Collar Holding the Loops in Shape

Detail of the Collar Holding the Loops in Shape

When playing on the penis I would always recommend putting a TPR stretcher – like mine of the many stretchers and cockrings from Oxballs or Keepburning – because there are easy to handle, are not conducting and will keep the electrodes from touching and thus from short-circuiting. Speaking of short-circuiting: there are bi-polar version of this kind of toy out there which have an isolating connector in the middle! This loops – like most others – are a monopoles. Putting a leads into both ends will short-circuit your box and can destroy it!

Detail of a Connection to a 4mm Lead

Detail of a Connection to a 4mm Lead

But this toy is not limited to CBT. When wearing an isolating glove use the pair as a skin electrode and caress the sub’s skin with it. You can even make an anal electrode out of the pair: Either put one of them into your ass and the other somewhere onto your skin below the waist or put an isolating layer between them – p.e. a piece of freezer bag which is large enough to keep the electrodes separate even when the electrodes shift a bit – and shove both up your butt in order to create a bi-pole.

Maintenance wise this toy is very easy to handle: After having played with it, just wash it in hot water with a bit of detergent in it. Once it’s dried spray or wipe it with a disinfectant. This is especially important when you have used it below your glans because even unnoticed drops of precum can transmit STDs!

Another important play and maintenance aspect to keep in mind is the lube: since the loops are made out of silicone, never use silicone lube on it. On the one hand silicone lube doesn’t conduct currency and on the other hand silicone lube will destroy the silicone of the loops.

Conslusion: Essential and inexpensive E-Stim toy
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Easy to use Maybe a bit short for really BIG cock roots E-Stim Systems £29
Regulation £27,99

E-Stim 101

TENS vs Shocks

There are two types of electric stimulation used for erotic pleasure and torture: TENS (short for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) and shocks. While shock devices like a violet wand or stun guns interacts with the skin, TENS units send electric stimulation through the body in order to stimulate the nerve endings. Both kinds of play have different safety and usage aspects to keep in mind when playing. This article is only about TENS units. While both kind of play are called e-stim I will use the term e-stim in this article as a synonym for TENS play.


Detail of the Inputs and Outputs of the ET232

Detail of the Inputs and Outputs of the Erostek ET232

How does E-Stim work?

In order to create a sensation you need at least two electrodes with different poles that don’t touch each other and are connected to one channel on a power unit. This unit generates electric impulses onto which usually wave patterns are modulated. These impulses travel from one electrode to another and stimulate the nerves in the area roughly around the electrode. Due to the way nerves are distributed throughout the body and the way they transmit information it is possible that the stimulation can be felt elsewhere, p.e. in your glans even though the electrodes are around the balls and the penis root. The sensation is felt stronger at the electrode with the lower the mass and/or the smaller contact area. If the difference between the electrodes is very large (p.e. using a big anal monopole and a small silicone loop) it is possible that the sensation is only felt at the smaller pole. Generally speaking it can be said the larger the mass and the surface area covered, the smoother the sensation feels yet the more power is needed to produce agonizing sensations.


Safety rules

Generally speaking E-Stim play is not more dangerous than any other form of BDSM as long as you stick to some basic safety rules:

  1. Do not use electric stimulation if you have any electronic medial device implanted like a pacemaker! The stimulating impulses of the e-stim box can cause male function or destroy the device which can be lethal!
  2. If you have any illnesses affecting your nerve system or heart, talk to your doctor where electro stimulation is possible.
  3. Use only devices which put out AC! There are power boxes out there for medical purposes which run on DC. They are only made to be used by experienced medical personal for medical purposes and NOT FOR PLEASURE! In a nut shell: The impulses of a DC currency will affect the cellular and molecular electrolysis. So the effects of letting DC run through your body are:
    • Denaturation of proteins
    • Destruction of cell membranes
    • Accumulation of metal salts in your body
    • Blood clotting at the anode, blood thinning at the cathode
    • Ultimately poisoning and necrosis
    • Unpleasant, burning sensation through static nerve stimulation
  4. PinWheelOverview

    E-Stim System Monopolar Pin Wheel

    Don’t let currency run over the chest! I am aware that this is a controversial topic because people claim it is safe as long as you use electrodes on the surface because currency always takes the shortest path. This assumption is dangerous! Currency always takes the path of the lowest resistance which usually is the shortest way but needn’t be necessarily. If through a form of day your skin transmits currency very badly yet there is a concentration of a very good conducting body fluid it will take this way even if your heart is in the way. Muscles are triggered by electric impulses and thus can also be affected by E-Stim. Your heart is one big muscle and exposing it to E-Stim can be fatal! The effect needn’t occur instantly; cardiac dysrhythmia can occur days after your heart being exposed to E-Stim impulses! So I strongly advise you to ere on the side of caution and:

    • Play below the waist freely
    • Place both electrodes on the same arm when stimulating this body area
    • If interested in nipple play, use ONLY BIPOLAR electric clamps and use a box with COMPLETELY ISOLATED CHANNELS
  5. Only use toys there are in perfect condition and fully functional! This should be natural and apply to all toys used but especially when E-Stim malfunctions it can produce very nasty effect. If something doesn’t work as expected don’t try to fix it during the scene but do something else and investigate when you have time and are not horny anymore.
  6. Be aware of unintended results of the stimulation especially when triggering large muscles! As I have written above muscle functions are triggered by electric impulses. So stimulation can trigger an unexpected and hard muscle function; I have seen subs involuntary rip restraints apart so play with a bit of caution.
  7. I generally recommend only to use your power box on battery. This limits the bad effects when something goes wrong to the voltage of the battery (mostly 9V) which might be extremely unpleasant but not dangerous.
  8. As a top never touch the both poles at the same time when not wearing protective (= isolating) gear. Currency usually takes the path lowest resistance which most of the time is the shortest and thus will most of the time run through the sub. However, there are configurations possible where the top get shocked and if the heart is in the way he will get exposed to the dangerous described above!


How to play

Electro play is a delicate play where only a little further twist of the knob can mean the difference between agony and ecstasy. So here are some guide lines I found sticking to useful.

Both rings attached to the power box

Ready-to-Play Set-Up of an inexpensive E-Stim Device

When preparing a sub for play I attach the leads to the electrodes, than put the electrodes onto or into the sub. Than I make sure that all channels are completely turned off, connect the box with the power source and than check again if the channels are off again. After I that plug the leads into the power box. Just for security reasons I prefer to run the boxes just on (the internal) batteries because they are limited to 9V (resp. 12V with the ET312b’s internal battery). It is highly unlikely that the PSU will malfunction but I prefer to ere on the side of caution.

When starting the stimulation I would recommend slowly increasing the intensity until the sub starts feeling a slight tingle. Depending on the form of day (p.e. the amount of sweat on the skin), the electrode and power box used, the body area where the electrodes are put onto and the program selected the intensity level needed to create a recognizable sensation can vary. So there is no general rule from which intensity level to start with. The same applies for breaks: A level that brought out the grunting horny pain pig might be excruciating even after a short break because the body’s pain memory and processing system calm down quite quickly. So after every break ease the sub into the sensation and stimulation level again. While the area in the brain which transforms pain into pleasure forgets quickly your nerves don’t. Thus it is normal to feel some buzzing sensation in the area where the electrode was placed for quite some time even after the electrode has been removed. This sensation can last for minutes up to hours.

If something goes wrong DON’T FIDDLE WITH THE BOX! Just pull the leads out of the box! Once no currency flows anymore the sensation stops!


What do you need to play

In order to create a sensation, you need a power box that creates the impulses, leads for connecting the box to the electrode and at least two poles in form of electrodes.

Power boxes

The power box is an electrical device that converts the DC which comes out of the power adaptor or the battery into AC. Inside the box is an amplifier which creates a pulsed electric pulse; a continuous pulse is rarely used because you can’t feel the difference but the battery would get drained more quickly. Onto these pulses a wave form is modulated. These are the patterns which are called programs and are the basis for an interesting stimulation.

The Erostek ET232

The Erostek ET232, an analogue E-Stim Box with two channels

Good power boxes have an amplifier for each channel. I would always recommend getting a box with isolated channels because not only do you have the full power on each channel at your hand but if your box is not faulty there is no unintended interaction between the channels. This is especially important when the heart lies between the electrode pairs. Most boxes have two channels which I find the most useful because you can stimulate the ass and the dick p.e. at the same time. There are inexpensive boxes out there with only one channel which are a good compromise for beginners. There are also boxes out there with four channels but I would not recommend them because they are difficult to operate.

Power boxes come with analogue and digital wave form modulators. There is no general saying which is better. Due to the form factor of the boxes made for erotic stimulation digital boxes most of the time allow more and complex manipulations. Depending on their processor their waves can feel a bit chiseled because they are only able to create stairs-like wave patterns and boxes with little processor power create large “steps”. Having a digital generated wave pattern enables accordingly programmed power boxes to end the wave pattern after one wave has been produced. This comes in handy if you want to train someone by letting him experience only a single wave. However digital boxes tend to be more expensive, especially the ones with more sophisticated setup options like the Erostek 312b or E-Stim System 2b. So I would recommend starting out with an analogue box and if you start to feel the limitations of the box in your play upgrade to a bigger box.

Some power boxes come equipped with an additional interface. The most common ones are an audio interface either through a line-in and/or a microphone or a shock sensor. Especially in combination with another box you can create evil setup (p.e. the louder the sub screams from stimulation of one box the stronger fires the other one and he can only break out of the circle when he gets a grip on himself).

Connection systems

There are two major systems for connection leads: 2.5mm audio plug onto 2mm pin used p.e. by MyStim, Zeus, Rimba, P.E.S. and most medical devices for home usage and 3.5mm audio plug onto 4mm banana plug which is used by ErosTek and E-Stim Systems p.e.. When starting your E-Stim toy collection I would recommend choosing one system for which you buy your leads and use adapters to incorporate toys from the other system into your play setup. Theoretically it doesn’t matter which system you choose. Practically I would advice you to use 3.5mm audio onto 4mm banana plug because it is the professional industry standard used p.e. for lab equipment. So most pervertables and inexpensive leads, adapters and splitters are based on this system. If you have a box from the other system buy 2.5mm onto 3.5mm adapters.


Electrodes can be divided in two categories: Surface electrodes and insterable ones.

The HML Bi-Polar E-Stretcher

The HML Bi-Polar E-Stretcher

Surfaces Electrodes

This kind of electrodes are used on the skin. Nowadays nearly every sex or BDSM toy comes in an electrified variety so you can get paddels, chastity cages, clamps, pin wheels, restraints, gloves, penis sheaths, ball crusher, humbler, cock & glans rings and ball stretchers as electrodes. Besides these erotic toys pervertables like electro pads originally made for medical purposes, modified anti-static bands or my beloved conductive silicone loops fall into this category.

Most surface electrodes usually have a limited mass and contact area so they mostly create a stingy sensation. Keep this in mind when choosing your toys: Some might look that they are great for tingling sensation play but the effect might be agonizing. Another attribute the majority of surface electrodes share are that they are monopoles by design. So when incorporating them into your play use them in pairs or combine them with another electrode or a bipolar one using a tri-phase cable. When doing so keep in mind that the direct path mustn’t cross the heart!

Three E-Stim System Bi-Polar Electro Plugs

Three E-Stim System Bi-Polar Electro Plugs


I call all electrodes which are designed to be put into the body insertables. They come in two varieties:

  1. Plugs and dildos: They are made to be shoved up the ass (and for the few female readers also the vagina). There are a few monopoles out there which require a second electrode in order to work. But most plugs and dildos are bi-poles which also come in two varieties: One where the two poles are separated horizontally. With the right program they can create a fucking sensation. The other variety has the poles separated vertically. I haven’t experienced a quality electrode of this kind yet (the one I had was so crappy I won’t take the sensation as a reference) so I can’t really tell how the sensation will be. If you want to provide me with a review sample I would be very happy.
  2. Sounds: Designed to be put into the sensitive urethral they create a very intense sensation. They come in a great number of varieties: Mostly they are monopoles but there are also bi-polare versions out there, some are smooth, others are structured for an additional stimulation. Like when playing with non-electrical sounds it is paramount that the sounds are disinfected before play and used with sterile water based lube! Do not use special conductive gel (see next paragraph!). Also the surface must be flawless in order to prevent injuries!

Conductive Lube

In order to transfer the stimulation from the electrode onto the body there has to be a conductive medium between the electrode and the nerves. Since the body consists of a quite high amount of salt conductivity inside the body is no problem. However on the skin there is only a limited amount of salt from sweat, etc. Since these accumulations of salt are usually very concentrated the currency will flow only in limited areas leading to a stingy and quite strong stimulation. In order to prevent this you can use conductive solutions. There are special electro gels out there which are in my opinion a waste of money. Every water based lube which contains glycerin will work perfectly. I have conducted a blind test between conductive gel, Swiss Navy water based lube, ID Glide water based lube, Elbow Grease H2O and Aqua Glide and none of the probands noticed a difference. There are special sticky conductive lubes out there for attaching surface electrodes to the body. They provide some level of adhesion but they are designed for still sitting patients. Since your sub is probably going to be a bit more active I recommend saving the money on these special products, use normal water based lube together with adhesive tape.


I hope I have covered the most interesting and burning questions when starting electro play. If you have any questions, additions or suggestions please send men an e-mail.

Christmas Gift Tip 2: Bigger is Better

One man’s pain is another man’s pleasure. Or in this case: One man’s playroom decoration is another man’s favorite toy.

Being in marketing I know that one that especially clothes for women are sold with the argument “just buy something that doesn’t fit and make it your goal to lose enough weight to get into it.” So today’s tips are for a number of different groups: For the people looking already for a new year resolution to train their ass or balls so much that by the end of next year they can take one of the toys. For the experienced size connoisseur who looks for something new to play with. And for the people who want to add a striking piece to their playroom which sparks a conversation and maybe an interesting session.

I have been asked quite often if I knew an ass lock that is truly stuffing and comfortable to wear. The only one on the market I know off is the Keepburning Hoolalass. They have a number of attachments but the Hydro with a diameter of 70mm should be enough to even bring a greed hole pleasure when walking around wearing it.


Hydro 39,90€


Hoolalass Black 12,90€

I might be doing a review of the Hoolalass system in the next year if I can get my hands on one. So if you are interested to be kept updated follow me on Twitter and check my website on a regular basis.

Also from the guys of Keepburning comes the Finland Boll. With a diameter of nearly 11cm at the glans it is one of the largest dildos with a natural look. Sold either in classic black, flesh color or blue it is a great gift for any fistee working at home to finally get the second fist up his ass.

Finland Boll

Finland Boll 199€

Nearly as big but a whopping half kilogram heavier is the Estim Decimator plug. As you know I really love the design of their premium electrodes. And this is just the right one if you want to enjoy the feeling of getting fucked by electricity even after a heavy fisting scene – or if you like me are just looking for a stylish, kinky paper weight/ desk ornament.


E-Stim Decimater £325

Another thing I like are stretched and bouncy balls. I love my ball stretcher because it fits my somewhat middle of the road balls just right. But if you are a fan of low hangers this ball stretcher from Mister B is the one to get. It stretchers your balls 12cm and with it weight of over 2kg the swing momentum of this stainless steel toy must be incredible somewhere between delightful agony and excruciating ecstasy.


Mister B Stainless Steel 120mm Ball Stretcher 199€

If you love low hangers but are not quite there yet, getting the Mandax Ultimate Ball Stretching System from Mister B is the way to approach your project for 2015. The system has three adjustable bars which will stretch your balls up to 18cm. A nice added feature is the it is equipped with a 2mm and a 4mm socket to attach to an electro box. It is only a monopole but with a Y-adapter and something from E-Stim systems premium range, you will have loads of fun.

Stretching Set

Mandax Ultimate Ball Stretching System 169€

E-Stim Systems Monopole Pinwheel

Vendor: E-Stim Systems


PinWheelOverviewAs the namen already states the toy is a standard pinwheel with added e-stim functionality. For connection to your e-stim box a 4mm banana jack is solidly soldered onto the top. A shrinking hose has been put over the body of the wheel so you can safely grip it.

Being a monopole you need another pole on the subs body. Most of the time I use a conducting silicone loop.

Playing with it

As always when playing with electricity a word of warning: Currency mustn’t run through the heart! It can be fatal!

Detail of the Pin Wheel

Detail of the Pinwheel

I recommend putting the other pole on the end of the limbs (fingers or toes). Do not cross the waist or the shoulders of the arm you attached the other pole to with the pinwheel!

I have bought this toy with my first order of e-stim toys for my ET232 so I had little experience how e-stim works and how the electrode design affects the sensation. I hoped for a toy that with little currency flowing would lightly tickle and with more currency flowing it would become a torture device. I only got the latter. I have tried all programs programs on different boxes (so far Erostek ET232 and ET302R and Rimba Digital 4 Channel Box) and I have found it hard to create a non-painful sensation on body areas with a high nerve count. And even elsewhere most of the time the sensation is sharp stinging pain which can be agonizing with higher currencies.

The 4mm Socket for Banana Plugs

The 4mm Socket for Banana Plugs

At first I was disappointed by the toy but then I realized the toy’s potential. When a sub sees a pinwheel he mostly expects the sharp pins to sting but it is more a tickling and teasing sensation (after all the pinwheel is a medical device made for neurologists). In combination with an e-stim box the monopole pinwheel lives up to its reputation. With a little practice you can create a continuum between giggling and screaming just by turning the currency up a bit and down again.

Conslusion: Basic toy with nasty added functionality
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Inexpensive Nearly only stingy sensation possible E-Stim Systems £26
Extremely painful on small area