Pig Play Toys: Nose Hooks & Mouth Opener

Pig Play Mouth & Nose Toys

It’s beginning to look a lot like Pigmas
Toy for every hoe
But the prettiest sight to see is the piggy that will be
Choking on a pole


Merry Pigmas kinksters and perverts! It’s a holiday created by gays to celebrate that we survived yet another year of holidays among family and friends who have a hard time understanding our lifes. It’s a day to ring out the old year with sexy debaucheries.

The Classic Nose Hook

Pig play has been gaining some traction in the past year. There are a few toys out there associated with this kind of play. Which day of the year would be better to take a look at a couple of these particular and perverted toys than today?

Classic Nose Hook from Regulation (£ 19.99)

As the name already implies the classic nose hook is probably the most basic and iconic toy in pig play. 5mm grade stainless steel wire is bend into u-shape. The body has a height of 51mm and the hooks going into the nose are 16mm long. The clearance between the hooks is 9mm and 10mm between the hooks and the body. The ends of the hooks are well rounded and don’t have any sharp edges.

The Rounded Ends of the Nose Hook

In order to pull the nose back to get that snout look perverts into pig play dig, threat a piece of rope or tension strap through the apex of the body, pull it back over the head of sub’s head and attach it to a collar, harness or whatever bondage layout you want to incorporate it into. The more you pull, the more stress bondage it becomes. In stress positions, please be careful, the nose tissue is delicate and too much draft can result in injuries.

To call the hook comfortable would be an overstatement. But the long hooks distribute the draft a bit more evenly even though the tips dig a bit into the nose. What on a comfort level sets this hook apart from others I have tried is the small fillet. The hooks are so close together that they comfortably fit even tiny noses. Two of the hooks can also be used to pull the corners of the mouth apart for pathetic drooley face. Some pig players like to add a hook for each nostril to really pull the nose apart. For this the hook is actually too wide for most noses. Since the stainless steel wire is really rigid, you need heavy duty tools to bend the hooks tighter together.

The Hook of the Nose Hook Strap

Nose Hook with Strap from Regulation (£ 24.99)

If you are like me and are not good with rope, the nose hook with strap might look attractive. The nose hook is a piece of 4.5mm thick metal wire bend into u shape. The ends are slightly bent upwards in a sharp angle to go into the nose. To finish the otherwise sharp ends of the hook, a 6mm metal ball is soldered into the end. The clearance between the balls is about 12mm. Since one of my balls is off center on my version, I am pretty sure that the distance can vary one to two millimeters.

Onto the hook a 55cm long strap of 15mm wide bridle leather is riveted. The edges are not burnished or deburred so it is far from the quality of products made by Regulation; you can feel that this toy was purchased from an Asian manufacturer. Every 40mm the strap is decorated with a rivet. At the end a key ring is riveted onto which a small die casting swivel carabiner is attached.

Keyring with Swivel Carabiner

While the overall production quality of the toy might not be high end and far from the toys Regulation makes themselves, it is a functional. The spheres are the end of the nose hook are actually a bit more comfortable because they distribute the draft more evenly.


However, getting tension onto the hook is actually a challenge. Among my testees the length of the lead was too long for attaching to a collar, too short for attaching it to a harness. There are probably people out there where it fits perfectly. But in my sample of ten testees with very broad body types it didn’t fit. I would have wished for a double d-ring closure mechanism to shorten the leash to fit the piggy’s physique and play situation.

The Adjustment Screws to Fix the Teeth Retainer

Inspection Gag from Regulation (£ 24.79)

The body of this pig toy is a slightly oval, slightly convex ring out of sturdy polymer with internal dimensions of 75x67mm. At the top are 22mm long and 9mm apart pins covered with hoods which are supposed to go into the mouth. At the bottom is a 70mm long and 23mm wide grip. It houses a 12mm wide piece of L-shaped stainless steel. This sheet goes into the mouth and pulls the teeth on the lower jaw down. A small spring pulls it down for easy adjustment. Since the spring is far from strong enough to keep the strong jaw muscles in check, there is a screw to fix the strap in place.

In order to close the mouth, humans need to move the lower jaw. If the sub does this, he pushes the toy into the nose. Of course the screw only has so much power but closing the mouth is almost impossible and certainly very painful, making this toy very effective keep the mouth open. Even on a cooperative sub, the pins pins pushing into the nose will lead to a very piggy and somewhat pathetic look of the sub.

The Pins for Nose Fixation

The gag allows for the sub’s mouth to be opened to the max, far wider than a spider gag or ring gag would allow. The inspection gag is smaller and nimbler than a Jennings Jaw clamp and adds a more piggy look. So it is in the middle ground of effectiveness and handiness. For face fucking and deep throating the gag works well because it moves a bit and thus is more comfortable for the top. Just make sure you don’t injure the nose when vigorously fucking. One of my testee tops preferred this toy for manual aka dildo-suppported face fuck training. The piggy look of the stretched nostrils added to the drooling of the sub.

For forced rimming this gag is medium effective. Yes, the mouth is forced open but that tongue can retreat in the back of the mouth or block to opening whatever is opportune in the scene. Forced swallowing is okish. Swallowing with an open mouth is difficult and you have to pinch the nose shut for really force which is a but undercut by the pins. So forced drinking has a little water boarding to it.

The Mouth Clamp all opened up

Mouth Gag Clamp from Regulation (£ 34.70)

The body of this gag is still O-ring with 45mm internal diameter. It features little wings on the side onto which threaded rods are soldered. On these rods ride half-circles with wings. There movement is limited by nuts which ultimately screw the movable parts towards the O-ring. The toy is well made out of solid steel without sharp edges. So there are no unintentional injuries even in the delicate corners of the mouth – if the sub can easily open his mouth far enough…

Technically the mouth gag clamp is not a gag but a clamp. It is designed to put the lips around the O-ring and then lock them in place. Depending on the force this just keeps the lips open or induces quite a lot of pain in an otherwise not for pain play used body area. Even when the sub is a masochist, be careful not to bruise the lips as they are a delicate body are.

The Adjustment Mechanism of the Mouth Clamp

In order to put the lips around the O-ring the sub more or less has to open his mouth. Closing it will pull painfully on the lips. But since only the lips keep the mouth open, the effectiveness as a gag is limited. So this toy requires some cooperation of the sub. The only way of forcing his jaws open is grabbing them with your hand. This is a bit cumbersome because the gag is in the way of the palm. Yet the small opening is large enough to pour liquids and small solids into the mouth – if the bottom doesn’t block the opening with his tongue. For forced rimming this toy is not really made. The wide, bulky construction in top of the mouth keeps the bottom from really getting into the crack. He would need a REALLY long tongue to get into your anus.

Straight friends a told me that this clamp can also be used to forcefully keep a woman’s labia opened. The internal diameter of 45mm is not generous so I am not sure how comfortable a top could use this toy for penetration. If you play with a vagina/ bonus or front hole user and have other applications for this toy in this region, please write me!

Oxballs Recycler

The Oxballs Recycler

Vendor: Oxballs

After posting the mandatory toy arrival post on Twitter and Tumblr in November, I have had a steady stream of messages asking me if the toy works respectively holds up the promise the design makes. After a long and thorough testing period, these simple questions turned out to be quite difficult to answer.


In order to create this unique setup, Oxballs combined different, already existing toys in a new, clever way using clear, 9.5mm diameter silicone hoses. A 65mm long piece connects the Piss Lock which I reviewed in February with two 90cm long hoses. One hose goes to the Chomp Gag which I reviewed last week, the other to an aluminum tunnel butt plug. My set has the medium size plug which has an overall length of 80mm, a maximum circumference of 38mm and a head length of 55mm. There is also a large version available but with a maximum diameter of 49mm also not really large, especially for anal savvy bottoms. There is an adjustable clamp on the hose leading to the plug to either direct the liquid flow towards the gag or keep it inside the rectum.

Detail of the Tunnel Butt Plug with the Adjustable Clamp

Playing with the Recycler

There are two major play scenarios for this toy, the first one being turning the sub into a self-sustaining piss recycler. It is a hot fantasy of many subs to be forced to drink their own piss over and over and the layout of the toy promises exactly that. Sadly, in reality it does not work so easily because much to my constant annoyance even SM toys have to surrender to physical laws – despite Patrick Califia calling SM sexual magic – which means gravity will pull all liquids to the lowest point in a closed system. Looking at the three most common bondage positions – lying down, standing/ kneeling or doggy – either the dick is the lowest point of the ass with the anus being the lowest point of the rectum. So while some piss will flow into the rectum, the majority will stay inside the hose because the weight of the water column is not high enough to push it inside. When shutting off the hose to the plug or connect the Piss Lock directly to the Chomp Gag, you are facing the same problem. If the sub isn’t tied on a tilted bondage table with the head facing down, the head with the gag will always be higher than the dick. With an internal diameter of 7mm, the 90cm hose has a capacity of approx. 140ml so the sub should have a large load inside his bladder in order for a significant amount of piss to reach his mouth. But this is only the case if the sub’s dick is large enough to fill the Piss Lock well enough to seal it. Otherwise the piss will flow out of the cage instead of into the tube. To a certain extend sucking on the gag helps the piss to travel up.

Detail of the Piss Lock with the T-Connector

The next scenario is being the courtesy piss bottom at a party. If you want to fill his ass and his mouth, he should either be lying down or be in doggy position. If he kneels you need to connect the short hose to the gag and the long one to the funnel. Also, you should tighten the clamp a bit to reduce flow to the plug and additionally encourage him suck, otherwise no piss will reach his mouth. Naturally, at a busy party it is way too complicated to put the Urinal Lock over each dick, especially in this setup only one can piss into the sub at the same time. My recommendation: Get the IKEA Chosigt funnel set (which also comes in yellow). The tube of the larger one has diameter of 10mm, so isolation tape can be used to seal the gapes and attach the hose to the funnel.

The IKEA Chosigt Funnel attached to the Recycler

After all this negativity, all piss bottoms involved in the testing process liked the Recycler for the mind fuck it provided. After you played with it for a bit, you learn all the kinks to make it work and the right scenarios where it will deliver. As you can read in the separate reviews, the parts of this toy are really great but sadly the sum cannot quite live up to it.

Conclusion: Hot piss toy – which takes some thinking to make it work
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Unique Design Difficult to make it work Oxballs $139
Parts are great toys for themselves

Oxballs Chomp Gag

The Oxballs Chomp Gag

Vendor: Mr S Leather


The gag is made out of two different kinds of silicone. The mouth-piece is made out of soft red platinum silicone. The front is a thick disk with 50mm diameter with a gap housing a black polymer ring. Onto this ring a strap out of sturdy black silicone is attached. It is 20mm wide and 600mm long. The edges of the strap are slightly deburred so they are comfortable to wear. Sadly it has not roller buckle which makes fasting it a bit complicated. This is annoying especially since you should not pull the silicone too rough in order not to damage it.

Detail of the Gumshield-Style Mouthpiece

The front tappers into the actual gag’s mouthpiece. It is molded like the gumshield of a football or ice hockey helmet for the teeth to rest comfortably and securely. The sides are somewhat flexible to accommodate different jaw sizes. From the middle of the gumshield to the front there is a 10mm wide hole. The Chomp gag comes with an elbow connector to connect the gag to other Oxballs piss toys (like the Piss Lock). The connector can be taken out to turn it into a hollow gag.

Playing with the Chomp Gag

First things first: If you are looking for a gag as a piece of bondage gear to silence the sub or keep his mouth open, look elsewhere. At best it slightly muffles the sub’s noises. This gag is made for action and high energy play. The soft gumshield is made to offer the sub resistance and protection when he works out the pain with his mouth especially when he is a biter like me who clench their jaws during play. The look of the mouthpiece proofed to be very popular with sports gear fetishist because of the pro sports look it has.

Detail of the Central Hole and Elbow Connector

The hole in middle has some play potential. When closing the sub’s nose – for example during glove over mouth – you can control the air flow through the hole either using your fingers or a plug. Alternatively you can force-feed the incense like poppers or cigar smoke. Regarding piss play I am a bit ambivalent which verdict to give: The small diameter of the hole makes it easy to cover it with the tongue. Eventually the top needs some alternative means to “motivate” the sub to move it. The small diameter is also a problem when the bladder pressure is high; the piss can’t simply move through the small tube quickly enough – if the sub does not suck eagerly and greedy on the mouthpiece.

Being made out of silicone it is very easy to clean even after piss scenes. Simply soak it hot dish soap water, rinse it and slap it onto the next bottom.

Conclusion: Easy to sanitize gag for biters.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Comfortable to wear and effective Diameter of the hole is a bit small Mr S Leather $69.95
Easy to clean No roller buckle
Hot, sportive looks

Fetters Ball Gag

The Fetters Ball Gag

Vendor: Regulation


The ball is made out of a hard silicone and has a diameter of 48mm. It is connected to the leather straps through two solid tubes which have a diameter of 13mm and a length of 23mm. They end in two rectangular pieces which are riveted onto the leather straps. They are made out of high-quality bridle leather and have burnished and dyed edges. Through a roller buckle the length can be adjusted between 45cm and 60cm.

Detail of the roller buckle

Playing with the Fetters Ball Gag

Through the reviewing process of gags I found two types of gag users which I like to call bounds and biters. The bounds enjoy the feeling of something solid in their mouth. They want the feeling of their mouth being in bondage and thus a too soft material isn’t doing the trick. Biters on the other hand have a more practical approach: They enjoy the functional value of a gag (like silencing or drooling) but when they want to sink their teeth into something that gives in. This gag is definitely for the bounds, keeping the mouth open.

Detail of the tubes responsible for comfortable extended wearing

Through its size the ball encourages a lot of drooling. Since the rather thin, small tubes sit in the corners of the mouth rather than a leather strap like on other ball gags, this gag is very comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. The diameter is on the larger end of the ball gag spectrum so especially for people with a smaller mouth having the ball gag put into their mouth is a bit of “stress” bondage. The strap is unusually long for a gag so it fits even subs with a large head or with a thick, open mouth hood fettered onto the head.

Since the ball is made out of silicone it is easy to clean and disinfect which is necessary between scenes because it will be exposed to large amounts of saliva. After play simply wipe the ball dry and spray it with your favorite sanitizer. Don’t forget to wash the ball afterwards to clean off sanitizer residue; it is something you do not want in your sub’s mouth.

Conclusion: Comfortable ball gag for heavy drool scenes
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Comfortable to wear for long periods of time Only one size Regulation £34.99
Long strap allows the gag to be put even over very thick hoods
Easy to clean


Blackstyle Mouthopener Gag

Vendor: Blackstyle

The Blackstyle Mouthopener Gag

The Blackstyle Mouthopener Gag


This gag is made out one piece of 1.4mm thick rubber. With a recess for the nose the main body of it is shaped ergonomically so it can be worn even by people with smaller heads without any problems. In the middle of the main body a quite sturdy rubber covered tube is glued. It has an external diameter of 44mm, an internal of 39mm and goes 32mm into the mouth of the sub. The strap is 30mm wide and ends in a roller buckle which is hold in place by a rivet. On the other side 6 rivet reinforced holes are punched into the strap allowing the circumference to be adjusted between 44cm and 54cm. The part of the strap holding the buckle as well as the area with the holes has been cut in the half, reinforced with fabric taped and glued together again.

Detail of the Roller Buckle with reinforced Holes

Detail of the Roller Buckle with reinforced Holes

Playing with it

Two major forms of play are possible with this gag: First of all the tube makes it ideal for forcing the subs to take substances into his mouth. Most obvious are spit and piss. But when you hold the subs nose and insert larger quantities of water the gag can be an interesting (and dangerous!) torture instrument. Secondly because of the large object being present in the sub’s mouth it encourages the body to produce saliva so it is a good gag for drooling. Depending on the sub’s salvia production and the amount of evaporation through the tube wearing this gag for an extended period of time can be an interesting swing of sensations between drooling and having a dry mouth. Don’t forget to rehydrate your sub when engaging into this form of play.

Detail of the Fabric Tape reinforced Rubber

Detail of the Fabric Tape reinforced Rubber

The third can be a problem or rather a trade-off lying in the nature of this gag: Because the tube has to be solid and a somewhat considerable diameter in order to fulfill its purpose it can be weary tiring to the jaw to wear this gag. This effect can be lessened a bit by training but please bear in mind that not every sub’s jaw is made for serving as a urinal for an entire night. However if you are into stress bondage this might be the gag to get.

Conslusion: Good all rubber gag for forcing subs to consumes substances
Pro Cons Where to get Price
All rubber Quite large tube diameter Blackstyle 49€
For a rubber toy quite sturdy design


Mr S Rubber Ball Gag

Vendor: Mr S

The Mr S Rubber Ball Gag

The Mr S Rubber Ball Gag


The main body of this ball gag has roughly the shape of a wrapped hard candy: The mouthpiece has a diameter of 42mm and a length of 49mm. It ends on both sides in triangular flaps so there is little stress on the corners of the mouth when wearing the gag. Onto the flaps the strap is riveted. It is 18mm wide, can be adjusted between 45cm and 55cm circumference and is made out of Mr S’ soft oil tanned leather like this ball stretcher. A nice tough are the pieces of leather covering the back side of the rivet. This minimize the contact between the rubber and the metal and absorb a bit of draft put in the rubber thus keeping it from overstretching.

While last week’s mouthpiece was on the firmer side the mouth piece of the rubber ball gag is quite soft and easy to bite into yet firm enough that you can rest your teeth comfortably on it. It is covered in rubber so it has no problem with saliva or piss. Despite being sturdy 1mm thick rubber I would recommend not using this gag if you have any sharp edges on your incisors.

Detail of the Leather Reinforced Rivet

Detail of the Leather Reinforced Rivet

Playing with it

I got this gag during my trip to San Francisco in May 2013. I had the intention of buying the deluxe ball gag in the world and ended up buying this one despite the other one being an awesome ball gag!

Through the reviewing process of gags I found two types of gag users which I like to call bounds and biters. The bounds enjoy the feeling of something solid in their mouth. They want the feeling of their mouth being in bondage and thus a too soft material isn’t doing the trick. Biters on the other hand have a more practical approach: They enjoy the functional value of a gag (like silencing or drooling) but when they want to sink their teeth into something that gives in. Sadly gag, especially ball gags, with a soft mouth piece are hard to come by. Since I belong to the latter group I choose the rubber ball gag over the deluxe ball gag.

Detail of the Buckle with the Oil Tanned Leather Strap

Detail of the Buckle with the Oil Tanned Leather Strap

From a functional point of view this ball gag performs great: The mouth piece is firm enough to let your teeth rest on it comfortably and “encourages” drooling, yet soft enough to enable a satisfying bite. This gag come sadly only with a one size fits all mouth piece. It fits most people but for people with smaller mouths it has a bit of a stress bondage aspect despite being soft and for larger mouths it can feel lost a bit.

Because the strap is mounted on the far side of the flaps the gag can be worn for extended periods of time without any problems. This is also largely due to the softness of the leather which hugs almost hugs onto the skull. From a practical point of view the rubber is easy to disinfect and because the flaps go way over the corners of the subs mouth the leather won’t come into contact with saliva.

Conslusion: Good, low maintenance ball gag with soft mouth piece
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Soft mouth piece with right degree of firmness Only one size Mr S $39
Comfortable to wear for long periods of time
Easy to clean

Mr S Fetters Front Buckle Gag with Locking Buckle

Vendor: Mr S


The Mr S Locking Front Buckle Gag

The Mr S Locking Front Buckle Gag

The main body of this gag has roughly the shape of a stretched octagon with small recesses for the nose on the long sides. The inside of the body is made out of thick and soft padding covered with soft leather. In the middle of the inside there is a mouth insert which is 5,5cm long. It has roughly the shape of a penis with a “glans” diameter of 3,7cm and a “shaft” diameter of 3,2cm. My version of the gag has a rather firm yet very biteable version of the mouth insert. I had longer owned gags in my mouth and they had softer mouth inserts. I don’t know if this is a thing that comes with time or if Mr S changed the production process. Both hardness grades were comfortable to wear and to bite into. The outside of the body is made out of thick yet soft leather onto which two leather loops are riveted. Through these loops runs a long, 2,7cm wide thick leather strap. The punching allows for a diameter between 33cm and 60cm so it should fit almost all head sizes. At the end of the strap there is a locking roller buckle which makes closing the gag quite easily.

Playing with it

Gags can have different purposes: Make the sub drool, keep his mouth open or muffle the noises he makes. This gag is made for the latter and performs fairly at it. When fastened tight onto the mouth the padding absorbs quite some noise. But like every other gag I have put into people mouth or had in my mouth this is not a silencer but the best performing gag yet (even better than a butterfly gag). Also the padding makes the gag quite comfortable when pressed onto the face so it can be worn for extended periods of time.

Detail of the Penis shaped Mouth insert and the soft Padding

Detail of the Penis shaped Mouth insert and the soft Padding

What sets this gag aside from other ones are the small and clever details. The obvious one is the front locking buckle. For most subs it is a great mindfuck when you show them the lock and then put it into the buckle. They know that there is no way they are going to articulate, drink or even breath through their mouth until the master permits it. Especially the last constraint comes in handy when you want to do breath play: When tightly fastened sucking in air will only result in sucking the gag closer to the mouth so when you keep shut the sub’s nose there is no way he can breathe.

The mouth insert has as mentioned about roughly the shape of a small (?) penis. I have seen several subs who when going down into sub space started sucking on it which adds just a bit more to the scene. From a practical point of view the larger diameter of the glans gives the teeth a bit more support and keeps the gag in place which is good for longer scenes.

Detail of the Locking Roller Buckle

Detail of the Locking Roller Buckle

From a practical point of view this gag is ideal when you suspend a sub who is lying on his back: With the buckle on the front the can be undone and fastened without any problems even with a tightly bound sub.

Besides the play aspects this gag has also some fetish benefits for the leather lover. On the one hand there is the intense leather smell when wearing the gag. Mr S only uses high quality hides and them being pressed onto the subs face directly under his nose exposes him to the great, intoxicating leather scent of them. On the other hand (no pun intended) the soft garment leather above the padding almost feeling like a leather gloved hand pressing over your mouth. If you are a fan of Glover over Mouth play, this is definitely the gag to get!

Conslusion: The best silencing leather gag I know off
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Quite silencing Mr S $89.95
Comfortable to wear for extended periods of time
Great leather quality
Lots of fetish potential


Black Silikone Gag Ball

Vendor: Chinese Manufacturer via eBay.co.uk

First Impression and construction

Because I ordered this gag ball via eBay from Hong Kong, I had doubts about the quality especially I was about to put this thing in my mouth. But after unpacking it, I was pleasantly surprised: The leather of the strap is a good standard quality for BDSM toys. The buckle material seems to be a bit thin but since there are no D rings on the strap there shouldn’t be too much force which might break it. Other than the buckle the rivets make a very good impression just like the silicone of the 3,9mm thick ball itself. I am not a chemist and I actually don’t want to know what nasty stuff can be put into silicone. But until I know, I just assume that silicone is a fairly safe material as long as you let your toys rest for about a month so they can lose all volatile substances. A real weak spot of gag is the whole distance at the strap: 2,5cm is just too much, especially considering that the toy is used at the head and must not be loose. On the bright side: there is enough space between the wholes to make one or even two on your own.

The strap has a minimum diameter 14cm of and a maximum of 18cm.

Playing with it

Despite having the opportunity to adjust the wholes nearly to your desire and thus make it a night fitting gag device, I wouldn’t recommend it. The leather strap cuts pretty badly into the corners of the mouth making it a quite short pleasure. I haven’t had a chance to try other gag balls out. Maybe softer leather or rubber could fix the problem.

Otherwise it does what a good gag ball should do: Muffle the sounds a bit and make the sub produce lots of saliva – an own kind of torture and sensation. What it doesn’t do and what I think is a common misconception: It is not a gag to make a sub silent. Of cause, having a silicone ball in your mouth prevents the sub from articulating and muffles every sound but he can still scream pretty loud.

Conslusion: A simple gag ball which does the job ok but has a lot room of improvement
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Light weight Uncomfortable to wear for a long term eBay from some Asian manufacturer About 8€ including shipping from Hong Kong
  A bit shakily
  Not really made for hard games