Stony & Walton

Form: Fantasy dildos
Material: Platinum Silicone.
Colors: Many
Firmness: Soft to Firm
Lube: Water, Oil
Cleaning: Soaking in hot water with dish-soap than use sanitizer.
Safer Sex: Clean and sanitize it thoroughly
Storage: Store in a well-ventilated place not touching other toys to prevent damage.

Vendor: Jack O’Toy

Back from vacation hiatus and sick leave – right into the Pride season. This means almost every weekend I will be on the go, demonstrating for LGBTQ+ rights. So not sure if I will be able to keep the one review per week schedule. But enough of gazing into a crystal ball and off to France…

Jack O’Toy’s Walton & Stony


Jack O’Toy is the next manufacturer in this small (and completely incomplete!) stroll through Europe’s anal toy manufacturer. Like all manufacturer in this special their toys are made out of pure platinum silicone. The most important feat of this material is that it is 100% body safe unlike PVC/ vinyl/ “real touch” or whatever clever name it is given or rubber. It also has advantageous playwise. The surface is super smooth so there is less friction when going in. It also keeps bacteria from lingering and easy to clean, making it a perfect material for group play when the toy needs to be cleaned quickly between partners. Simply wash with warm dish soap water (the warmer the better), rinse, dry and spray sanitizer on it. If you want to be extra sure, you can autoclave platinum silicone toys too. However a little pinch is that such toys must only be used with water- or oil-based lubes. The silicone oil inside silicone lube will disintegrate the toy over time and makes the surface sticky. Regardless if you have exposed your toy to platinum silicone or kept it in best shape, silicone is always a bit sticky. So it will attract flint and dust quite easily.

The Vac-U-Lock Hole on Stony’s Bottom

When it comes to customization, Jack O’Toy offers a wide. Firmness-wise you have three choices from soft (Shore A2) over medium (Shore A5) to firm (Shore A10) which is a more traditional, Bag Dragon-like firmness scale (their firm is Shore A8) and not like other manufacturer which lean to the softer side. The color range features 38 colors from standards solids over UV reactive to sparkling ones. These colors can be put into several patterns from solid over splits to marbles. For the colors of my two toys Jack O’Toy employed a technique previously done also by Mr Hankey’s Toys: Having a monochrome outer layer of varying thickness over a monochrome core. The varying thickness creates different hues and a very subtle marble pattern. It a very unique, interesting and sophisticated look! Sadly Mr Hankey’s Toys does not do this technique anymore because it is very difficult and time consuming. So I am very happy that Jack O’Toy offers it. If you are a collector and don’t have a toy in this technique, get one toy from France!

The Bumps texturing Stony’s Body

You can order the toys with a Vac-U-Lock hole. If you know my reviews, you know, that I strongly recommend getting it! If is a good way to guide a toy when you put a finger into it while fucking you bottom. There are also so many accessories like handles or suction cups for it making it a very universal tool. Speaking of suction cup: Jack O’Toys offer suck on suction cups made out of silicone. They look interesting but I had not have a chance to play with them. If you have experience, send me an e-mail!

One of the most frequent questions I get about new toy manufacturer is their manufacturing quality. Jack O’Toy’s toys are very well made. The color distribution is very good, even small details are finely wrought, the surface is flawless with no burst bubbles and there are no rough areas or overly frayed edges at the bottom. It lies in the nature of the material to create rough edges at the bottom. They can be evened out like for example Bad Dragon does. However since you do not see them, they do not impair the functionality of the toy and if they are within limits, I am giving them a pass. If they annoy you, you can deburr silicone toys with a sharp knife.

The Canine Inspired Glans of Walton

This manufacturing quality actually surprised me: Jack O’Toy’s specialty are heavily textured toys which are a pain in the ass to get out of the pouring form. This process can easily tarnish a toy. But as I wrote they are flawless, even in a firm material like the Shore A10 mine are made out of. Kudos for that!

This leads a bit to the big elephant in the middle of the room: His toys are relatively small. My two toys are “large” and compared to almost every other manufacturer they are medium sized at best (if you shop at size queen manufacturer they might even qualify as small). On the one hand it is great for novices or people who do not want to outstretch their orifices too much to have access to heavily textured toys. But before you order, check the size chart thoroughly. Otherwise you might be disappointed.

The Crystal Column at the Back of Stony’s Shaft

For the time being Jack O’Toy does not plan to make (X)XL toys – which I can understand. It must be impossible to get these toys out of the shape. But if you are (dark) red hanky flagging guy, these toys might sadly be a tad bit small for you.

Playing with Stony & Walton

Stony starts out like a realistic dildo. He has a nicely tapering, big glans without a glans drop. From the two very subtle bulges below the top of the glans I assume he is an uncut guy. The shaft is a straight column. So much for a realistic dick.

But the shaft is textured with a cluster of geode shapes bumps. The is a line of for running down the ventral grove, the others are wildly scattered over the shaft. To underline the theme of being a stone creature shallow cracks run over the shaft. But you will not feel these amid the intense stimulation of the bumps.

At the bottom of the top a cluster of crystal pillars is growing out of the base. At the front two massive balls which are lightly textured with bumps and cracks make for a sturdy stand even when riding the toy hard.

Stony’s Nicely Tapering Glans

Riding Stony vigorously requires a good stretch and much relaxation because the texture is intense. Because of the chaotic array, there is no “easy” angle to take it. Everywhere is intense stimulation which is you are into this kind of thing, makes Stony a great toy. But texture also creates friction and tension of the anus so he is not an easy toy to take. However, there are two sweet spots: For the prostate owner, ride the ridges of the ventral grove for an almost saw like stimulation. For the front hole owner, according to my FtM testees the crystal columns are good for clitoris stimulation. Regardless if stuffing Stony into your front or rear hole, twisting him and letting the bumps stimulation the sensitive mucosa is horny fun!

Walton on the other hand plays a different game. His glans is very dull with a little tip towards the bottom – like glanses of canines are. It is bulgey which creates quite the glans drop. This shaft is barrel shaped and textured with many veins.

Walton’s Barrel Shaft and MASSIVE Knot

Being barrel shaped it tapers at the bottom again above the THICK knot. This leads to a knot-to-shaft-above-knot ration of an insane 1:1.9. As I wrote, size-wise Walton’s shaft is not that big. But that knot? Holy fuck! It can compete with grown-up knots from other manufacturer, especially considering the ration relevant for the knotting! If you are a novice and want an intense knotting despite not being quite there yet, get Walton in soft and try to work him in.

Like all canine toys Walton has a short straight neck for resting and enjoying the feeling of a thick knot locked inside oneself. Though I would not recommend to enjoy this feeling for too long because then you hole might tense up again. The this neck is even small leading to an absurd knot-to-neck ratio if 1:2.1!

Walton’s Thin Base. As you can see the shaft leans backwards.

The base is quite thin. As a counterpoint there are two massive, untextured balls. But still, the base is too unstury for riding Walton, especially when you struggle to take the knot. My recommendation is to buy a suction cup and back against the wall if you still learn to take Walton easily.

Where to buy?

Since all Jack O’Toy toys are custom made, you can only order them from their website. They have stock drops on a regular basis and run promotion on ready made toys. So follow their Twitter to keep up.