Anal Toys 101

Finding the right anal toy and keeping it in good shape so it lasts for a long time can be a bit of a challenge. In this 101 I talk about what to consider when buying an anal toy and how to care for it properly.

Buyer’s Guide to Anal toys

There are many aspects to consider when choosing an anal toy. Especially when you are buying your first one and have not developed personal preferences yet, giving each aspect some thought is a good idea because a good anal toy is quite an investment. But if chosen wisely will bring you fun for years to come.


Deciding out of which material your new anal toy is going to be made is the first step when choosing it because the material properties impact many relevant aspects of anal play.

Material composition

This is the most important aspect of choosing a toy. In the old days before EU regulations and custom testing imported goods, toys which I would not have recommended to put up your butt were widely available!

The inside of your colon is basically one big mucosal that will happily absorb whatever the lube (especially water-based lube) washes out of the toy’s material. Thus I recommend only purchasing toys which are manufactured in the EU or USA where dangerous plasticizers like phthalates or lead as a catalytic agent for silicone are forbidden. Just to be safe look for the label “Platinum Silicone” or “Phthalates Free” when choosing a toy. At the end of Buyer’s Guide there is a list of manufacturers I personally source from if you want a recommendation.


Not every lube can be used with every material. Some lubes will actually cause to disintegrate your toy. Thus depending on your lube preferences you have to choose the toy material.

The following chart shows which lube can generally speaking be safely used with which material. Of cause individual material composition can lead to unexpected effects. If you want to err on the side of safety only use water-based lube.

Water-base Lube Silicone-Base Lube Hybrid Lube Oil/Fat-Base Lube
Silicone X X
PVC/ Vinyl
Rubber X
TPR (✔) (✔)
Other hard Plastic

The Square Peg Charlie Horse Wiggly in Supersoft Bronze from Regulation

Firmness & Surface Smoothness

While glass, metal and wood are always hard, the plastic ones come in different degrees of firmness. With the latter group the thickness is also influenced by the thickness. The thicker a toy the harder it will feel.

Which degree of firmness is good is depends on the usage situation. For training your ass a softer toy is better because it adjusts a bit to the sphincter. For wearing a toy for an extended period of time a harder material is better because the sphincter will adjust to the form of the toy which is more comfortable in the long run. Also with hard surfaces the likelihood of skin folds and thus a pinching sensation decreases.

The firmness also impacts the structural integrity. The firmer the toy the easier it will stand up by itself. This is especially important then you want to ride or sit on a toy. If it is too soft, it will collapse.

Furthermore the surface structure is important. The smoother the surface the easier the toy glides in and the easier it will be to clean.


A quick word on pervertables: There are wooden, metal and glass objects which are not made for anal play but are being used for it, most prominently baseball bats or batons. Before inserting them into your rectum make sure they are deburred and 100% smooth! Especially which with wood it is imperative that is has a sanded and treated surface! Getting a splinter into your colon is always a reason to rush to the ER! As for glass objects, especially vases and bottles: Keep them out of your ass! The glass used to anal toys is a special type of glass that almost never breaks and glass anal toys are always solid. The injuries caused by shards of broken glass inside your rectum can be lethal!

The Bolder Stoll Doll from Regulation

Toy Form Factor

There are two major form factors: Dildos, which are compared to their thickness relatively long shafts with a tapered ending for easier insertion, and plugs, which are shorter and between the maximum diameter and the base taper again so they can stay inside the butt.


Dildos are probably the oldest sex toys humans invented. Stone penises as old as 28.000 years have been excavated. They induce a friction sensation on the nerve endings inside the sphincter while sliding in and out and at best hit the prostate. Depending on the glans’ shape there can be some stretching sensation.

Dildos come in two varieties. The first one are realistic dildos. They mimic the penis shape of humans, animal or anthropomorphic beings. This means the shaft is textured with veins which intensify the friction and thus the sensation. At the bottom end most of the them feature a base shaped like balls. The second variety are shape dildos. They are bullet or torpedo shaped and lack natural texturing.

The Square Peg Depth Probe from Regulation

Somewhere between dildos and plugs are shape dildos which consist of a series of bulges. The most extreme form of this form are anal beads. They are a series of balls connected by a string or a tubes which are inserted into the ass and then slowly pulled out. Of cause these toys aim to create a stretching sensation rather than a friction one.

A special form of dildos are so call depth trainers, also commonly called colon snakes. They are long (at least 35cm long), made out of flexible materials and don’t have much texture; a depth indication scale at most. They are designed to seduce the second sphincter to gradually open up to prepare for deep fisting.  Since this sphincter is not used to physical stimulation and unlike the anus can’t be relaxed purposefully, training it takes some time. So don’t rush it!

The Oxballs Pig Hole Deep from Mr S


The shape of a butt plugs is best compared to the bottom half of a sand clock. From the tip they gradually increase in diameter and then – depending on the plug – either taper again or go directly into a short neck which is attached to a base. Through the gradually increasing diameter the main sensation of plugs is a stretching one.  So plugs are good to slowly accustom to and train the sphincter to a certain diameter.

A special form of plugs are hollow or tunnel plugs. Their outside form is like a butt plug but instead of being solid they have hole in the middle. Through the opening in the middle the tip is dull. So even if you can take the maximum diameter of the plug you might not be able to take it or only after a long pre-stretching. The hole is useful for many things. Through it lube or other liquids can be poured or the closing function of the sphincter can temporarily be taken away. The plug also protects the nerve endings in the sphincter from friction. Thus hollow plugs are especially useful in combination with depth trainers. Such plugs shield the anus from the friction sensation allowing the bottom to focus on what is happening at his second sphincter. When the tunnel plug is made out of a stretchy material (and is large enough) it can be used to fist through it making a formally too small interesting again or put it over a standard butt plug to increase its size.

With the increasing popularity of pet play there is a growing market of tail plugs. Instead of a base an appendix mimicking the look of an animal’s tail (most common are dog and pig tails) is attached to the plug’s body.  When choosing a tail keep two things in mind: Don’t buy a too small plug section because if it slides in too easily it will also slide out easily causing you to lose the tail when walking or wagging. Furthermore the mass ration between the plug and the tail should not be too much off. The center of gravity should be at the plug otherwise there is also the danger of the tail popping out easily. Tails are also popular with switchers not into pet play. When fucking somebody the tail will develop an momentum which is transferred to the plug section which than stimulates the prostate.

Finding the Right Size & Form

The following factors determined first if you will be able to take the anal toy and second how much you will enjoy it.

The Domestic Partner Crack Attack from Regulation

Maximum Diameter

Usually 3cm to 4cm is a good size to start out anal play. As you progress to bigger toys I recommend going up in steps of 1cm to 1.5cm increased maximum diameter. This is enough of a challenge yet you get the satisfaction of conquering the toy after a couple of days to weeks depending on how thoroughly you train. I know that this is costly by trying to get a toy in for weeks and always failing is very frustrating!


The slope of a toy defines how quickly the diameter from the tip on increases.

Even though the sphincter at the anus can somewhat voluntarily be relaxed it still is a muscle humans cannot control completely. It needs to be seduced to open up and in order to establish a certain training level actually carefully (!) stretched like every other muscle. Thus generally speaking steeper slopes are better because they allow the sphincter to open up more gradually. Especially when you are a novice stay away from toys with large dull tips because it will just press against the sphincter and it won’t open up. But even with a well-trained ass you will encounter toys that diameter wise are not really a challenge yet you won’t be able to take due to a weird slope. Sadly there now way to know before the purchase with which toys this is going to be the case so please be prepared for one or two useless purchases.

At butt plugs there are two slopes to look it: First the one before the maximum diameter which I just talked about. The second one is the one behind it. It defines how easily the toy comes out again. When you want to train your sphincter a steep slope is preferable. Once inside you can slowly fuck yourself with the plug, enjoying the stretching sensation. If you want to wear the plug for an extended period of time a duller to non-existing slope is preferable because it makes involuntarily popping out more difficult. However please keep in mind: When keeping a plug in, the “warm-up” effect of pushing it in slowly fades so seducing your sphincter to open up and release the plug becomes increasingly more difficult when keeping it in for long.

The Square Peg Happy Hour from Mr S

Position of Widest Diameter

Especially when you progress in training the position of the widest diameter becomes an important aspect to keep in mind. If you stick with a steep slope and increase the diameter the location of the maximum diameter moves further away from the tip so you have to insert more length for the maximum stretch. Since the colon is a quite small body cavern you might not reach the neck or even the maximum diameter. From a psychological point of view this is bad when training because inserting a toy completely fills you with a sense of accomplishment and giving you an opportunity to rest. This is usually a boost of eagerness to train further. Constantly failing on a plug is quite demotivating.


The texture describes the surface of a toy beyond the material properties (see: Firmness & Surface Smoothness). Since texture increases the friction of a toy it makes the insertion more difficult. So a textured toy with a diameter you usually take easily might not fit afterall.

In the section about natural dildos I have already briefly talked about natural texturing. They comprise of veins, the molded glans and foreskin and when we look at anthropomorphic toys scales, etc.

Detail of the Convex Shape and the Heavily Textured Surface of Apollo the Chimera

On shape dildos and plugs these three texture patters can be found (in ascending order of intensity): Groves, bumps and ridges. Which form delivers the best sensation is very individual. But a good rule of thumb is: the higher the texture is risen the stronger the stimulation. This of cause means that these toys are meant for play when the hole is already relaxed and well played with so it is not about the stretching (sensation) but about teasing the nerves in the sphincter. Please keep in mind that this form of play can wear out an ass quickly so be prepared for the scene to end rather sooner than later.

Extra Features

Sometimes toys come with extra features for a more intense or varied play. The most commonly found extra are sucktion cups. They enable you to temporarily securely attach the toy to a smooth surface (tiles are best for it) using vacuum. This is nifty feature when you really want to ride at toy so it doesn’t slip away.

For training the sphincter or creating a feeling of being stuffed without being able to take large diameters inflatable toys are useful. Once inserted you can pump them up in order to increase the diameter. I recommend buying only inflatable toys with a solid core for easier insertion.

Detail of the Base with Suction Cup Feature

A less commonly found feature are cum tubes. At the tip of the toy there is a small opening onto which a tube is attached. At the end of this tube is a syringe filled with a cum like lube. If you pus the end of the syringe the cum is getting splashed into the colon simulating an ejaculation. As nifty and unique as this sensation might be, a cum tube makes cleaning and drying of the toy more difficult.

For added stimulation some anal toys feature a vibrating function. When you are using quite hard toys this sensation can also be achieved by pressing a magic wand against the toy’s base. Another added stimulation is e-stim. Please refer to my in-depth review of e-stim plugs here for more information.

Personal Recommendations

This is a highly subjective, certainly not complete list of brand and retailers where good anal toys can be found. From these I source my anal toys from because I trust them for their product safety and quality.

Caring for your Anal Toys

Cleaning & Safer Sex

From a Safer Sex point of view a toy should either be used only by one person or covered by a condom. While the first is unlikely if you are having an active “social” life, the latter is unpractical as soon as it comes to toys larger than an L size penis. So cleaning the toys the right way is essential.

To clean your toys after play fill the sink with water between 40°C and 50°C, add dish soap and let the toy soak for approx. 15 minutes. I recommend using dish soap without perfume or lotion because these additives are bad for rubber and some PVCs. If you have used very thick water based lube add salt to break down the lube. At the soaking scrub the toys with a soft brush and rinse the soap water off. As a first step of sanitizing fill the sink again with hot water, add vinegar-based cleaner (possibly organic because you want to shove the toy up your butt again) and let it soak for a quarter of an hour. The acid in the vinegar will also deal with most of the unpleasant smells. Rinse the toy off and let it dry. Finally spray the toy with a sanitizer. The agents in the sanitizer can make glossy surfaces dull so you might want to try it on the base where the blemished surface is inconspicuous.

With some materials other means of sterilization are also possible once the lube has been washed off.  Metal toys can be flamed or autoclaved; the latter is also possible with high quality silicone toys.

A common question is how to deal with discolored toys. Sadly this effect is irreversible and simply comes with ages of plastic toys. To avoid it, buy only black toys.


In order to have long lasting fun with your toys keep some simple storage rules in mind. Always clean the toys after using them. The lube or body fluids otherwise can foster chemical reactions which might harm the toy. The storage place should be dry and well ventilated especially when you are storing toys from different manufacturers or made out of different materials together. The toys must never touch! The different plasticizers used by different manufacturers and materials can cause the toys to dissolve when touching or the air being filled with them. If the process started (an area getting sticky or gooy) it is too late. Sadly the process is irreversible and sooner than later you have to throw away the toy. Especially soft toys should be stored upright (or in case of depth trainers loosely rolled up) otherwise they might get permanent creases.

Keepburning Hoolalass System

Overview of different anal plugs for the Hoolalass System

Overview of different anal plugs and silicone colors for the Hoolalass System

I have been interested in the concept of ass locks for quite some time. The idea of a toy stimulating my prostate or working my perineum while jerking off is tempting. Yet I found the standard version of this toy unsatisfying. Being made out of steel with a rather thin cockring on one end and a somewhat anatomical bent steel tube with a steel sphere at the end it is a robust construction. Yet the inflexibility of the material causes two problems: It is – literally – a pain in the ass to get the sphere into your sphincter or your dick through the cockring (depending with which side you start) and sadly the length and angles of the steel tube between sphere and cockring seems to fit nobody perfectly. In my opinion these were too many too grave design faults so I never bought one.

A couple of years ago Keepburning picked up the concept of the ass lock and used their experience in making silicone anal toys in order to address these issues by creating their Hoolalass System. Earlier this year they send the system over for me to review. Because I wanted a broader perspective I have bought additional anal plugs.

The Anal Lock which connects the dick to the anal plug

The Anal Lock which connects the dick to the anal plug

The System

The system consists out of two pieces: First there is the Anal Lock. It looks a bit like a wrench and is approx. 16cm long and 2cm thick. On one end is a hole with 30mm diameter, on the other side is a 40mm one. Second there is a wide selection with over 10 different anal plugs. The sizes range from a beginner friendly 35mm to an expert challenging 100mm and shapes from traditional plugs to more exotic ones like a spindle.

All toys are made out of medical grade silicone which is just the right degree of being flexible yet ridged. While the plugs’ heads are always black you can get the base and the Anal Lock either in black or in neon yellow. The material makes them easy to clean using just warm soaped water. Because the smooth surface can be quickly disinfected with spray the toys can theoretically be used with different players. Like with every silicone toy do not use silicone based lube with this toy because it will disintegrate the material!

Detail of the plug's base where the Anal Lock is put onto.

Detail of the plug’s base where the Anal Lock is put onto.

Playing With It

First you need to figure out which hole of the Anal Lock is the right size for your package. Due to the material being flexible one of them will fit most dick sizes. Both my S and XXL testees found the cockrings comfortable yet secure to wear for an extended period of time. After you have figured that out choose one of the plugs and put the base through the not fitting ring. Then you need to try out what is easier for you: First inserting the plug and then put the cockring around your junk (my preference) or the other way round. Since the Anal Lock and the cockring are flexible the anal lock has enough tension at the right places yet is not too long or small in order to make it comfortable.

So why should you go through this a bit complicated process? Once you start jerking off or fucking the movement momentum of your dick is transferred onto the plug. Depending on your anatomy and the plug design there are different stimulations possible: Prostate message, a constant stimulation of your sphincter (which a body area densely covered with nerve endings) either by sliding or by a constant pulling trying to open it. I gave the system to couple friends of mine who both lend more to being anal bottoms and they were amazed how intriguing it Is for the top to use the Hoolalass while fucking.

The Anal Lock attached to a plug

The Anal Lock attached to a plug

Of cause both elements of the toy can be used separately. Due to the plugs having extravagant shapes they were a welcome addition to the sensation repertoire when opening up an anus in my anal toy collection. Because the base shaped to hold the ring of the Anal Lock in place it has a bit of a grip structure. So when topping you can easily hold them. The Anal Lock itself is a quite versatile toy. Put it around the base of your dick without a plugs attached and it has a prostate stimulating effect like the Oxballs Trough. Double the rings up, put them around your balls and you have a stretcher. Put one ring around the base of your dick, the other around your balls and you have a cock sling.

While playing around with the system I found out that the both the Anal Lock and the plugs are quite thuddy yet not too intense impact toys. Especially the larger plugs are real bruisers if you are not carefully. Of cause they are not designed for that purpose and I don’t know how well the neck of the plugs will withstand this misuse. But in over half a year I have not seen any wear on the material so if you are out of impact toys give it a careful try.

Conslusion: The only real working, flexible Ass Lock
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Comfortable to wear A bit difficult to handle Keepburning
Many different shapes and sizes
Various applications for Elements

Keepburning Finland Boll

The Keepburning Finland Boll

The Keepburning Finland Boll

Vendor: Keepburning

Earlier this year I have gotten some quite large ass toys from Keepburning for reviewing. Ever since I have been looking for testees whos ass could handle them. Last weekend I had a very talented bottom over at my place and since I probably won’t get a second or third opinion in the couple of month I will try myself on reviewing pure ass toys for the first time.

Detail of the Bottom of the Glans

Detail of the Bottom of the Glans


The first impression of this toy is: Massive! It has the shape of a classic anatomical dildo but the dimensions are almost bizarre. It has a total length of 40cm, the balls at the bottom measure 19cm by 10cm. The anatomical shaped glans is 10.5cm by 8.5cm and is 9.5cm long. The shaft “only” 8.5cm by 6cm but 21cm long. There are some signified veins on the shaft and a raised Viking helmet like logo just above the balls. But other than that the toy has a smooth surface.

It is made out of silicone and comes in three colors: Classic black, natural skin color and a vibrant blue. The weight of this toy is nearly 3kg.

Detail of the Logo and the Veins on the Shaft

Detail of the Logo and the Veins on the Shaft

Playing with the toy

For the intended play purpose I have to rely on the reports of my double fisting bottom from the weekend: He says that the glans is nicely shaped so it gradually opens up your hole. Since it is not round but oval twisting the toy stretches different parts of your sphincter so if you are really well trained after some time the toy will ease in. The sensation of having the anus stretched that has been described as unique and from the noises he made I would say mind-blowing. Being made out of silicone this toy doesn’t give in as much as toys out of vinyl for example. The nicest feature about the this toy in my opinion is the oval shaft. Once my sub adjusted to have his sphincter stretched out resting on the shaft and I slowly started fucking him with it turning the toy and thus altering the tension on different areas of the sphincter produced… interesting sounds from the sub. After I plowed his hole for 20 minutes with this toy he was happily worn out. He said that it is one of the best ass toys for fucking he had in a long time and he would recommend it as a training tool if you want to work yourself up to a second fist. Despite the large weight I found topping with this dildo easy. The shaft is almost ergonomic for a good grip. Once the toy is inserted you can easily hold and maneuver it grabbing the dildo by the balls. Due to the large size I there is only a limited market for this specific toy. If you are intrigued by the overall design but don’t have a that well trained ass look at their Stor Boll or Hög Boll which are considerably smaller.

My Size M hand compared to the Dildo

My Size M hand compared to the Dildo

So much for ass play part. But even if you can’t take such a big toy up the ass or don’t have so well trained subs there is a place for this toy in your playroom in my opinion. For some month I had it standing around between my gas masks as decoration. Being flesh colored it really popped in the nearly all black toy storage area of my room so it was an eye catcher. More than that through it absurd size it is a conversation starter. Especially newbies are usually so shocked and mesmerized that they ignore all the other evil toys which might intimidate them. I know of three people who gave this toys as a playroom opening or stud party gift just for comical value. On a more practical note I actually used this dildo in scenes for holding toys. Standing up it is great for placing a gas mask or hood over it for easy grabbing. When it lays down the slightly stick surface is ideal for holing clamps.

Being made out of silicone it can be cleaned easily with hot soap water. Please only use water-based lubes with this toy! Silicone lube will disintegrate it!

Conclusion: Massive and eyecatching ass toy.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Well thought out shape Won’t fit most subs Keepburning 199€
High quality material
Easy to clean

Keepburning Black Hole Tunnel Medium

Vendor: Keepburning


The Two Color Option: Clear and Black

The Two Color Option: Clear and Black

First things first: Keepburning provided me with this toy for reviewing purposes.

The design of this tunnel plug is simple yet clever. It starts out with a 40mm wide barrel shaped stiff piece of silicone. Its front has a diameter of 39mm increasing to a maximum diameter of 56mm and ends into a softer 43mm measuring tube that has a minimum length of 35mm. Through all this runs a tunnel with 35mm diameter. At the end is a large concave shield that prevents the plug from disappearing even into the greediest hole.

The toy is made out of TPR so I would recommend using water-based lube with it. You can get this toy either in black or clear. Since I like the classic look of black anal toys I mostly used the black one but I have heard from people that own the clear one that it discolors over time a bit.

Detail of the Shield that keeps the Plug from Disappearing

Detail of the Shield that keeps the Plug from Disappearing

Playing with it

A lot of fun was head with this tunnel plug. In general this kind of anal toy is great for humiliation scenes. Due to being made out of high grade silicone this tunnel plug can be worn for extended periods of time causing the wearer to lose control of his bowl movement. This was especially appreciated by adult baby players who the plugs help simulate the lack of sphincter control by babies. This plug also made a person very happy who likes to soil himself and wore this plug for a day under his normal cloths. Of cause this also works the other way around: You can put stuff into the sub without him being able to resist. One of the testees liked the idea of being a party urinal but can’t stand the test of piss so with this plug his colon was turned into a urinal. Beside dirty stuff the tunnel function was well appreciated at fisting parties because lube insertion was easy. If you just want this plug to keep the sphincter of your sub nicely open without any of the nasty side effects, go to your local home improvement store and buy a silicon plug in the plumbing department.

Using a Speculum for Easier Insertion

Using a Speculum for Easier Insertion

I have to admit the handling of this plug is a bit difficult: It lies in the nature of tunnel plug that the front side is dull. I recommend prestretching the sphincter up to at least 60mm diameter so that this plug slides in easily. Even though the silicone of the barrel in front is stiff another thing that made insertion easier was putting a speculum inside the tunnel which keeps it from collapsing.

The smooth surface and material properties of TPR make this toy easy to clean. I recommend first cleaning the toy in hot water and detergent, then rinse it and finally spray some disinfection agent on it. It is an annoying material property of TPR to attract dust. So even when being stores in a sealed container, I recommend washing the toys quickly under warm water before using.


Conslusion: Inexpensive yet effective tunnel plug
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Inexpensive Hard to insert Keepburning 32,90€
Comfortable to wear for extended periods of time
Easy to clean


Keepburning Zizi Plasma

Vendor: Keepburning

The Pair of Zizi Plasma Stretcher

The Pair of Zizi Plasma Stretcher


This toys come in pairs: You get two oval rings which measure 19mm by 27mm. On the short side the ring has a height of 29mm which goes down to 24mm on the middle of the short side. They are made out of TPR which makes them very easily to stretch wide yet the 6mm thick material guarantees a snug fit. Like with every other TPR toy it is resistant towards the most common forms of lube like silicone, water and fat based lubricants.

My pair is black but you can get them in 7 colors from classic black and transparent to vibrant neon colors.

Playing with it

Like the other Zizi Toys I have reviewed so far I have gotten this toy from Mister B.

Due to the small inside diameter and the medium stretch of the thin material together the ergonomic form that recessed towards the middle it is a good stretcher especially for tight balls. Also if your package isn’t too big this toy can work as a cockring. Especially if you like it tight put the second over the first one and enjoy a real squeeze. If you generally like the blood-staunching effect of cockrings regardless of the material put on or two Plasma rings on either end of your dick to staunch the blood in your glans or your entire cock.

An Example of the Stretchiness of the TPR

An Example of the Stretchiness of the TPR

So much for sexual play. For getting kinky you need really loose balls. You can use this toy to squeeze the neck of your balls when only a steel ball stretcher with a small internal diameter is at hand. A nice operational scenario for really low hangers is stretching each ball individually. You need fairly loose sack skin and really low hanging balls for this but once you separated the balls you can hit them individually or attach single silicone loops (or even better: silver coated cooper wire) to really fry them.

I have been playing with this toy for over half a year and I haven’t seen any problems with the material yet. But since the material is thinner than most other TPR toys I can imagine that it will break sooner or later. But with such a low price replacing it every other year shouldn’t be a too big problem.

Conslusion: Versatile and gear-friendly masturbation toy.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Ergonomic shape Medium stretch power compared Keepburning(Manufacturer) 12,90€
Interesting play possibilities for low hangers
2 for 1

Keepburning Zizi Cosmic Ring

Vendor: Keepburning

The Keepburning Zizi Cosmic Ring

The Keepburning Zizi Cosmic Ring


The Cosmic Ring is shaped like an eight. Both ends are 20mm thick and the material gets thinner to 7mm in the middle onto which Zizi rocket logo is wrought. Both holes have a diameter of 26mm. Being made out of TPR the holes can be stretched to accommodate even quite large dicks yet fit snug enough even for smaller dicks and smaller or tighter balls. Another benefit of TPR is, that it is resistant towards body fluids and most lube so even out of a sleazy group scene where silicone-based, water-based and fat-based lubes mixed it came out in top shape.

Playing with it

Even though it looks quite different than the Oxballs Trough I had the same question when I got this toy from Mister B: What am I supposed to do with this toy? But after playing around with it a couple of times it became a regular in my play.

Side view showing the difference in thickness between the ends and the middle bridge.

Side view showing the difference in thickness between the ends and the middle bridge.

Like the Oxballs toy is enhance the masturbation experience: Put one hole around your dick and the other one around your balls and the stroking movement will be transferred to your balls. Since the bulge at the back of the balls is a bigger than the one of the Trough the bouncing sensation is greater. If you get off bouncing rather than additional prostate stimulation I would recommend this toy as improving your self-pleasuring. Due to the more compact design it can also be worn and used without any problems when wearing a jockstrap of codpiece gear.

The stretchiness makes the Cosmic Ring also a versatile cock toy: Take both rings and wear it either as a cockring or a ball stretcher. Because one side of the package is 40mm high and the other one only 7mm depending which side you put in front of it either pushes your dick up or down and will let your ball bounce more freely or encourages slapping against your thighs when jerking off. Due to the bulges in either of the three configurations the separation between a silicone loop around the base of the junk and the balls is large and stable enough without having to short-circuit your box when the sub wiggles.

Example of doubling up the Cosmic Ring

Example of doubling up the Cosmic Ring

This is extremely handy since not everyone has as low hangers as I have thus making the Zizi Megamen or Oxballs Nuttsling too uncomfortable in the first place. On the other hand: If you have really low hangers and the Nuttlsing or Megamen is too short, due to the relatively large additional stretch the Cosmic Ring helps make cockslings even interesting for people who otherwise wouldn’t feel any stretch at all.

A weird form of play I have witness at a group scene: The connection of people. Some just put one ring around one dick and the other around another one. One transferred the stroking sensation onto the balls of another and I found a couple who was into docking (putting your glans under the foreskin of another person) and they put the holes behind their glans thus pumping them up a bit. I have to admit I don’t get this form of play but was glad to see them getting pleasure from the Cosmic Ring. This scene also dissipated some doubts if the rather frail looking bridge between the holes would withstand the tension which it did. I still wouldn’t put too much stress onto it too often. But then this toy isn’t too expensive if it breaks.

Conslusion: Versatile and gear-friendly masturbation toy.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Great for wearing under codpiece gear and jocks Middle part seems a bit frail Keepburning(Manufacturer) 16,90€
Resistant towards sweat, piss and most lubes

Christmas Gift Tip 2: Bigger is Better

One man’s pain is another man’s pleasure. Or in this case: One man’s playroom decoration is another man’s favorite toy.

Being in marketing I know that one that especially clothes for women are sold with the argument “just buy something that doesn’t fit and make it your goal to lose enough weight to get into it.” So today’s tips are for a number of different groups: For the people looking already for a new year resolution to train their ass or balls so much that by the end of next year they can take one of the toys. For the experienced size connoisseur who looks for something new to play with. And for the people who want to add a striking piece to their playroom which sparks a conversation and maybe an interesting session.

I have been asked quite often if I knew an ass lock that is truly stuffing and comfortable to wear. The only one on the market I know off is the Keepburning Hoolalass. They have a number of attachments but the Hydro with a diameter of 70mm should be enough to even bring a greed hole pleasure when walking around wearing it.


Hydro 39,90€


Hoolalass Black 12,90€

I might be doing a review of the Hoolalass system in the next year if I can get my hands on one. So if you are interested to be kept updated follow me on Twitter and check my website on a regular basis.

Also from the guys of Keepburning comes the Finland Boll. With a diameter of nearly 11cm at the glans it is one of the largest dildos with a natural look. Sold either in classic black, flesh color or blue it is a great gift for any fistee working at home to finally get the second fist up his ass.

Finland Boll

Finland Boll 199€

Nearly as big but a whopping half kilogram heavier is the Estim Decimator plug. As you know I really love the design of their premium electrodes. And this is just the right one if you want to enjoy the feeling of getting fucked by electricity even after a heavy fisting scene – or if you like me are just looking for a stylish, kinky paper weight/ desk ornament.


E-Stim Decimater £325

Another thing I like are stretched and bouncy balls. I love my ball stretcher because it fits my somewhat middle of the road balls just right. But if you are a fan of low hangers this ball stretcher from Mister B is the one to get. It stretchers your balls 12cm and with it weight of over 2kg the swing momentum of this stainless steel toy must be incredible somewhere between delightful agony and excruciating ecstasy.


Mister B Stainless Steel 120mm Ball Stretcher 199€

If you love low hangers but are not quite there yet, getting the Mandax Ultimate Ball Stretching System from Mister B is the way to approach your project for 2015. The system has three adjustable bars which will stretch your balls up to 18cm. A nice added feature is the it is equipped with a 2mm and a 4mm socket to attach to an electro box. It is only a monopole but with a Y-adapter and something from E-Stim systems premium range, you will have loads of fun.

Stretching Set

Mandax Ultimate Ball Stretching System 169€

Keepburning Zizi Megamen

Vendor: Keepburning

The Megamen Cocksling. Notice the different long tubes which make for a different sensation depending which way you put it on.

The Megamen Cocksling. Notice the different long tubes which make for a different sensation depending which way you put it on.

As you might know I like a good pair of bouncy balls when jerking, fucking or just walking around (even though for that I prefer a bit more weight). Earlier this year I reviewed my favorite ball stretcher the Oxballs Nuttsling. Back then I already wanted to compare it to the Keepburning Megamen cocksling but couldn’t get my hand on one just in time. I was especially curious because Oxballs is a ball toy maker who ventured into ass toys while Keepburning is know for their high quality ass toys and now makes toys for your junk. A couple of weeks ago Mister B sent me this toy so I can finally write the review I have been waiting for over half a year.


Like all dick and balls toys of this kind the cocksling is made out of relatively thin TPR making it very flexible. You can get this toy in 8 colors so even the most fashionable sub get the shade which he thinks will festoon his junk best.

Detail of the reinforcement of the opening holes.

Detail of the reinforcement of the opening holes.

The basic form of this toy is like the letter T. The main body is trapezoid thus following the anatomy of an erected dick. The tubes coming out of both horizontal sides of the main body are 9mm and 13mm long. The perpendicular tube provides 22mm of stretch and has a diameter of 35mm. All opening holes are reinforced with three thin rings which provide a bit snuggier fit.

Playing with it

Believe it or not this toy was one of the most debated one between my testees and me; naturally since it was up against one of my favorite and most often used toys…

Even more than the Oxball stretcher this one is made for really long term wear. Providing less stretch with a larger diameter there is less stress on your sack neck. So if you have tighter balls or just if you just want the kink feeling of having something on your body which doesn’t have too much of an effect this is the right stretcher for you. I have worn this toy for three days and to three full workout cycles to the gym, rode a bike several times and it didn’t bother me at all. The TPR is resistant towards sweat or piss and most forms of lube making it a 24/7 toy – if you are shaved. Pubic hair getting caught between the TPR and your skin is an “interesting” sensation you want to avoid.

A comparison of the material thicknesses between the Oxballs Nuttsling on the left and the Megamen cockling on the right.

A comparison of the material thicknesses between the Oxballs Nuttsling on the left and the Megamen cockling on the right.

Putting it on works like the Oxballs: Pull the vertical tube apart and put your balls through there, adjust the tube than pull the main body over your hard dick.

For any more play than just “wearing a ball stretcher” it really depends what you are looking for and you anatomy if this is the right stretcher for you. In order to get the bouncy feeling in your balls you need to have massive balls or be into pumping or saline. I have an average dick and a bit meaty, low hanging ball sack and my junk felt a bit lost in this toy. In order to add stretch you can of cause always use one or two or three (you greedy boys ;)) TPR cockrings like the Zizi Top. Of cause this toy works well as a separator between the conductive silicone loops when you use them for CBT. However especially for smaller balls I wouldn’t recommend this toy as a stretcher for ball beating because during several scenes a ball retreated into the tube. One thing I like about this ball stretcher is the T-shape with the differently long tubes: When the longer tube faces your body your dick gets a bit a bit pushed down which is an interesting sensation when fucking someone.

Conslusion: Comfortable ball stretcher for tight or big balls with true long-term potential
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Comfortable Can only be really filled by large genitals Keepburning(Manufacturer) 22,50€
Flexible A bit tricky to put on
Resistant towards sweat, piss and most lubes Uncomfortable with pubic hair