Christmas Gift Tip III: Kinky Teddy Bears

One of the first pieces of advice I have gotten when I have started to get into heavier play was to always have something to hold onto ready when the endorphins should crash down hard. So I made it a rule to have a stuffed animal around when I had a play session. It is a standard one that might look a bit odd in a dungeon. Luckily there are a number of different options out there to get some kinky inspired cuddle material not only for the playroom but your couch or to piss of your siblings when you give their youngsters an “alternative” stuffed animal.

For many years Fetters has been making teddy bears made out of leather. Depending on the model they can be customized in dozens of ways: Different color combinations, collars, toys, etc.


 Daddy Fetter Bear 60cm around 110€


Bondage Fetter Bear 60cm starting at 112€

Fetters3Baby Fetter Bear 60cm around 90€

Just recently Recon teamed up with Fetters to create a teddy bear in their icon color combination of black and read. He comes collard and has a zipper pocket on the back to maybe store other post session stuff like chocolate.


Recon Cable Lock Leather Bear 88,88€

If you are not into leather and like the “classic” plushy bears there are also a number of different options out there.

HM Leather offers teddy bears in three different versions of leather gear from full body harnesses to chaps and vest.


HML Scene Teddys 39,90€

The SlingKing teddy bear is the ideal choice for bondage boy coming in a full body harness, leather cap, blindfold and restraints.


SlingKing Bär Marci 89,95€

If you are like me more of a pain pig Peitschenhandel has an entire range of stuffed pain pigs… ehm… bears engaging into tit torture, flogging or being bound into all kinds of positions.

Peitschenhandel1Peitschenhandel Teddy with Nipple Clamps 19,99€

Peitschenhandel3Peitschenhandel Teddy with stand pillory, Flogger and Shirt 59,90€

SeriousToyS “Janus” Paddle

Left: Cow hide side of the Janus Paddle
Right: The all lacquer coverd paddle

As you might know when it comes to impact play I am more a fan of thuddy sensations. So purchasing paddles is always a bit depressing since most of them sting. When I visited Demask Dortmund to take pictures of the Rubber sarcophagus I was surprised to find a new kind of paddle: It has the form and basic construction of the McHurt Mini Bat but is offered in new and exciting varieties: The first variety is an all black paddle covered in lacquer which has SERIOUS sting. The second one I have named “Janus” Paddle: One side comes in normal cow hide, the other side is made out of padded suede. While the cow side has the same sensation as the McHurt Mini bat, the suede has despite being small and light a nice, deep thuddy sensation which I love. This version of the paddle comes in different color schemes: All black or with red suede. Apparently there is a all brown version in the making and one with lacquer on one side and suede on the other side.

Left: Padded suede side of the Janus Paddle
Right: The all lacquer coverd paddle

This toy has earned itself a place on my desiderate list  because it is the first toy I have come across that combines small size and light weight with great thud.

All versions of the paddle cost 39€ and can be ordered via e-mail.

Mr S Ultra Blindfold

Venor: Mr S


Pads below the eyes

As always with leather toys from Mr S this blindfold is made out of high quality leather.  The basic construction is like a sleeping mask you get on an air planes but with measuring 20cm from one end to the other it is large enough to cover the face of even people with large heads. Around the part covering the eyes runs leather piping which helps keeping the mask in shape. Below the eyes there are two thick and soft pads which help to block any light coming from below while keeping pressure from the eyes. When worn the mask is held in place by two straps: One is running above the ears, the other below. The first part of the straps is made out of trifolded leather mounted to the leather using rivets. The second part is an elastic band which can be adjusted to make wearing it comfortable yet pull the blindfold tightly enough towards the head in order block any light.

Front view

Putting the blindfold on is a bit of a hassle because at least the clumsy me had problems adjusting the straps while the sub is already wearing the blindfold which resulted in taking it off several times until it fit perfectly. But once it does it is frankly the best blindfold I have every worn: It is comfortable enough to be worn for a really long time, when adjusted correctly it can even withstand a sub ferociously wiggling while strapped down to a bed and still will block out any light. A nice feature are the two little pockets formed between the padding and the leather which can catch the tears of the sub.

Besides the use in the playroom the blindfold has become my standard sleeping mask when travelling because it blocks the light so well and is so comfortable. It even led to some interesting conversations and encounters while traveling to kinky events. But that is a different story…

Detail of the double d-ring adjusting mechanism and elastic band

Mr S also offers a version of that blindfold called the Ultimate Blindfold which has only one strap running above the ear. I played around with it when I visited the store. It blocks the light as well as the Ultra Blindfold, is a bit more comfortable to wear because the ears sometimes get in the way of the lower strap and is $2 cheaper. However due to only having one strap to keep it in place it is easier for the sub to shed it when he is bound.

Conslusion: The best blindfold I have come across until now
Pro Cons Where to get Price
No pressure on the eyes and thus can be worn for an extended period of time Difficult to adjust while being worn Mr S (Manufacturer) $58,95
Blocks all light Regulation £54,99
Large enough for people with bigger heads
Good adjustability
Stays in place
Great quality


DeTails Toys Set of Flogger

Vendor: DeTails Toys

Detail of the handle

As I have written about in this blog post a couple of month ago, I had a VERY intense experience getting flogged in the USA. Besides the unique sensation of getting flogged I was stunned by the craftsmanship that went into weaving the leather into the handle, the knot both providing enough strength to hold the tails together when thrown onto a sub with full strength.

Detail of the knot

A quick and honestly very superficial survey of the European and especially the German market showed that there weren’t any vendors providing me with what I want: A custom woven flogger. Turning to the US market showed that not surprisingly considering the amount of crafting and using of high quality leather getting a custom made set of flogger on a student budget proved to be difficult. At the end of my market analysis I ended up ordering my set a DeTails Toys who were considerable inexpensive and still showed some level of quality.

The four floggeres reviewed in the article


My order consisted of four floggers: Three with 50cm tails for torso flogging and one with 25cm tails for CBT, tit and ass play.

The three long floggers are an 18 tails deer skin with round ends for warm up, a 45 tails elk with angle cut as a universal flogger and a 45 tails bull thudder with a straight cut tail ends. The small one has 10 tails and is made out of medium stiff buffalo so it can either sting or thud with straight cut tail ends.

The leather quality for the floggers‘ tail is quite good. It has a natural feel to it and isn’t taned to death like you often see with low cost toys made in Asia. If I look at some friends’ floggers there is a better leather quality out there. Also the color from the loop rubs off a bit. But still the value for money is really good.

Different tail end cuts from left to right: Angle, round and stright cut

The biggest cost factor when making a flogger is the time it takes to create a tight knot and handle patter so that the flogger won’t fall apart. This is one of the reasons most flogger makers sooner or later go out of business: Getting a decent hour wage and still selling their floggers for a price that the consumer accepts is nearly impossible. So when I compare my DeTails floggers to some which cost between twice or thrice that much you can again see that they haven’t been given the same attention to detail as other ones. The knot and handle aren’t painstakingly tightly braided. But after excessively playing with my set nothing got loose and I am very confident they will give my fun for years to come.

Detail of the four handle colors

Playing with it

When it comes to throwing the flogger at a sub’s back they perform quite well. Some tails are a bit longer than the rest and on each flogger there are one or two tails who don’t fly with the rest. So these floggers take a little bit longer to master them in order to let them fly in a controlled way. But this is a process you have with every flogger so every testee I gave them for review experience barely noticed the longer personal breaking-in period.

While the Deer skin is very well balanced the heavier Elk and Bull flogger are a little bit tail-heavy which is


Different length of the tails

Different length of the tails

As skeptical as my review might have sounded I really enjoy playing with this flogger set. Once you mastered them they perform as good as way more expensive ones. Of cause there are floggers out there which are better made. So if you are looking for a perfect piece of craftsmanship these floggers might not be the right ones for you. But if you look for a good, custom flogger for intense play, I really encourage you to look at the ones from DeTails.

Price at the Date of Publishing: Between $80 and $130

Link to the Manufacturer

SlingKing Upper Arm Restraints

Vendor: SlingKing


Detail of the roller buckle

Detail of the roller buckle

In difference to any other restraints I have reviewed so far this pair is not padded. They are made out of one piece of pigskin which is folded three times making the restraints approx. 3mm thick and 58mm wide. The strap to secure the restraints is made out of two layers of thick leather nearly reaching 5mm thickness and has 5 metal reinforced holes to adjust the restraints. The strap also secures two D-rings which are held in place by four strong rivets. These rivets are covered with leather in the inside so in case of a metal allergy there is no direct contact between the sub and the metal. As with the restraints from McHurt all metal parts don’t seem to be made out of stainless steel but heavily chromes steel and are sturdy enough to withstand a tough scene.

The restraints in the smallest and the widest adjustment

The restraints in the smallest and the widest adjustment

You can get the restraints in two sizes: S/M which are made for a circumference between 22cm to 29cm and the one I have got which go from 29cm to 33cm. Regarding the color, they are black but you can choose between a black, red or white lower layer of the tightening strap.

Playing with it

Since the restraints are not padded the bend very easily once they have been broken in. They easily wrap around the upper arm and tightening is a piece of cake. Because the pressure is applied directly to the tissue I personally feel that I can sense more easily if they are too tight compared to padded restraints. I would recommend this kind of restraints for struggling subs compared to padded ones, especially because I had the feeling that they keep the sub a bit better in place than padded ones. Of cause you have to trade of a bit of comfort and forgiveness for “bad” restraining: If these restraints move in a bad way, they will cut off circulation. But since you don’t have to work through the give of the padding they are more easily to open than padded ones.

Reinforced holes on the strap and rivets holding the d-ring in place

Reinforced holes on the strap and rivets holding the d-ring in place

How well they fit really depends how defined the biceps of your sub is. The hole distance is 1cm which theoretically allows you fine adjustability. However fettering them too tight will impact circulation which worsen problems with too tight hand restraints, adjusting them too loose and they are useless because unlike with wrist or ankle there isn’t a foot or hand stopping them moving down. So if there is a defined muscle you can slide the restraints a bit until they find “grip”.

Once they are fitted, they are great. Because of the two D-rings which are lying on opposite sites put on you can realize even elaborate restrain scenarios like tying  the restraints to a collar or connecting them behind the sub’s back. Despite the D-rings having a bit more play than the ones on the McHurt restraints when tightening the attached ropes they keep the sub in place very well.

Unfinished edge of the trifolded leather

Unfinished edge of the trifolded leather

When purchase they are a bit stiff. It got better after a few scenes and using leather conditioner but when playing with them out of the box you need to be a bit more careful than you usually are (not that you aren’t extra careful anyways when you use a new toy ;)). Even when broken in they can leave mild to severe pressure marks when tightened strongly. I wouldn’t recommend them for long time scenes especially not on bare skin. You also have to be very careful when you sub can twist his arms a lot (unlikely yet possible): Due to the triple folding there is an unfinished and mildly sharp edge on the inside which can cause irritation or even bloody scratch marks (I am talking about power subs here).

Regarding the size I have so voice a bit of warning: I – sadly – don’t have the best trained and thus biggest upper arms on this planet. However, tightened correctly I am already using the third of the 5 holes. I can imagine that you will get problems fitting these restraints to a really beefy sub. If you want to use them as an accessory or for self bondage I found it a pain in the ass to get them onto me. On the plus side, you can use the S/M size as a wrist restraint and the L/XL one as an ankle restraint with two D-rings. They are actually the cheapest two D-ring restraints in decent quality and genuine leather I have found so far.

Conslusion: Most versatile and most comfortable long term cockring I have used to date
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Well made Leather edge on the skin side SlingKing (Manufacturer) 45,95€
Two D Rings Too small for people with large upper arms
Fairly inexpensive  

McHurt Long & Mini Bat

Vendor: McHurt


Long Bat and Mini Bat compared to each other

Long Bat and Mini Bat compared to each other

The bat is one of the more classic paddle forms with round ends and increasing width towards the top. It is made out of thick bull hide and has a metal inlay to keep it stiff. The inlay has a bit of a flex so  after a sever spanking using only one site of the paddle, you have to bend it into shape a bit. On the bottom you will find a loop made out of soft leather.

I own both versions of the paddle: The long bat with the measurements 41cm by 4,5cm at the widest part and 7mm thickness and the mini bat which is 28cm by 3,5cm and 6mm thick.

Detail of the stitching and the embossed logo

Detail of the stitching and the embossed logo

Playing with it

The paddles are very flexible: Depending on how you use them the pain sensation can range between a light thud to a sever sting. While the large paddle is more for spanking an ass or for lighter bastinado (depending on your subs feet size), I tend to like the smaller a bit more. First of all: It is handy, fits in most briefcases or even the inner pocket of your jacket. Also the stiffness of the inlay at the mini bat is just right so that you can snap it precisely against small areas like nipples, single balls or the glans.

Apparently both paddles have been balanced to fit a hand of my size (European glove size 7 ½). Holding and swinging them are effortless and even after long spanking sessions my wrist didn’t get tired.

Leather loop

Leather loop

Speaking of getting tired: As with every good impact toy, the character of the toy changes a bit over time. The leather gets softer over time so the sensation shifts a bit from sting to thud. If you want to create the same sensation over time you need to alter your movements a bit and/ or increase force.

If you are into coloring your sub’s skin this toy is good for it. Even after some lighter hits the skin turns nicely red but not as quickly as with for example a rubber prisoner strap. So this toy is good if you want to engage in a longer spanking session with nice coloring but not wearing your sub out.

Conslusion: Basic yet versatile paddle
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Versatile Deforms easily McHurt (Manufacturer) Mini Bat: 16,50€

Long Bat: 27,50€

Good coloring  
Wide range of pain sensation  

Mr S Bishop Head Harness

The harness with the blindfold and gag put in place

I have explained at length in this blog entry why I want the Mr S Bishop Head Harness. When I first was put into this head harness I was thrilled with the sensual and session entry potential of this toy.

Besides that it is practical and versatile: It comes with a cover for the eyes so you can use it as a blindfold, a pecker gag and leather mouth cover so you can silence your sub. Furthermore there are D rings on the collar and if I understood the people Mr S correctly a custom D ring can be added to the top of the harness so you can tie your subs in various positions. And I haven’t even started to think about tying clamps, ball stretcher, etc. to it. I haven’t had enough time to play around with it to discover every possible use but I presume that with a little alteration it can also be used as a tight muzzle.

The two different options to cover the sub’s mouth

I am aware that at a price point of $379.95 at the date of publishing it isn’t an inexpensive toy and more expensive as if you would buy gags, blindfold and collar together. But the unique combination and versatility makes it definitely a worthy addition to every collection or play bag of serious players.


Usually this website focuses on the functional aspect of BDSM toys: How do they perform at doing what you bought them for. And to a large extended that makes sense being the only “hard” way of judging a toy even though because pain and restriction is felt by everybody else differently the verdict is a bit spongy. Because of that I have adjusted the ways reviews are written.

Last weekend at a party of the Chicago Hellfire Club I consciously experienced  for the first time another quality of a toy: The sensual aspect. Before a flogging session the top asked me if I needed to be blindfolded which I confirmed. He told me to kneel down and put the Mr S Bishop Head Harness  (and you wonder why it is today’s Desiderate) with just the blindfold on. From the practical point of view I was a bit disappointed because my cheap basic blindfold from SlingKing performed better at blocking out all light (or perhaps the harness was not adjusted perfectly). But what followed intrigued me:  The top spend a couple of minutes adjusting the leather straps, putting the harness in place, asking me if the collar wasn’t too tight. At least for me it had a great level of intimacy; it felt the top cared for me and caressed his precious torture toy. After the harness was fitted he told me to stand up and guided me to the St. Andrews Cross holding me on my shoulders which added to the deep feeling of trust an intimacy. So even before the main party of the session had started I was already half way in headspace which felt great.

After this experience I went through my toy collection and instantly discovered several toys with a sensual value. So maybe after returning to Germany I will write an article about “sensuatables” –toys with sensual potential.

If some rich admirer of my website is still looking for a birthday present: I wouldn’t say no to such a head harness… 😉

Flogged by Flogger

Four weeks ago I was introduced to flogging. And honestly: I have never thought that after a really bad spanking experience last spring I could ever enjoy being hit by a top again. But, boy! What… not fun but deep spiritual headspace experience I had. Haven’t felt so deeply and intimately connected to a master in a long time and am already looking forward to enhance this experience.

Anyway you should know me well enough by now that I am like a little boy who envies the other boys’ toys. Also: I like to have good toys which I know at hand when the right master is close by. So suddenly without expecting it, I am into the market for flogger (My wallet is already weeping. Maybe I should ask Mr S in San Francisco to ban me from entering the store when getting to SF in May to prevent me from ruining myself). Being a quality maniac who also appreciates craftsmanship I spent the new gained freedom after my last midterm tonight to search the web for companies who’s website made the impression that they make good flogger. And I have to admit: I am a bit overwhelmed. offers not less than 16 different hides plus rubber and metal as tail materials. Add to this all the different styles handles can be woven, tail width and length and color options, for the first time in my activity in the kinky scene I am clueless what I want. Sadly all companies I have found operate on the internet only and still having limited insight in what I like and need from a flogger I don’t really feel comfortable ordering them only. And since I won’t be in town for IML (I earn the money to buy flogger while the event processes) there is very little chance to try some models. So it will be interesting to see how, what and how many first flogger I will get. Look already forward to review my first flogger for you.

P.S.: My birthday is coming up in 11 days. So if you are still looking for a gift, I would appreciate a flogger 😉

SlingKing Extender Ball Stretcher

Vendor: SlingKing


The stretcher is made out of two layers of very soft yet sturdy leather so you have the soft hide on the inside and the outside. The two layers are stitched and probably also glued together.

When folded out flat this stretcher has the silhouette of a cartoon dog bone. The patches at both ends are 6,7cm by 4,3cm and feature two rows of three tight snap fasteners. On the connecting stretch of leather is a small moveable D ring mounted under a stripe of leather which is hold in place by two riveting. The stretch is approx. 4cm wide.

The stretcher has a diameter of 3cm and 4,5cm depending on if you choose to use only the outer three or the six snap fasteners. When using all six the stretcher becomes sturdier.

Playing with it

The ball stretcher closed in the wider adjustment

The ball stretcher closed in the wider adjustment

You can use this stretcher in two ways: With the snap fasteners in front or on the back. Both positions have their own thrill. When you put them up front the stretch is much more intense due to length of 6,7cm. When you put the fasteners on the back you will “only” stretch your balls 4cm but the snapper part will massage the perineum of the sub and will also push his balls a bit in front and give them support which is nice for a good beating. A nice touch is the small D ring which you can use to put weights on it or tie the stretcher onto something or do whatever your perverted fantasy inspires you to.

The ball stretcher closed in the smaller adjustment

The ball stretcher closed in the smaller adjustment

Since this is one of the few stretcher I have come across with two layers of leather it is very comfortable to wear even over longer periods of time.

The only real problem with this toy is also one of the great benefits: The very tight snap fasteners. It can be very hard to get them fastened and getting them off quickly in a case of emergency is nearly impossible.

Where to get this toy?

The big question with this great toy is: Where to get it? From the quality and way it is constructed I believe the Fetters in London has made it. But I couldn’t find it in their online shop and they haven’t answered my e-mail yet. So if you know who once made this toy, please contact me.

Update 2/14/2014: I have found this ball stretcher at SlingKing.

Conslusion: The greatest ball stretcher I have had in my hands yet
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Great quality leather A bit too tight snap fasteners SlingKing (Manufacturer) 14,95€