Mister B Double Faced Hoods

Mister B Doulbe Faced Leather Hood

Mister B Doulbe Faced Leather Hood

After the last two hood suggestions I got some mails asking for a bit more budget friendly suggestion. A hood I really enjoyed playing with but sadly don’t own yet is the Mister B Double Faced Leather Hood. The design is similar to the HML Isolation Hood I featured last week but has open eyes and lacks the ear padding. This makes it good for not so experienced subs who want the leather gimp look and feel but are freaked out by too much isolation.

Mister B Double Faced Rubber Hood Close

Mister B Double Faced Rubber Hood Close

Mister B Double Faced Rubber Hood Opend

Mister B Double Faced Rubber Hood Opend

Being made out of soft leather it can be worn for extended periods of time and is a great piece of gear when being restrained in a sleepsack. And with a price of 199€, it is not too expensive. For a even more budget friendly option Mister B also has a rubber version of the double faced hood for 149€.

Mister B Leather Covered Riding Crop

Mister B Padded Leather Covered Riding Crop

Mister B Padded Leather Covered Riding Crop

I came across this toy when I was looking up the link for last week’s review of the Mister B Spanking Ties. As you probably know I am a great lover of thuddy (and thus mostly padded) impact toys. So I was excited to see that Mister B added another padded toy to their collection.

This toy has the shape of a more traditional military style riding whip with one long padded slapper and a long grip. Due to the size is promises to sit comfortable in your boot shaft while walking around and long enough to hit both cheeks of your spankee at the same time. And with a price of 33,50€ it is a good deal for a padded impact toy.

Mister B Spank Ties

Vendor: Mister B

The spank ties twisted for maximum delivered impact

The spank ties twisted for maximum delivered impact


This toy is basically an 80cm long and 1,5cm thick rod. In its core is a bendable spring which will take and hold nearly every shape you twist it into. This spring is covered by soft, charcoal colored padding. On the end there are black plastic hemispheres so there are no sharp edges.

This toy is sold in pairs.

Playing with it

Like the name implies this is a dual purpose toy: It can be used for bondage and for impact play.

The biggest problem of this toy in both usage situations is the handling: It takes a lot of practice until you can bend this toy in the desired form because the spring is rather stiff. This of cause has the advantage that the ties will stay in the shape once bent.

Ties twisted around furniture ready for attaching a sub.

Ties twisted around furniture ready for attaching a sub.

However once you mastered this toy it is a quite nifty bondage device. You fold the rod in the middle and twist it around a rail (a bed post or shower handle for example), than you place the wrist of the sub onto the twisted part and twist the rod again two or three times tightly enough that the hand cannot slip through the loop. It takes a bit of practice to find the right technique to make these twists soling and inescapable but it is worth the effort. I usually have a pair of these with me when I am on business trips because I can ties someone onto furniture in a hotel room without having to carry around large quantities of rope or leather restraints. I especially like tying someone to shower rails (Please check if the rails can handle a wiggling sub without getting ripped out of the wall before you tie someone to them!) because if you tape off the gap between the padding and the hemispheres the ties are waterproof. Of cause the bondage aspect is not limited to attaching subs to furniture. You can also twist cuffs, cockring-ballstretcher-combos and many other things out of these ties.

Detail of the plastic hemispheres for a more stingy sensation.

Detail of the plastic hemispheres for a more stingy sensation.

When being used as an impact toy you need to adjust your play style a bit: Since the core is flexible a lot of the movement energy is lost in the deformation. So I enjoy using this toy especially for beginners either as a straight rod for “caning” or when folded twice or thrice as a “paddle”. For added stability and thus more impact delivered onto the sub’s body fold the rod in half and tightly twist both ends around each other. Since most of the mass of this toy is padding the sensation is still more on the thuddy side. But especially if you hit sensitive body areas like the glans or the nipple with the plastic hemispheres this toy has quite some bite.

Conslusion: Very versatile toy, excellent for travelling but a bit hard to handle.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Dual purpose Difficult to handle Mister B 23,95€
Versatile spanking toy
Small & handy

Why I haven’t reviewed products from Sinvention, Fetters or Regulation yet

In the last couple of month I have been getting quite some messages asking me why I feature only products from a limited selection of manufacturers (most of my toys comes from Mr S, Mister B, SlingKing and McHurt) and thus why I don’t review products from this manufacturer or why I have ignored that one for my desiderate section (Which has gotten a bit neglected). There are a number of reasons out there and because they partly play a role why today’s Christmas gift tip nearly came without pictures I decided to elaborate them:

  1.  Toy Selection Pattern
    Against widely spread believes I buy most of my toys myself. I am thankful to Mister B, HML and UberKink who sometimes provide me with toys to review but the majority of my toys from my own money. When it comes to getting a new toy I am fantasy driving. Most of the time I have a specific scene or sensation in mind I want to create and for which I am lacking the right “tool”. So if I have gotten a toy for a specific sensation it is unlikely I am going to by one from another manufacturer just to compare them. Also the collection reflects my personal play style and my fantasies and fears.
  2. Money
    This leads to the next issue: Money. I am still a student currently without a job so my toy budget is rather limited. Next to toy categories I am currently not covering at all – like hoods or breath play – especially when it comes to bondage and impact toys I know that there slight variations of toys I already own out there which for my intention of having just the right toy for the right sensation at hand (or just for the convenience of having a second or third restraint set) would be great to have. But with my limited budget I simply can’t afford the luxury to have a deep AND wide selection of toys. So for the moment I am going for wide in the field that interests me and neglect the rest. And even with stuff that has become interesting lately like some hoods they simply are out of my budget for the moment.
  3. Shopping Style
    Due to the two above factors my purchasing process is rather sophisticated: When I have a fantasy I start looking at websites and from what I know of material and design properties choose a relevance set of toys that might deliver the desired sensation and fit my budget. Once the relevance set is done I go out and take a look at the toys I consider and try them out; I rarely purchase toys online. This is of cause difficult with stores being based in London, Atlanta or Canada.
  4. Review Process
    I have been getting messages asking why I don’t write about toys that have been used on me in scenes. When I gather notes for a review I am not going under in the scene. I am focusing on how the toy performs, how the sensation alters when used differently, etc. As much as I enjoy the reviewing scenes they are not as emotionally intense as normal ones and usually don’t get the top what he wants from me as a sub. So I stage “review” scenes where I interview the tops and subs afterwards. Of cause I do have an opinion on a toy used on me after a scene. For example I certainly can say something about the Padded Locking restraints from Mr S (I like them a lot) but that opinion is too indifferent for a review. So even though I have experienced toys from Sinvenstion, Fetters and Regulation (these are the three manufacturer I get the most questions about reviews for) I can’t say more than “I liked this and disliked that in that specific scene.”
  5. Copyright Issues
    This isn’t an issue for reviews but for desiderates. For the desiderate section I am posting pictures from the manufacturer/ vendor on my website and I have to obtain the right to do so from the current copyright holder! In the last two years I have approached over three dozen web shops and manufacturer several times and only got the permission from a handful to use their material. Most of them didn’t answer at all even so I stopped bothering them.
    Please note that some of the manufacturers named here have given me the permission to use their material for my website.

All of these factors can of cause lead to the impression that I am favoring certain manufacturers. This is partly true and as much I love the ones I am currently featuring I would much rather present a broader spectrum of toys and manufacturers to the community. So in the meantime while I am trying to win the lottery and fill my dream dungeon with all the dream toys, if you want to see a specific toy reviewed or just want to support my side by sending me toys, here is a list of toys that I am interested in but are for various reasons not on my purchasing list:

Sinvenstion – Arm Immobilizer Splints

Fetters – Calf to Thigh Restraint

Regulation – Leather Bag Hood

Regulation – Chest Binder

Mister B – Closed Leather Face Mask

Mister B – Iron Whips Wocen Cat 8×4 Long

Mr S – Asylum Muzzle

Parus Leather – Restraints No. 2106 & No. 2211

HML – Wide Bondage Belt

ErosTek – ET302R

Christmas Gift Tip 2: Bigger is Better

One man’s pain is another man’s pleasure. Or in this case: One man’s playroom decoration is another man’s favorite toy.

Being in marketing I know that one that especially clothes for women are sold with the argument “just buy something that doesn’t fit and make it your goal to lose enough weight to get into it.” So today’s tips are for a number of different groups: For the people looking already for a new year resolution to train their ass or balls so much that by the end of next year they can take one of the toys. For the experienced size connoisseur who looks for something new to play with. And for the people who want to add a striking piece to their playroom which sparks a conversation and maybe an interesting session.

I have been asked quite often if I knew an ass lock that is truly stuffing and comfortable to wear. The only one on the market I know off is the Keepburning Hoolalass. They have a number of attachments but the Hydro with a diameter of 70mm should be enough to even bring a greed hole pleasure when walking around wearing it.


Hydro 39,90€


Hoolalass Black 12,90€

I might be doing a review of the Hoolalass system in the next year if I can get my hands on one. So if you are interested to be kept updated follow me on Twitter and check my website on a regular basis.

Also from the guys of Keepburning comes the Finland Boll. With a diameter of nearly 11cm at the glans it is one of the largest dildos with a natural look. Sold either in classic black, flesh color or blue it is a great gift for any fistee working at home to finally get the second fist up his ass.

Finland Boll

Finland Boll 199€

Nearly as big but a whopping half kilogram heavier is the Estim Decimator plug. As you know I really love the design of their premium electrodes. And this is just the right one if you want to enjoy the feeling of getting fucked by electricity even after a heavy fisting scene – or if you like me are just looking for a stylish, kinky paper weight/ desk ornament.


E-Stim Decimater £325

Another thing I like are stretched and bouncy balls. I love my ball stretcher because it fits my somewhat middle of the road balls just right. But if you are a fan of low hangers this ball stretcher from Mister B is the one to get. It stretchers your balls 12cm and with it weight of over 2kg the swing momentum of this stainless steel toy must be incredible somewhere between delightful agony and excruciating ecstasy.


Mister B Stainless Steel 120mm Ball Stretcher 199€

If you love low hangers but are not quite there yet, getting the Mandax Ultimate Ball Stretching System from Mister B is the way to approach your project for 2015. The system has three adjustable bars which will stretch your balls up to 18cm. A nice added feature is the it is equipped with a 2mm and a 4mm socket to attach to an electro box. It is only a monopole but with a Y-adapter and something from E-Stim systems premium range, you will have loads of fun.

Stretching Set

Mandax Ultimate Ball Stretching System 169€

Mister B Double Small Paddle

Vendor: Mister B


The Mister B Double Small Paddle

The Mister B Double Small Paddle

Yet again I review an impact toy with a very traditional shape much like last week’s Cushioned Paddle: The 16cm by 3,5cm grip turns into a long stretched octagonal head which measures 20cm by 7cm. This makes the size just right for fitting individual ass cheeks or thighs. A nice detail is the small Mister B logo lasered in the last quarter of the head. The design of the head however is unusual: It consists of a single layer of leather and a sowed and glued double layer of leather. The three layers are hold together at the handle by glue and three rivets. The last rivet holds a leather flap in placed containing a welded d-ring. This design raises one question: Is that really a paddle or a – non-traditional – slapper? This might be hairsplitting but when I buy a paddle I expect a single piece of (multiple layers of) leather.

Detail of the three Leather Layers. Left: The Head with the Single and the Double; right: the Handle with all layers glues together

Detail of the three Leather Layers. Left: The Head with the Single and the Double; right: the Handle with all layers glues together

The build quality is sturdy but isn’t as painstaking as I have seen with other toys. The leather layers are not completely in line and the glue between on the handle between the single- and double-layer is not evenly distributed. But this is just an aesthetic thing, the usability or effect of the toy isn’t compromised in any way.

Playing with it

This toy takes some practice and finesse to unfold the great potential it holds. When you hit with this paddle for the first time the two pieces will probably stick together. Due to the flexible leather the impact will create a stingy sensation. You will always create this effect when you hit with the single layer first. With some practice you can hit the sub with high intensity with the double layer first and then adding a little thuddy “afterthought” when the single layer hits the double layer. Especially experienced subs were a bit distracted when there as a second sensation after the first one. The slapping effect also occurs when you just lightly hit the skin. I found that very handy for warming up the skin before a longer spanking.

Detail of the D-Ring

Detail of the D-Ring

If you want real thud, take advantage of the hard edges which with 1cm heights are rather wide. Especially on well padded body areas like the thighs or ass hitting with the paddle’s edge creates a nice, deep thud.

Of cause you can turn this toy into a traditional paddle but tying the two leather pieces together. The pain sensation of this modification is quite stingy with a bit of thud. You can make the sensation even more interesting depending on the material you use for tying: If you want a normal paddle, I recommend using strong and wide elastic bands you can get in any drugstore. For the all leather feel I recommend leather strings (either the soft or the hard ones) which will make the surface uneven. Depending on which side you use (just the strings or the one with the knots holding the two ends together) you get a little to a lot more sting and can create interesting patterns (Leather string macramé anyone?). The last option I have tried out were Velcro cable ties. Depending on the design (p.e. whether the just have a small rough and soft area or a rough area and the rest is all smooth) the sensation can vary widely.

Some have hard edges adding sting, other bottoms find the impact of the rough side harder to take, some find the sensation of the rough side lightly travelling over the bruised skin interesting.

Nice Detail: The Lasered Mister B Logo

Nice Detail: The Lasered Mister B Logo

Regardless of the hitting technique I would categorize the coloring of this toy medium. It creates a nice red color that doesn’t stay too long. Of cause, when you tie hard strings around the paddle they will create redder marks which will stay longer. I also have to say that the toy is very well balanced.

Conslusion: Interesting and versatile interpretation of a basic toy
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Small enough for targeting individual body areas Takes some time to learn how to handle Mister B 39,50€
Good for warm-up Could use some attention to detail when made
Flexible design
Well balanced

Mister B Iron Impact Toy Collection

The Riding Crop Style Slapper of the Mister B Iron Collection

The Riding Crop Style Slapper of the Mister B Iron Collection

A couple of weeks ago I visited Demask in Dortmund – one of my favorite kinky stores – in order to find something to make leather on a mask a bit softer. I quickly got some leather oil but what caught my attention were the impact toys of the Iron Collection from Mister B. All handles in this collection are made out of brushed stainless steel giving them a quite impressive look. It also gives them a nice weight and very high quality feel.

The Small Paddle of the Mister B Iron Collection

The Small Paddle of the Mister B Iron Collection

Just imagining the feeling of the paddle’s cold steel shaft touching the red glowing spanked ass of a sub gave me goosebumbs. The Iron collection features five different toys made out of leather: A riding whip, a small slapper in form of a riding crop, a small and a large paddle and a cane. All toys but the cane have a firm and a padded side so you can choose between a more thuddy or a more stingy sensation.

The Riding Whip of the Mister B Iron Collection

The Riding Whip of the Mister B Iron Collection

Especially the riding whip might be interesting for you if you look for a thuddier and more easily to handle one than last week’s review.

On Mister B’s website you can also find matching floggers and cat-o-nine-tails in the same design which I haven’t had in my hand yet.

The toys costs between 79€ and 129€. Keeping the high quality and unique appearance in mind the prices are more than fair, especially compared to other products on the market.

Chastity Experiment Day 6: Normal Everyday Life – Sort of

Free at last! After I have written this week’s review I took off the Bon4 Metal Chastity cage. First of all: Thanks to Mister B for giving it to me for review purposes. It was a quite… interesting experience.

As I already wrote in the review this is the first chastity cage which actually fit me. A couple of years ago I bought others, mainly just out of curiosity. I never found the thought of someone having control over my dick very compelling. Just as I am a pain pig -maybe a sub – but never a slave who seeks to surrender control longer than the duration of a scene (well, in most of the cases but that is a different story). So I finally got to get rid of that curiosity.

What surprised me most of all this week was how comfortable it was to wear. After I got used to something a bit heavy and strong hanging between my legs, I forgot most of the time that I was in chastity. There was a bit fear that other people might notice what I was wearing but as I have seen yesterday even when wearing tight clothes the unsuspicious eye doesn’t notice anything.

When I interacted with the cage, it was also a nice experience: As most men I randomly play around with my dick when I am sitting around in sweatpants or gym shorts while reading or doing stuff on the computer. When I reached into my pants the last couple of days I found something strong, with body temperature which felt kind of smooth because the edges are rounded so well. I know, nothing beats playing around with your own dick but it came close enough for me to emotionally satisfy me. Also cleaning was very easy thanks to the large holes. What I had to give up was pissing while standing – at least in restrooms. I wouldn’t have been embarrassed to show my dick in chastity but with my dick not filling the cage completely when it was soft the liquid splashed around too much while pissing.

Another thing I noticed was how comfortable it was to get a boner. As I have written on Thursday my dick didn’t rage against the steel but stayed a bit soft. After the “unsuccessful” erection Thursday morning my sexual activity somewhat declined. I was getting less horny over the day and never felt the urge to jerk off. That showed me how much of a commodity jerking of sometimes it to me. When I am bored or just need to take my mind of stuff while working on a paper p.e. I just rub one out. After the cage had become so familiar after about three days these were the only instances when I really was reminded that I was in chastity.

Over the 7 day experiment I have never tried to break out of the cage. I have to admit it probably would have been possible to pull my dick out below the ring and stuff it back after I came. I guess with a tighter ring that would have been a problem but that would have made wearing it for such a long time problematic. Maybe Bon4 needs to develop screw-in (dull) spikes which look a bit like the insert you could get for the CB-series of CB-X to make breaking out more difficult. The importance of this “flaw” depends on what you are looking for in a chastity device: A really secure way to keep the sub from jerking off can probably only be achieved by a (nearly) custom piece like from Steel Worxx or Latowski. But as inexpensive yet good device for starter or a reminder of the dedication and promise to the top the Bon4 Metal Chastity cage is the best product on the market I have seen so far.

Concluding I have to say: Chastity hasn’t become a new, major kink of mine; maybe because it was more of an in vitro experiment without a key holder. But knowing that there is a toy out there that fits me and that I can wear without a problem for an extended period of time is good to know if the right guy comes along with which I would key holding with.

Chastity Experiment Day 5: Going to the Beach

Today was a hot and humid day on the coast so I decided to go to the beach later in the afternoon. Due to the hot weather I was wearing my light, Nike surfer shorts with no underwear already on my way to the beach. The last couple of days I wore heavier Carhartt cloth shorts which covered up that chastity cage bulge quite well. But through the light and soft nylon material the bulge was quite visible. I thought everyone would stare at the “thing” between my legs but nothing as such happened. People walked by normally and didn’t pay any attention to me. My fear was probably fueled by me knowing what I was wearing.

Down at the beach I went directly for a swim. The cage didn’t bother me at all when I was swimming. However when I got out the water-soaked cloth stuck to my body and because the cage is made only out off a few rather small steel beams you could lightly see the contours of the cage. But yet again the unusual shape between my legs was probably only recognized by me. What I did get were suggestive looks from girls in their late teens/ early twenties. They probably thought I had a massive dick. I wish I had gotten these looks from their hot looking male companions.

You are probably wondering why there are no pictures. The simple truth is that on the shoot for tomorrow’s review my battery ran out and I forgot my charger at home. I could have taken pictures with my phone but frankly the quality of my Moto G’s camera is so crappy I rather have no pics than so bad ones on here.

Chastity Experiment Day 4: Morning Wood

This was bound to happen: I haven’t jerked off in 4 days and today I had the first morning wood in ages. It was a strange feeling. I felt that I had an erection yet it was not as hard as I would have expected it to be. I would have expected that my dick would press against the steel with full force, trying to break up. But somehow the cage had kept it from getting too hard. It wasn’t uncomfortable at all; I was just annoyed that I couldn’t jerk off and go to sleep again.

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