Christmas Gift Tip III: Everyday Pride

Christmas Gift Tip II: Everyday Pride

After another step to the total rubberization of your playroom and some art to make your living room a bit kinkier, it is now time to bring some pervert’s pride into your or the presentee’s everyday life.

The easiest and most common piece to show your affection is the wristband and probably everybody owns at least a simple one and/ or a wrist wallet. However, there are more elaborate ones, like a 3-strap wristband which has much more presence than a smaller one.

Wrist 2

If you like the feeling of a restraint being bound on your wrist but don’t want to run around with an actual restraint, maybe the 2 buckle Scorpio wristband will still your desire.

Wrist 3

For an even rougher look, try the linked armband or one with rivets. When you have a strong wrist the small size might also be wearable as a wristband.

Wrist 4 Wrist 1

Maybe a wristband is too obvious for you and your living situation. Then you can consider a belt from Mister B. It retails in a thinner, 4cm wide version which you can wear to a suit

Gürtel 4cm II Gürtel 4cm I

or you can have it with a double thorn clasp and 5cm width which again has more presence and won’t fit into most dress pants.

Gürtel 5cm II Gürtel 5cm I

When purchasing a belt you have to be careful: It sells with or without the Mister B logo embossment at the end, so you can choose if you want to have a bit of kinkiness or just a plain, high quality belt.

Of cause there are some pigs out there who want to show really brash their nasty desires. For such perverts the Gear Store Berlin carries a great line of t-shirts which enables you to tell the people around you about your occupation

Slave Master

or some nasty kink.

Dirty DicksSneaker Cleaner

Yet pervert’s pride doesn’t stop with attire. How about a leather gym bag

Gym Bag

or a small toiletries bag from a kinky brand in order to score some flirtatious looks in the shower.

Toiletries Bay

You can even get a matching travel bag

Travel Bag

and a stylish way to transport your suspension bars, canes and other long, not too heavy toys.

cane Bag

Mister B Thowncrown

Vendor: Mister B

First Impression and construction

The Thorncrown with the hex to adjust the screws

The Thorncrown with the hex to adjust the screws

When I first got this little devil I was pleasantly surprised by its weight.  As a person who is triggered very much by mind games you instantly get it that this toy means business. Being made out of massive brushed stainless steel it is one of these toys which are so sturdy that even your grandchildren can have fun with as soon as they have grown up. It also has a nice rough and technical appearance. Inside the ring six holes with screw threads are milled housing each a grub screw. At the end of the screws you can put a hexagon key for tightening or loosening the screws.

You can get the toy in three diameters: 30mm, 32,5mm and 35mm which is enough for most dicks but when playing with big boys it is too small. A version with 40mm or even 45mm with maybe 8 screws would be a great extension to the line.

Playing with it

As already written, this toy is great for mindfuck. Just show your tightly tied pain pig the thorncrown, demonstrate a bit how it works and whisper in its ear where you are going to put it. Most masochists will shiver in fear and/ or excitement. And they are right. The pain experience is quite unique and can be everything between a light tickling up to sheer agony. Most people will fear that the screws will actually injure them but since the heads are flattened they won’t break the skin’s surface in most situations.

One of the six grub screws

One of the six grub screws

Because every screw can be adjusted separately you can dose the pain very precisely which is necessary because at worst (or best) a nerve runs directly under a screw head. When deciding how deep to drive the screws into the skin always keep in mind that that screws are the only things keeping this hefty toy in place (see next paragraph). Because the screws have no deepness limiter this toy can cause serious harm up to bleeding wounds; screwed in to the max the aperture shrinks from the 35mm of the steel ring to 7mm between the screw heads. As a rule of thumb you can say that a full turn of the key will drive the screw approx. 1mm. I would also advise you to drive the all screws in equally because by doing so you leave the flesh at least some space to escape between the screws. If you only twist the screws on one side or even only one you nail the flesh against the steel ring which will cause injuries more easily.

The Thorncrown put onto a dick

The Thorncrown put onto a dick

Despite its weight the thorncrown can be attached to nearly every body part which sticks out. Except the penis I have put it on fingers, toes and even the tongue. I can imagine that the small version also plays very nice with pumped up nipples but I haven’t had the chance and toys to try it out. Since the screws can dig quite deeply into the flesh the thorncrown also stays in place on slippery and softer tissue. However due to the weight once the body part starts to move it can get loose and fall off. This is especially annoying when you have put it right under the glans and start to jerk your bottom boy off. It is a quite unique sensation – if the toy stays in place for which you have to dig the screws deeply into the flesh. This is a major problem: If you only want light pain and you cause another pain which makes the sub twist a bit harder the toy will most likely fall off.

Handling wise you either need to be very dexterous or have to limit the movement of you sub very much. The head of the hexagon key has only 2mm in diameter and the matching lock on the screw isn’t very deep. So you need to target the lock well and need some force to keep the key in place. The key itself it 55mm long which is a good compromise between handling and being short enough for whole revolutions – at least on average dicks. Since the key is only 2mm thick it is difficult to grasp it with thicker leather gloves and depending on the amount of lube you have on your finger it will be impossible to control it enough to fit it into the lock. Another thing to bear in mind is the fact that the screws have no limiter thus when playing around with the toy without putting it on something or releasing it you can easily loose a screw. I once spent 5 minutes after a session helping my top to find a screw which rolled under the bed. I will check on my next trip to the home improvement store how easily such screws can be replaced.

This CBT device doesn’t really play nice with any material covering the applied area. Leather, Spandex, Lycra or Neopren absorb much of the punctual pressure and will most likely keep some pressure marks. When used on rubber at best there also will be some pressure marks, at worst the material will give in.

Usually this toy will leave only little pleasure marks which fade away very quickly. But if you drive the screws very deep into the skin and maybe add some friction, p.e. by jerking the dick, the skin irritation can be very bad. The worst case I have seen were little bruises.

Conslusion: A sturdy and mindfucking toy which need cautious handling
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Unique pain experience Difficult to handle Mister B (Manufacturer) 49€
Quality feel Some injury potential
Very good pain dosing