MyStim Tension Lover

Vendor: MyStim

The MyStim Tension Lover

The MyStim Tension Lover

When I introduced the Tension Lover as a desiderate in the e-stim special a lot of you were interested to know more about this inexpensive box. So I got in touch with MyStim and they luckily provided me with a review sample. If you are interested in what you get when you buy this toy please take a look at the unboxing of the Tension Lover I posted earlier this year.


The Tension Lover is made out of sturdy black plastic. It measures 127mm x 70mm x 27mm. On the back of the box there is a convenient belt clip.

On top of the bock there are two magenta colored dials through which you control the individual intensity of the two channels. Next to the dials the 2.65mm jacks of the channels are located. The upper third of the front is taken up by the display. On the left is shows which program is selected. In The middle you see from top to bottom which channel is active, the timer time, the width of the waves and the frequency. Below the display is a sliding hatch which covers the buttons. With the upper left you can switch between the seven different programs by going through them. The one below sets the timer in 10 minutes steps up to 60 minutes. The other two buttons are there to control the width and the frequency of the waves.

Detail of the Battery Compartment

Detail of the Battery Compartment

The Tension Lover runs on 9v block batteries. You can easily exchange it but pulling the sliding hatch down.

The toy comes along with two leads comes in a nice box with storage space for a battery and some additional toys. You can choose if you want it with self adhesive pad electrodes or silicones ones which I reviewed here. It even comes with a battery so you can start playing right away.

Playing with it

Playing with this box is like any other box: You choose a pair of electrodes, connect both poles onto one channel. Then you select one of the seven possible programs and see when your sub starts feeling the sensation. From there you can start playing and taking him further into the great sensation has to offer. During the test my testees and I agreed that generally speaking the sensations coming out of this box are a bit more on the stingy side. That is not a bad thing, just to something to keep in mind when planning a scene.

Program Name Induced Sensation
Burst Creates bursts of 7 to 10 short impulses.
Normal Continuous impulses that you can freely manipulate.
Modulated Continuous changing of intensity in a corridor around your selected intensity so that the nerves don’t stop recognizing the stimulation.
Modulated Impulse Frequency The frequency continuously drops until 50% of the selected one and then rises again creating a wavelike pattern.
Modulated Impulse Frequency and Width The frequency and width of the impulse changes reverse. So when the frequency falls the width rises and vice versa.
Intensity and Frequency Changes In a 6 second long cycle the intensity falls by 20% while the frequency rises by 45% and then returns to normal.
Intensity and Width Changes In a 6 second cycle the intensity falls to 20% and the width rises by 54%.
Detail of the Info on the Display and the Control Buttons

Detail of the Info on the Display and the Control Buttons

From a beginner’s perspecitve my view on this box is a bit ambivalent. It offers great value for money so it is a good starting point in the entire e-stim cosmos. The 7 programs offer enough presets for most situations even though they are not so sophisticated as the programs on Erostek boxes. Of cause you can compensate that a bit when you start to manipulate the programs by adjusting the width and frequency of the waves. But this takes a bit of trying out and really getting to know your box and electrodes (which you should do in any case before you expose someone to the stimulation!). Since this is a start box the same program and the manipulations run on both channels. However you can control the intensity individually. Especially when trying to milk someone getting the same stimulation at both areas in my experience has been helpful. Another good thing for beginners is the manual. It explains the general way and especially this box works very well. With a bit of reading and practice you soon be able to master this box.

From a more elaborate player’s perspective I can unconditionally recommend getting this box. It costs less than most electrodes so it has a place in every estim play chest. What sets it apart and above every other even more sophisticated box I have played with so far is the ability to provide continuous stimulations without any fuzz. This is extremely useful when playing with electrodes like a pin wheel or a whisker which intention is not to create a changing sensation at one place but a continuous sensation when travelling over the body. Another great feature is the timer. Once set it will automatically stop the stimulation once the time runs out. I have found that a very useful feature in tunnel scenes where the sub agrees to a time of stimulation and then you leave him well bound and rendered blind alone (but still in hearing range!). I have gotten some priceless reactions from subs when the stimulation without any action of the top. Of cause the timer in combination with the through the belt clip implicated mobility offers countless possibilities of deviant play. The sliding hatch closes very firmly so it doesn’t accidently opens up when walking around which makes accidently chances of the program impossible. It is also a good way of keeping the in mitts fettered hands of a sub from changing anything.

Detail of the Dials for Intensity Control and the Jacks for the two Channels

Detail of the Dials for Intensity Control and the Jacks for the two Channels

There is also a third perspective that should not be forgotten: MyStim is the erotic department of a company making TENS units for medical purposes the box can also be used for TENS purposes. With a bit of exercise you learn how to place pad electrodes and which stimulation you need to create pain and tension relief. Especially after suspension bondage and impact play scene the box became quite popular with subs and tops of mine.

A thing you have to take into consideration when planning on buying this box is a design decisions that I could not quite understand: As already written MyStim is a department of a company that makes TENS units for medical purposes and maybe in that field 2.65mm jacks onto 2mm pin are common. But due to being the professional laboratory standard I personally consider 3.5mm audio plug onto 4mm banana plug the gold standard in estim. This isn’t a big problem when you use surface electrode because you can easily use adapters. However when you start using insertables that rely on 4mm banana plugs (like great ones from E-Stim System) you need to build your own connectors because there are not 4mm angle plugs onto 2mm pin jack out there. If you are getting a MyStim Tension lover I would strongly recommend getting yourself two MyStim plug onto 3.5mm audio jack adapters and use 3.5mm audio plug onto 4mm banana plug cables.

Conslusion: Inexpensive and powerful multiple adjustable box with a few design problems.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
7 programs that cover most usage situations Takes a bit of learning to release full potential MyStim 139,95€
Many sensation manipulations possibilities
Battery compartment has to be opend by screw
Sturdy built
Can provide pain relieve after stressful scene
Using uncommon connection standard
Big Display
Belt Clip

Unboxing: Mystim Tension Lover

Unboxings are one of the most common article forms on tech sites. So it is kind of ironic (and keeping the packaging of other toys in mind natural) that I somehow only do unboxings for electronic toys in this case the Tension Lover from Mystim.

Mystim sent me this E-Stim box earlier this week for testing purposes following the desiderate I published earlier. So I am already excited about using this box and see if it can live up to the things customer reviews promise. But before after extensive testing I am going to write a review in a couple of weeks let’s see what’s in the box.

The toys comes in a nice and sturdy black plastic case. It measures 26x21x5,5cm and can be shut be two magenta colored plastic sliders which securely lock the lid.


The inside of the box is lined with hard grey foam. On the right there is a section for the Tension Lover and a 9v block battery. This takes up about a third of the space so there is enough space to store additional electrodes alongside the power box.


_DSC0037-2_DSC0038-2The power box itself is made out of black plastic and measures approx. 13x7x2,7cm. It lies good in the hand and with the big display and the sliding cover over the control buttons it feels a bit like an old cell phone (yes, I am THAT old).

On the top are two dials to control the intensity and a socket for each of the two channels. Also in the picture you can see the belt clip on the back.


The box comes with two leads, one for each channel. The end in 2mm pin plugs so you need adapters if you want to use them with p.e. toys from E-Stim.

_DSC0041-2The next item out of the box is the quite informative manual that not only explains how the box works but also gives a good beginner’s intro into E-Stim. A nice bonus is the chapter on how you can use the box for pain therapy.

_DSC0043-2The Tension Lover can be ordered in two versions: The one which I have gotten with sticky pad electrodes for 139.90€ or one with the silicone pad electrodes that I have already reviewed here for 149.90€. It is a nice touch that they already provide simple yet versatile electrodes so you are ready to play right out of the box.

_DSC0044-2In order to do so Mystim also put a 9v block battery into the case so you can start playing right away.

_DSC0046-2As already written: With basic electrodes provided, a good, informative manual and an easy to use power box I think the Mystim Tension Lover is a good beginner’s electrode box from the first look. Now I can’t wait to try it out. If you live around Hamburg/ Germany and would like to become a testee – either top or bottom – send me an e-mail.

Mystim Tension Lover

The Mystim Tension Lover with the Case and its Contenct

The Mystim Tension Lover with the Case and its Contenct

A couple of weeks ago I answered to your request for a novice electro box with writing a bit about the E-Stim Intro Packs. Yet I got some requests if there isn’t a box out there with two channels that isn’t too expensive and indeed there is: The Mystim Tension Lover.

It is a fairly basic yet sophisticated box. It is digital with a large display so you can adjust the programs quite accurately. There are only 7 programs and no audio interface but for a first dip into e-stim pleasures (or pain) it is quite enough. It also has a timer function if you want to leave your sub alone. A nifty feature is the locking of the keys of you want to walk around during the stimulation.

Since I was always looking for a another compact digital electro I am very much looking forward to owning this box some day and would love to review it! The box comes in a nice case with two leads and four pad electrodes and costs £119.99 and can be ordered from Uberkinky.

Mystim Plunging Pete

Vendor: Mr S (USA) / Uberkinky (EU)


The Mystim Plunging Pete ontop of the Packaging with the provided Set of Leads

The Mystim Plunging Pete ontop of the Packaging with the provided Set of Leads


The foundation of this toy is a conductive silicone loop made to be put around your glans. Onto this loop an isolated pin with another tube of conductive silicone is attached which runs perpendicular through the collar that holds the loops’ ends together. On this vertical tube are three 24k gold plated spheres located with the middle one having 35mm long and 4mm thick rod attached.

The toy comes in a nice tin box along with a set of leads for attaching to a Mystim power box and two samples of their own conductive lube.

Playing with the toy

Detail of the Leads attached for Monopole Play

Detail of the Leads attached for Monopole Play

This toy is one of the few toys that enables you to make bi-polar glans play. Before I have gotten it I have often tried to attach two silicone loops to the glans or use a pad at the frenulum and a loop around the glans. But it is complicated to get both electrodes securely attached without the two touching. Through the nifty collar design of this toy this problem is solved. In order to put it onto the glans adjust the two silicone tubes until the toy sits securely on the glans and both tubes have skin contact. While the tubes are long enough to fit even extreme large dicks I found the attachment process a bit complicated: The isolated carrier for the vertical tube can’t be moved. So in order to keep it in the middle you have to adjust both ends of the horizontal loop which is a bit tricky especially when you have lube on your hands. Because of that I would always recommend attaching the leads once the toy has been adjusted.

In order to attach the box onto this electrode simply put a 2mm pin cable or adaptor into one of the open tube holes. If you want to use the toy as a monopole, choose one of the three endings, if you want to use it as a bi-pole use the vertical and one of the horizontal ending. Do not use both horizontal endings because it will short-circuit your box by doing so will damage it!

Detail of how the Toy can be Transformed by moving the Gold Plated Spheres

Detail of the Collar holding and seperating the two Silicone Tubes

Mystim produces three versions of this toy: The Pure Pete with just the two silicone loops, the Pearly Pete with three gold plated spheres and the Plunging Pet which I will review here. I decided to buy the Plunging Pete because it is all the three versions in one. If you pull the horizontal silicone tube out of the collar you can remove the there attachments in order to create the Pure Pete. Turn the sphere with the rod around and you have the Pearly Pete.

I have to admit it takes a bit of getting to know this toy in order to create the wide array of sensations that it can create with the right power box. The most important part of this toy are the gold plated spheres resp. the rod. Through the material they are highly conductive and due to the round shape the contact area is quite small so even with little power is enough to create a noticeable effect. It is one of the few toys I know that can create a non-painful tickling sensation.

Detail of the Collar holding and seperating the two Silicone Tubes

Detail of the Collar holding and seperating the two Silicone Tubes

The art of mastering this toy is knowing there to put the spheres. When you want to milk someone I would recommend only placing one sphere on the frenulum. In order to make this sensation a little bit more torture like you can put the rod into the urethral. Another possibility is to put two spheres on the horizontal loop and one on the vertical for a really agonizing effect. When you remove all spheres you can adjust it so tightly that it can be comfortably worn for an entire day without falling off making it ideal for remote control commando e-stim play in public. For that purpose and if you use the toy only on one sub I would recommend shortening the silicone tubes because in order to fit even XXL dicks they are quite long.

As always when I talk about conductive silicone toys here the reminder NOT to use silicone lube when playing with this toy. Depending on the brand it is more or less isolating and it will dissolve your toy! Cleaning this toy is not different than any other toy: Use a mild detergent in warm water, let it dry and disinfect it. Since the rod is supposed to be inserted into the urethral be sure to disinfect it thoroughly after and right before play in order to avoid nasty infections.

Conclusion: Very well designed and versatile yet a bit tricky to use glans toy.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Produces a wide range of unique sensations Tricky to adjust Mr S $114.95
Uberkinky £69.99
Ideal for mobile play
Fits even very large dicks


Mystim Silicone Pad Electrode

Vendor: Diburnium


The Mystim Silicone Pad Electrode

The Mystim Silicone Pad Electrode

This toy is a nifty adaption of the popular pad electrode pervertable originally designed for one-time medical purposes. When you purchase it you get four rectangular, flexible pieces with a side length of 45mm. The top is made out of white medical silicone while the bottom is made out of black conductive silicone. On one side on the top is a rising where the jack for the 2mm is housed in. Since each pad is a monopole you need at least two of them or another electrode to create a sensation.

Playing with it

Despite just recently having bought it this toy I consider it an essential toy because these kinds of electrodes were one of the first ones used for E-Stim. It is quite simple to use: simply put a pair onto the desired part of the body and attach the leads. But please keep in mind that due to the limited mass and contact area the sensation will be quite stingy. In order to ensure an even and somewhat smooth sensation I recommend applying water based lube on the conductive area. While you can use any one containing glycerin slicker ones like Elbow Grease H2O thick gel is better than more viscose ones like Swiss Navy Water Based because they stay in place even after pressing the electrode onto the body. For keeping the pad in place I use weak adhesive tape so it can be removed without too much pain after the scene (even though that makes for an own sensation with stronger ones…). There are special sticky conductive gels out there made for making such electrodes stick to the body. I am not really a fan of these gels because they are made for medical purposes where the patient sits still. Once the sub starts to struggle from the stimulation the pads usually fall off. What you should never use is silicone lube! Not only is it isolating but the silicone oil in it will disintegrate the silicone the electrode is made off!

A pad with a lead attached

A pad with a lead attached

Through the flexible material you can virtually places the electrodes anywhere below the waistline and on one arm. The most interesting positioning is using an anal monopole electrode the hits right the prostate – for me the E-Stim System Classic Medium I reviewed 1½ years ago – and the other one on the Perineum so the currency flows directly through the prostate. The most deviant positioning is placing on electrode directly on the anus (or even inside the sphincter even though there is a chance of being sucked into the ass and getting lost there) and the other on the frenulum.

There are a lot of videos and pictures out there where this kind of electrode is used for tit torture. This is somewhat OK when you place one pad directly on the nipple or right next to it and the other on the other side of the same nipple. Placing once pad on one nipple and the other on the other is dangerous and potentially lethal!

Compared to the other electrodes of this kind which comes with a lead already attached you can theoretically use this intimately often you take care of it. Clean it with warm soap water after play, let it dry and store it dark and dry for many years of fun.

Conslusion: Easy to use and flexible electrode.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Easy to use Little sensation variance Diburnium 16,90€
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