Form: Fantasy dildos
Material: Platinum Silicone.
Colors: 52 in marble patterns
Firmness: Soft or firm
Lube: Water, Oil
Cleaning: Soaking in hot water with dish-soap than use sanitizer.
Safer Sex: Clean and sanitize it thoroughly
Storage: Store in a well-ventilated place not touching other toys to prevent damage.

The Neotori Andaro XL

Vendor: Neotori


Neotori is famous for their lavish, pearlescent UV-reactive color marbles which patterns often incorporate tones of precious metals like gold, silver or copper. Along with Glow in the Dark or solid ones you can choose 52 colors which can be mixed in double or triple marbles. No fades or anything else, just marbles. And Neotori excels every other manufacturer in those.  While with other manufacturer you sometimes have large areas in only one color, Neotori’s marbles are vivid and lively.

The Vac-u-Lock Hole in the Base

These beautiful patterns are only possible with platinum silicone because this material takes on color particles easily and mixes beautifully. Another property is that the material is 100% body safe and super-smooth. This means, the toy slides into you very easily and keeps bacteria and other nasty things from linger. It also makes the toy easy to clean: Wash or better soak in warm dish-soap water, rinse, spray with sanitizer and you are ready to go. This makes silicone the material of choice for all group setting players who need to clean and sanitize toys quickly. What some consider a disadvantage of silicone toys it that you must not use silicone lube with. The silicone oil inside the lube will disintegrate the toy over time so just stick to water- or oil-based lube.

Neotori offers their toys in two firmness degrees a quite soft Shore A00 called “Standard” and a form Shore A8. When you order toys in their “Standard” firmness, especially a longer one like the Andaro I am reviewing toy, be aware that they will not stand up but collapse easily! Especially so soft toys needs a bit more care. Store them without pressure otherwise they might get creases. If you are just starting out with anal play, softer the toys might be for you because softer toys are harder to handle yet ceteris paribus the easier to take. Each toy comes with a storage bag to protect it. But especially with soft toys don’t stack too many bags on top of each other 😉

Andaro’s Base

Handling can be improved when adding a Vac-u-Lock hole. There is a plethora of accessories like suction cups or handles for this hole which makes playing with toys easier.  It is also a convenient spot to place a finger to guide the toy when using it as a top. And of course, it is the most common standard for attaching a dildo to a fucking machine.

Playing with Andaro

As you can see in the drawing and flavor text on Neotori’s website Andaro is a horse-dong inspired toy. Like on an equine penis the glans is quite flat with a shallow dome in the middle. Around the side and the front runs a thick glans-rim bulge. Despite being flat, Andaro is far from flared yet to take him you need to pre-stretch. There is little to coax the sphincter to open up gradually.

A Dull but still Unflared Equine Glas

The shaft has an interesting texture: On the back of the glans two ridges converge chevron-like, “splitting” the top of the shallow ventral groove which interestingly gets wider and deeper down the shaft. This is mirrored on top of the shaft with two sallow ridges converging towards a shallow ventral (?) grove. Below the glans two bumps sit on the sides of the shaft in an almost perfect 45° angle.

The second half of the shaft is “textured” with a pair of very shallow bumps on the side. You almost cannot see those because they are so subtle. Unlike other equine toys Andaro does not have a medial ring. Instead there is a ring around the shaft just above the base. The top is quite shallow, the height and thickness is about the same as the bumps below the glans so I would not call it a knot.

Below this ring there is a short shaft for resting before flat ridges just above the base mark the end of the usable length. Two thick but not overly massive balls form the base giving the toy a good stand while still being easy to handle.

Andaro’s Ventral Grove

The play sensation with Andaro varies quite a bit depending on if you are riding him or getting your hole stuffed by a top. As already said, taking Andaro takes pre-stretching. The bulges around the glans rim and below are perfect for massaging the sensitive anus. If you are skilled and nimble you can lock your prostate below the glans rim and between the converging ridges for milking and stimulation. The parallel bumps increase the shaft rigidity where they are located creating areas where the shaft will bend more easily. This makes it easier to handle when taking the toy deep.

Taking it beyond your second sphincter is only for experienced depth players because yet again, that dull glans will not help with opening up this sensitive area easily. Once penetrated the intense stimulation does not stop because like the on the anus the bumps will “torment” the entrance to your colon. This might be the reason why there is now medial ring so you can focus on relaxing and penetrating the second sphincter.

When you take Andaro REALLY deep, it gets really intense: In addition to the bumps stimulating the second sphincter, the bump around the bottom stretches your anus strong and hard! Like with the glans, the flat and dull top does not open up the anus gently. If you like hard, intense play, this is double stimulation will make you leak.

The Big, Slated Bumps below the Glans

Of course you get all these sensation when a top stuffs you. But unlike when riding the toys, he can twist it inside you. This is especially important when targeting either the anus or second sphincter with the slated bumps below the glans. Since they converge towards the middle, one bump is getting pushed through the sphincter while the other is pulled out during one turn. This is a unique, intense sensation what I have never felt before!

Where to buy?

Neotori only sells their toys on their website. They usually have a few ready-made toys you can order right away. But their core business is to sell individualized toy so they are really yours.

Finn, Jorhan, Mundir & Qwim

Toy Properties

Form: Dildo
Material: Platinum Silicone
Colors: 16 colors in different configuration
Firmness: Medium to Firm
Lube: Water, Oil
Cleaning: Soaking in hot water with dish-soap than use sanitizer.
Safer Sex: Clean and sanitize it thoroughly
Storage: Store in a well-ventilated place not touching other toys to prevent damage.

Vendor: Neotori

This Anal Toy Sepcial finishes with another European company: Neotori, based in the center of my home country Germany. For about a year I started noticing this manufacturer through an increasing number of reader questions. So I am delighted to finish this special with a look at three plus one of their most popular toys – at least judging from your messages.

The Neotori Jorhan, Mundir, Finn & Qwim


Neotori is most famous for the beautiful marble coloration of their toys. While you can get the toys in single or split between body and base colorations for their softer toys, the double or triple split as what makes the toys really shine. You can choose between 28 colors which is almost Bad Dragon or OrganoToy territory. What Neotori does not offer (yet?) are glow in the dark colors! The vibrant hue you see in their social media pictures comes from UV active colors which glow when exposed to UV light around 395nm. So they look stunning in playrooms with black light but will not continue glowing when the light is turned off.

Detail of Finn’s Suction Cup

The vibrant colors are achieved by using platinum silicone as a material. From all the materials used to make anal toys out only glass carries color as well and brightly as platinum silicone. Besides that, it is 100% body safe and hypoallergenic. It’s also the best toys for orgies because it is easy to clean and sanitize between partners: Wash the lube off with warm dish soap water, dry, spray sanitizer on it and you are good to go again. Platinum has one drawback though: Never use silicone or hybrid lube with this kind of material! The silicone oil in it will disintegrate the surface and thus the toy over time.

Firmness-wise Neotori currently offers two options: Standard (Shore A00-50) and firm (Shore A8). I am aware that the current trend goes towards softer anal toys but their standard is considerably softer than the soft options from other brands. A friend of mine ordered their Mundir in standard – against my advice – because he wanted the orange-black split coloration shown on the website. He got the toys and it turned out that he had to be REALLY loose to knot this toy when riding it; otherwise he just compressed the neck below the knot.

Detail of Munrir’s Glans

The final customizing option is a suction cup. Unlike other manufacturer, they do not “naturally” integrate the cup into the base so it goes from edge to edge but mould a round/ oval dome into the bottom. This works good on toys like Mundir or Qwim that which have a base following the shape of the suction cup and not so good on toys like Finn where the suction cup is just covers portion of the base. On all three toys the rim around the suction cup is considerably thicker than on toys from other manufacturers in my collection. Due to this there is more force required to create the suction; simply sticking the toys to a surface is not enough. But you know my opinion on suction cups: Even a not perfect one is better than none so I recommend ordering only toys when possible.

Toy Name Size Diameter Glans Diameter Knot/ Above Base Insertable Length Overall Length
Finn S 27mm 50mm 150mm 175mm
M 35mm 60mm 185mm 215mm
L 45mm 80mm 225mm 250mm
Jorhan S 41mm 45mm 155mm 180mm
M 56mm 58mm 220mm 250mm
L 64mm 66mm 260mm 300mm
XL 75mm 79mm 320mm 360mm
Mundir S 30mm 50mm 155mm 180mm
M 38mm 60mm 185mm 225mm
L 45mm 76mm 220mm 265mm
XL 53mm 90mm 260mm 315mm
Qwim S 40mm 49mm 154mm 180mm
M 55mm 62mm 220mm 250mm
L 73mm 78mm 280mm 330mm

Detail of Finn’s Glans

Playing with Finn, Jorhan, Mundir & Qwim

Let’s start hands-on part of this review with the most asked about toy: Finn the Cat. Even though anthro toys are becoming increasingly more popular with avid ass aficionados like me for their quality and texture, a large portion of the buyer base are still furries looking for a dick of their furson breed. While there are many canine and equidae dicks (more about that below) out there, feline penises are hard to come by. So I showed my Finn to a veterinarian and he confirmed that Finn is actually pretty close to the real deal.

Finn starts out with a relatively small glans. Instead of a drop below the glans, the glans rim is textured by two rows of implied barbs. Of course the “barbs” are touching the shaft over their entire length so unlike a feline glans, Finn is not difficult to pull out. But especially at the beginning of play, the texture creates a nice massaging stimulation inside the anus. Later in the play, the glans will become less interesting due to the large diameter the shaft opens up to.

Detail of Jorhan’s Glans

Below the glans the shaft almost perfectly conical increases in diameter till it reaches the base. The front and the back are lightly textured with ridges. What makes Finn interesting are the bumps which texture the space in the side. Rising up to 4mm (!), they are VERY noticeable and stimulate intensely. While they are fun to enjoy when riding, you get the most out of Finn when a top is twisting the dildo while pushing it in and out of the ass. The base features too very faint balls and as already written a not perfect suction cut. But since the base is thin in proportion to the rest of the toys, a top gets a good grip when compressing the balls for fucking the bottom with Finn.

The next toy also features an interesting glans design: Jorhan is a horse dick. But unlike other manufacturer who usually offer two versions of the equidae dildo – one unflared with a half-dome glans, one flared with a flat, almost trumpet-shaped tip – Neotori went for something in between. Jorhan’s glans has a bit of domey texture in the middle of a flat surface. Around the glans are fewer and thicker bumps than on more realistic dildos. The shaft that follows below the glans has about the same diameter as the flat surface on top of the glans. Except a bulge about 2/3 down the shaft and some texture just above the base, Jorhan is smooth and does not increase in diameter.

Detail of Jorhan’s Base

Through this unique design, Jorhan is a good toy for bottoms who want a wide stretch deep or train towards a flared model. Once the first or second sphincter opens up to the glans, it will stay stretched to the glans’ diameter. So even after long and intense sessions, the dildo will come out of the hole with some ease unlike with flared toys. Naturally, Jorhan is not for an anally inexperienced. The still flat glans requires a very loose hole to open up!

I was actually surprised how well my Jorhan XL in Firm stood up even when riding o bearing down on it. Generally speaking Neotori’s basees are rather on the small and thin side. But in comparison to the massive, long and thick shaft, the base is cartoonishly small and thin. From my experience, especially with horse dildos which can be difficult to handle through the size and weight, I sometimes would have wished for a 8 – 15mm ticker base for a more secure stand when playing alone or grip when topping with Jorhan.

Detail of Munrir’s Knot

From the start Mundir is a little more conventional. A point, canine-like glans with a small glans drop and an elongated barrel shape shaft make for an easy insertion and nice, even stretch. There a pair of ventral grooves at the top and at the bottom but otherwise Mundir is good for smooth stretching. But everything changes at the knot! Unlike other dog dildos, it features three not two cavernous bodies. While their shape is drawn-out and not compressed like on other dildos, the 50% higher number of bulges texturing the shaft makes this knot harder to take. Furthermore, with shaft-knot ratio of 1:1.6 Mundir is one the more brutish end of the canine toy scale.

But, as challenging as the knot might be, as satisfying it is to finally take it. It is a good, intense, horny stretch. Below the knot is a large enough resting space to prepare the hole for opening up again. When playing with a top twisting Mundir in the right spot massages the prostate (or if you are REALLY loose, the anus). The base is relative small but provides a good grip for tops or houses a strong enough suction cup for riding this dildo.

Qwim’s Heavily Textured Shaft and Glans

The final toy in this review was just introduced this August. It’s called Qwim and it’s a fantasy toy as in not based on an animal. The “glans” takes up the upper half of the toy. It is triangular “blade” textured with bumps on the edges and the surface. The lower half is a round shaft heavily textured with high ridges and bumps. What is described in short words is actually a dream for a texture freak like me. Riding Qwim pushes so many buttons inside my anus, my prostate and second sphincter. Because the glans is so bendy, it easily finds the way towards the second sphincter. And while the glans’ tip is small and smooth, the initial opening is easy. But the texture on this sensitive body area can be a bit much – or “pure bliss” to quote one of my testees.

Its shape makes Qwim a toy for more experienced bottoms. Since the glans easily bends, you have to be loose to take the first half of the toy. The heavy texture can make the anus tense up due to the stimulation. So a good pre-stretch is recommended to fully enjoy this toy. Qwim actually has my favorite base out of the four. Good size, solid support when riding or fucking.

Where to buy?

Neotori sells his toys only through their website due to the high degree of customization.  Finn, Mundir and Qwim start out at 29€ and Jorhan at 35€. Naturally, choosing larger sizes or adding options will increase the price.