Oxballs Slingsack Electro: The unwritten Review

Oxballs Slingsack Electro

8 months ago I had the great pleasure of screaming the shit out of my body at YngMstrDetroid’s house for a weekend and I was the first one to try out his new Oxballs Slingsack Electro. And we both were surprised: Usually Oxballs is known for their high functionality but it was a nightmare putting this toy on in a way that it would actually work. 10 minutes later and using an Oxballs Splitz ballstretcher we got it to work – and had a ton of fun with the microphone of the ET30R 😉 Before I headed back to Chicago I wrote down the measurements of the toy, took the pictures and intended to write a review sooner than later. But in the following days and weeks I wondered: How can the guys at Oxballs who usually so thoroughly design their toys with discriminating pervert in mind put out a toy so unpractical to use. Putting it on in a playful and relaxed atmosphere may just be still ok but in a D/s scene it would have completely killed the mood. A few months later I checked back with YngMstrDetroit and he said he still experienced the same initial problems. So I decided to put off the review until I have gotten my own hands on this toy again, especially since I have gotten some advice how to better handle it. So I have to reach out to me readers: If you are in Northrhine-Westfalia and own this toy I would love to hear from you in order to give it another round or two in my dungeon in order to get a second maybe different opinion.

Oxballs Ultraballs

Vendor: Mr S or Regulation

The Oxballs Powerballs

The Oxballs Ultraballs

Ever since I set up this website I have been getting request to review cockrings. I always refused due to a simple reason: I didn’t know which criteria to use in order to write a good review. Finding the right cockring is a very difficult task (I might actually write an article on that one) and thus it would be even more subjective then the other reviews. So I got a bit excited when the guys from Regulation asked me if I would review a “universal” cockring from Oxballs for them. Always interested in new and exciting toys, I gladly accepted the challenge.

The reviewing process was surprisingly the longest and most intense of any toys I have tested so far. The Oxballs Ultraballs was worn by friends with big and small dicks and balls, has been continuously worn for over two days so a lot of different experience flow into this review.


The cockring is made out of TPR (thermoplastic rubber) which means that is it quite stretchy and will probably outlast most cheap rubber cockrings if you don’t continuously wear it as a bracelet. Another nice feature of the TPR is that you can use nearly every form of lube even silicone based.

¾ of the ring shape are a simple barrel form ring with 12mm diameter. On top there is a bold, raised “Oxballs” logo which is nice if you want to

show the guy sucking you off that you buy quality toys. The rest of the cockring is featuring two balls with approx. 20mm and between them a flat oval piece.

Playing with it

Putting this cockring on is fairly easy and can be done even with a hard dick which is a great feature when you need some extra support when you are already hard.

The Oxballs Ultraballs can be worn in two ways.

1. Balls facing down:

The balls supporting either your ball or restriciting blood flow to and from the shaft

The balls supporting either your ball or restriciting blood flow to and from the shaft

In this position the cockring’s two balls support your balls with a little pushup effect ant the oval piece lightly presses against the exterior part of your prostate. I prefer this way of wearing the Powerballs for everyday your. There is a light yet not distracting pressure in your groin which at least made me sometimes smile involuntarily due to the hidden kinkiness. When you walk and your balls have enough space to move around in your pants they wiggle a bit more and especially when you are climbing stairs you can feel a light pressure on the exterior of your prostate. The drawback of this way of wearing the Ultraballs is that – depending on the package your have – the pressure is quite low so the effect is not like wearing a “really” cocking. For that effect you have to wear it in way #2…

2. Balls facing up:

When you wear the Ultraballs upside down the two balls put pressure on the two major veins transporting blood away from your dick so the effect is like a “classic” cockring. The oval section is furthermore applying pressure to the cavernous body so your dick is a bit more upright. The intensity of these effects depends how thick your dick gets but it was noticeably and effective even on small dicks. Of cause the pressure and blood congestion isn’t as intense as with a (too?) tight metal cockring but yet again this is personal preference.

Taking to Powerball double for a more intense sensation

Taking to Ultraball double for a more intense sensation

At Folsom Europe we pooled four of these nifty little fuckers and used them as a great adjustable ball stretcher. Depending on your balls your need at least two (if you don’t have ENOURMOUS balls) otherwise the balls easily retract through the rather large hole in the middle. Taking the cockring double would work but you need really strong hands to pull it apart and this stress put on the material will effect durability.

Besides these two possibilities, yes you can wear it as a kinky bracelet and since it is available in 8 colors the is a great chance that it will be available in your favorite hanky color.

Before I conclude a work of warning: As with all stretchy Oxballs product please handle this toy with a bit of care when stretching it in order to take it off. A friend literally got blue balls when the Ultraballs backlashed when taking them off. However this might be a desired effect.

Conslusion: Most versatile and most comfortable long term cockring I have used to date
Pro Cons Where to get Price
One size fits all Pressure might be too low for some people Regulation £12,99
Versatile Mr S $13.95
Fairly inexpensive
“The ideal cockring to wear when I just want to quickly jerk off at lunch”
One size fits all