E-Stim Systems Duo Pinwheel

The E-Stim Systems Duo Pinwheel

Vendor: E-Stim Systems

It’s been over five years since I reviewed E-Stim Systems’ Monopole Pinwheel. Since then I have been reader questions about the Duo Pinwheel. I thought such a review would be unnecessary because it is just a duopole version but since apparently there is a demand for the review and your wish is my command, here it is.


The basis of this toy are two standard pinwheels with added e-stim functionality. The are 180mm long and the wheels have a diameter of 32mm. For connection to your e-stim box a 4mm banana jack is solidly soldered onto the top of each individual pinwheel. A shrinking hose has been put over the body of the wheel so you can safely grip it. The two pinwheels are connected using machine screws with acorn nuts on both sides, creating a gap of 10mm between the wheels’ bodies. Around the screws and between the two pinwheels are polymer spacers. Also the washers are made out of plastic, so both pinwheels are completely isolated.

Detail of the Spacers

Playing with the Duo Pinwheel

In the Monopole’s review, as always when it comes to E-Stim I warned about currency running over the chest because it can be fatal. The Duo Pinwheel solves this problem. Because both poles are only 15mm apart, the chances of currency not taking the shortest way between both (which is usually the one of lowest resistance) are very very slim. So as long as both poles of the Duo Pinwheel are connected to the same channel of a power box with isolated channels (like the E-Stim Systems 2b or Pebble), the pinwheel can be used all over the body, even the nipples!

Even though, the mass and covered surface area doubles in size compared to the Monopole version, the e-stim sensation does not change much. Regardless of the power box or the program, the sensation will always be a stingy one. It feels like little needle pricks. Though the power level determines whether they are tantalizing or excruciating.

Detail of the Two Banana Jacks

The non-electric pinwheel sensation is a bit different from the Monopole. Since two wheels are now touching the skin, the nerve input is stronger and delicate feelings like tickling are almost impossible to create. The sensation is a light to medium stingy pain which does not break the skin. On the other hand, the sturdier, handier build of the Duo Pinwheel allow for more pressure to be applied without it breaking away when running over the sub’s body. So it finally delivers the sensation most people expect when they see a pinwheel. This comes at a bit of a price because the elegant curving over the sub’s body is kind of hard to achieve with both wheels touching the skin.


Conclusion: Easy and all-over-the-body to use skin electrode for intense pain
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Extremely painful on small area Only stingy sensation possible E-Stim Systems £49
Can be used all over the body
Studier build and easier to control than monopole version    

Regulation 10 Speed Wand Massager with Head

Vendor: Regulation

The Regulation 10 Speed Magic Wand Massager with the Head Attachement

Just like with the Mr S Quick Choking Collar I am reviewing two toys which simply belong together: The 10 Speed Wand Massager and the matching head attachment. The pics show the cord version because my wireless one is currently lent out to a friend.


The 10 Speed Wand Massager comes in classic black with a red accent that connects the head with the body. The head has a diameter of 6cm, is 6.2cm high and is covered by a soft, textured cover which can be taken off for a more intense stimulation. It has the same head size as most wand massagers so you can almost put any available accessory on this wand.

The body 24cm long and its diameter decreases from 5.9cm to 3.4cm. At the end there is a little tulip shaped thickening for a comfortable and secure grip. The body is made out of black, sturdy plastic which has a quality feel. In the middle of the body there is a control panel with two buttons: One for on and off, anther for the speed setting.

Detail of the Head with its Textured Cover

The Wand Massager Head follows the T-shape design of the popular Humming Bird attachments with a tube diameter of 3.6cm but is it made out of soft black silicone. On the inside of the tube there three rows of small silicone spikes followed by curved ridges and on the other side there are four rows of perpendicular ridges. Below the tube there is a foot which allows the attachment to be securely put on all wand massagers with a 60mm diameter head.

Detail of one side of the Head Attachment’s Texture

Playing with the Toy

The most often used purpose of the massager is obviously edging and milking. Depending on the effect either focus on the glans, especially the frenulum (for milking), or the shaft, the balls and especially when you are edging with your hand the perineum. On the glans the different speed settings do not really matter. Even the lowest setting will push most uncut guys over the edge pretty soon. On the other body parts finding the right setting can mean the difference between “I’m going to cum.” and “PLEASE! Let me FINALLY get released!”

Detail of one side of the Head Attachment’s Texture

For milking the head attachment is pretty nifty. Put it on the massager’s head, lube the dick well, put plenty of lube on the inside and slide it over the dick. I would recommend not too slick water-based lube (silicone lube will disintegrate the toy!) for it; I use Swiss Navy for it. Than slide it over the dick and depending on your intention and degree of sadism slide it up and down the shaft somewhere between tenderly and vigorously. What sets this head attachment apart from other Humming Bird style ones that the texture on the inside is not soft and round but rather “spiky” which add an interesting sensation on the glans. Depending on the sensitivity and the side you use it can almost be agonizing. Depending on the dick size I recommend holding onto the attachment while sliding up and down. Otherwise it might come off.

Beyond CBT the massager is good for intensifying existing toys. Most toys – like clamps or ball stretchers – lose their sensation infliction potential after some time because the nerves get numb. So adding a bit of vibration there can wake the nerves up. For this kind of play I recommend removing the head’s cover to the vibration power gets directly transmitted to the toys. Especially in the higher setting this works great with firm ass toys. The vibrations get transmitted into the sphincter and ideally onto the prostate which drives most bottoms nuts in a good way. And since it is wireless you can travel around the sub’s body “reactivating” all the toys you put onto him.

Conclusion: Nifty toy for edge play
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Powerful enough for intense sensation 10 Speed Wand Massager £44.99
Unique Head Attachment Design fit for harder play Wand Massager Head £11.99


E-Stim System ElectroWhisker

Vendor: E-Stim System

The E-Stim System ElectroWhisker

The E-Stim System ElectroWhisker


The overall design of this toy looks like rutes used for percussion. The handle is a 16.5cm long barrel covered in an isolating material with a jacket for 4mm banana plugs on one end. Out of this handle a fan of thin yet stiff stainless steel wires emerge. The fan is approx. 11cm long and 4cm wide at the end.

Playing with it

As I explained in detail here the feeling of the e-stim sensation is determined by the mass and contact area of the electrode used. Well… the ElectroWhisker has almost no mass so even little output power can create strong sensations. What makes this toy so devilish is how easily you can alter the contact area. Start out with the ElectroWhisker almost parallel to the body making the largest possible contact area and then slowly (!) lift the handle while still applying pressure so part of the fan gets pressed against the body. Just lifting it a bit creates an immense increase in experienced sensation. While this is very fun especially for a true masochist please be careful. Slipping or too abrupt movement s can create really excruciating pain! Also be careful when changing directions: The stiffness and friction of the wires can make single wires stick to the skin and jump abruptly decreasing the contact area which leads to more intense stimulation. To prevent that especially at the end of a scene: Turn of the box before you lift the ElectroWhisker!

Detail of the Tip of the Fan of the E-Stim ElectroWhisker

Detail of the Tip of the Fan of the E-Stim ElectroWhisker

The ElectroWhisker is a monopolar toy so you always need a second pole in order to create a sensation. Since the sensation is always felt at the pole with less mass I recommend using a mass-richer electrode like a metal butt plug; but silicone loops also work. Especially when you press the entire fan against the body blue bands and pad electrodes are sometimes not mass-rich enough. Of cause the alternation of the sensation between these two areas can be interesting but most of my subs found it irritating (Of cause this might what you are going for…). As with any e-stim toy the general rule applies: No stimulation above the waist. But in this case there is “but”: The problem with stimulation that crosses the waist is that current might flow through the heart causing potentially leather effect. If you want to travel over the entire body with the ElectroWhisker, do what I am doing: Take an E-Stim System Classic electrode, put waterbased lube on the head, connect one plug of the leads to the head (that is the 4mm jacket in the middle of the butt plug) and the other one to the ElectroWhisker. Now Place both electrodes close to each other on the body and let them travel parallel close to each other without touching. This takes a bit of practice and coordination and obviously you don’t have a free hand to alter the output level yet it is the only way to safely play on the entire body. Speaking of lube: If you feel that the fan doesn’t travel well enough over the body please use water-based lube in order to ensure conductivity. As the scene progresses the lube dries becoming sticky which can increase the problem so lube up constantly.

Of cause the ElectroWhisker can also be used without e-stim for sensation play. Just letting it lightly travel over the body is an interesting combination of a tickling and scratching sensation. Increase the pressure breaking the bundle into segments for a more scratching feeling. Being made out of stainless steel the wires can be used for temperature play either cooling them down or heating them up. (Caution! This form of fire play is dangerous! Only do it if you have been taught by an experienced player!) When heating them especially if you want to make them glow red take care that you don’t heat them up too for up the handle otherwise the isolation and soldering can be damanged.

Cleaning this toy is easy: Simply spray a sanitizer on the fan and let it dry off. If you used lube wash it with hot water and soap. Please be careful not to get water into the area where the fan emerges. Getting the water out of there is a pain in the ass and drying takes ages!

Conclusion: A delicate and devilish toy that takes some practice to handle well with e-stim.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Wide range of possible sensations Takes time to really learn to control it well E-Stim System £40
Usable for heat play
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